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Should You Manscape Inside or Outside the Shower?

The Debate

OK, we’re going to talk about a serious manscaping topic that has energized both new and old manscapers. The debate on whether or not to manscape in the shower is as old as manscaping itself. There are plenty of pros and cons on each side, and to summarize, the answer is sometimes. More specifically, there is an ideal manscaping process, and only certain components of this process take place in the shower. Still, most people think primarily about grooming and managing hair when they refer to manscaping, so let’s look at it a little more deeply. We’re going to answer the question: Should you manscape inside or outside the shower?

There are obvious pros to grooming in the shower. And they’re as clear as water. The running water makes it easy to mark your progress, since you don’t have any cut hair still lingering around on your skin. You won’t have to worry about this hair getting in the way of what hasn’t been trimmed yet. Warm water can also stimulate hair follicles in a way that makes them easy to cut. Most of all, cutting hair in the shower is extremely convenient. Cleanup is automatic, maintaining lubrication is extremely easy, and your razor gets clogged less often. Score, score, and score. There’s no more need for discussion. Or is there?

should you manscape inside or outside the shower?

Yet, no barber or salon in the world cuts hair under a continuous stream of water. There must be a reason for this. Actually, there are a quite a few reasons why they don’t cut hair under water. The biggest is that running water inhibits precision. The weight of the water itself pulls on the hair and makes it more difficult to cut in the exact way you want. More importantly, water is about the worst lubricant you can try to use. While quality trimmers will work fine regardless, you have enough experience as a man to know that shaving creams and gels are infinitely superior to a wet razor. Even trimming and shaving dry, which is the method we recommend most for manscaping, is superior. So, if you’re ready to believe that the lazy method of doing everything in the shower might not be the best way, we’ll show you the actual perfect methods to getting your best manscape. Should you manscape inside or outside of the shower? The path to enlightenment begins here.

Before You Shower

Are you trying to figure out how to trim groin hair? There actually is a science and method to this process.

You still might be tempted to trim in the shower. We don’t blame you. Letting all of the mess circle easily into the drain is just easy, and you’re a busy dude. But, it’s going to hurt you in the long run. Pubes might seem innocuous compared to regular haircuts, but they’re plenty sufficient to clog a drain (note number 4). You’re either going to have to scrape your pubes out of a dirty drain, or you are going to need regular visits from the plumber to keep your shower working. In the long game, it’s just not worth it. There’s an easier way, and we’ll show you how to get there.

The prep for manscaping is super simple. Get a Magic Mat from Manscaped. The disposable, custom-sized shaving mat is designed to fit in any bathroom. Act like a college student cleaning a spill with a newspaper and lay it on the floor. Stand above it when you do your business, and your pubes will fall harmlessly onto the mat. You can simply wad it up and toss it when you’re done. Cleanup is just as easy as in the shower but with none of the drawbacks.

With that in mind, the process is straightforward. Start with your Lawn Mower cordless electric trimmer on the longest setting and trim down those pubes. (This is a much better option than pubic hair scissors, which can leave you with accidental nicks and cuts.) Where necessary, trim a bit closer. When the bulk of the pube-trimming work is done, you can grab your Plow safety razor and get to work on the detailing. Always take your time and be careful to keep loose skin taut. Not only that, you need to treat your tools with respect. Some of you might think it’s a sign of toughness to shave your face with a dull razor (or you’re just lazy). There’s nothing tough about razor burn on your balls, trust us. Replace your blades often.

Here’s the last tip for this section. Toss your Magic Mat before you shower. Stepping a wet foot into a pile of pubes is a mistake most of us only make once, but you don’t have to make it ever. Learn from our experience.

should you manscape inside or outside the shower?

In the Shower

Since you aren’t doing all of your grooming in the shower, this is the easy part. You want a warm shower, but it shouldn’t be blistering hot. Save those for days that don’t involve manscaping. Warm water is great for softening hair follicles. This matters both for the hair you didn’t completely remove and the follicles where you shave. Wash normally, but be sure to gently exfoliate the regions where you did some grooming. It will help ensure you get all of the trimmed hair and it will reduce the impact of razor burn. A healthy dose of Crop Cleanser hair and body wash from Manscaped will maximize the benefits of this shower.

For those of you wondering, these tips also largely work when you shave your face. But this doesn’t mean you can use your manscaping tools above the belt. That’s a huge manscaping faux pas.

Post Shower Methods

What you do after the shower is arguably the most important part of the process. Manscaping can be hard on your skin if you don’t follow through. The two-point treatment you apply after your shower will pretty much eliminate any harshness.

So, after you get dry (use a gentle patting motion on the sensitive parts), you should apply deodorant. Most guys already do this, except you probably only focus on your pits. Don’t take this the wrong way, but in all sincerity, your pits never smell as bad as your crotch. You know it. Society knows it, and still we have this weird practice. We’re not saying you should skip the pit deodorant; you just need to add ball deodorant to the equation.

Fortunately, this is about a lot more than smelling nice (which is extremely important). Crop Preserver is a talcum-based deodorant, and we invested a lot of engineering resources into its development. The talcum will soothe your skin and minimize friction. This is great for a healthy nether region and will make you feel great (which is why you should use it every day, not just on grooming days). It also has a specific formula designed to promote healthy and hydrated skin conditions that have a restorative effect after a shave.

What Crop Preserver ball deodorant begins, Crop Reviver performance toner and spritz finishes. The toner is meant to be paired with the deodorant, and it completes a few very specific tasks. First, it has an anti-inflammatory formula. It is formulated to reduce razor burn and other sources of irritation and redness. Second, it has pH control. If you remember those old ads about products being pH balanced just for women, they weren’t you. Your skin maintains an acidic exterior (called the acid mantle) that is vital to managing bacterial growth and keeping your skin healthy. Crop Reviver restores the mantle after a vigorous manscaping session puts it at risk. Lastly, Reviver enhances the deodorant’s moisture control. Sure, this helps you smell nice even during vigorous activity, but it also mitigates natural irritation. We suggest using Crop Reviver several times a day, not just after your manscaping session. Try it after a long day at work, before a date, or after a vigorous workout.

Should you manscape inside or outside the shower?

That just about sums up the optimized manscaping routine, courtesy of Manscaped tools and formulations. We’ve left out a detailed explanation of how to deal with your fingernails, but you shouldn’t take them lightly. The Shears are a complete tool kit for the job, and you should understand how to use all of it, not just fingernail clippers. It’s a shame how many of you out there have done a great job grooming your body only to fall short at the fingernails. We promise: women notice that stuff, so make sure you do, too.

If you still aren’t convinced, then spend some more time on Not only is it the world’s top male grooming brand with the best razor for manscaping, but the dudes who run the show there are serious about manscaping and its benefits to a man’s entire existence. Besides being the best resource for all of your manscaping tools, it has some detailed guides and advice for the refined and the attempting-to-be-refined man. When you take the time to learn how to properly manscape, you’ll see that we don’t come to conclusions lightly. Every word is carefully cultivated from years of research and experience. Or, maybe we’re making this up as we go. The only way to really know is to get out there and try for yourself. Wink.


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