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Should You Shave Before You Shower?

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Should You Shave Before You Shower?

 Since you have embraced the idea of shaving your lower body regions, we have to answer the critical questions. Should you shave before or after showering? Technically, this can apply to your face too, but we're more concerned about the boys. So, let's dive in and answer this question properly.

Shaving Before a Shower

We can do this chronologically. You can shave before, during, or after a shower. Shower or shave first? We'll start with shaving and see if it's worth considering.

Pros To Shaving Before A Shower

Let's talk about some cons. Most men's style gurus will tell you to shower before you shave, and here we are discussing the opposite. We'll get to that side of the story in a minute, but the gurus are overlooking the apparent benefits of shaving first.

For starters, cleanup is easier than ever when you shave first. Just lay down a Magic Mat to catch the clippings. After you shave, you rinse down in the shower, so that's easy too. By doing it this way, you don't clog your drain, and life is pleasant.

When it comes to skin health, shaving before showering is arguably the best method. That's because it gives you the ability to clean yourself, especially if there were any nicks/cuts. Showering after you shave is the best way to avoid infections.

Also, doing things in this order gives you more recovery time before your pores close. That helps reduce the impact of razor burn and general irritation. The gurus tend to leave that part out.

Cons To Shaving Before A Shower

Still, everything in life is a trade-off, and there are downsides to shaving first. If you don't use a Magic Mat, this makes the biggest mess and is a huge pain. It also might tempt you to dry shave, and you really shouldn't do that. 

Perhaps most importantly, shaving first means that you haven't done as much to soften the hair follicles, so the risk of developing ingrown hairs is greater. If you don't stay on top of lubrication and keep your blade sharp, you'll have a greater chance of cutting yourself.

Shaving During a Shower

man's feet in shower

Can you even shave in the shower? Of course, you can. You're an adult. In fact, this method is popular and has a lot to offer, but are the downsides enough to convince you not to shave in the shower?

Pros To Shaving During A Shower

Shaving in the shower is a preferred method for a lot of guys. It's obviously the efficient route since you're lubricating & cleaning as you shave. Any mess you make goes right down the drain. It's hard to imagine a better way to consolidate your efforts and save time when you groom.

Shaving in the shower has another substantial benefit too. You're unlikely to under lubricate in the shower. That means you're minimizing the risk of cuts and razor burns by doing things in this order. Overall, shaving in the shower might be what's best for you in general. The problem is that grooming involves more than just you, ironically.

Cons To Shaving During A Shower

First of all, shaving in the shower is eventually going to clog your drain. It's inevitable, and that's a pain you want to avoid. You can put this off by using a drain catch, but it's a delay tactic, not a preventative technique.

As for shaving, shaving in the shower usually is not as close or precise as shaving out of the shower. You're in a confined space. It's hard to get mirrors to see what you're doing. You're also not standing on solid footing. The risk of slipping combined with poor visibility almost always results in an inferior shave, even if your skin is better off.

Also, a lot of guys use regular shaving gel in the shower. The running water rinses that away, and you're effectively just shaving with water. That's going to lead to razor burn, so if you shave in the shower, make sure you have a lubricant that works in that setting.

Shaving After a Shower

This tends to be the most recommended method. Let's explore why.

Pros To Shaving After A Shower

Now onto more guru advice. Most of them say that this is best, and the leading reason for it is that the hot water from the shower softens your hair. That makes for a better shaving experience all around. Technically, the hair gets softened when you shave in the shower, but now you're doing it with good visibility and stable footing.

Showering first also unclogs your pores and reduces the bacteria on your body. Those are positive things that certainly won't hurt the shaving experience. With all of these factors combined, you will have the most comfortable time getting the closest possible shave if you shower before you shave.

Cons To Shaving After A Shower

Here are the drawbacks to pursuing that clean shave. As soon as you get out of the warm water, your pores are going to start closing again. If you take too long, you lose all of the benefits of showering first. 

The second drawback is the biggest for most guys. After you do all of that work grooming your downstairs region, you're going to make a mess. Hair clippings get everywhere, and they will drive you mad if you don't wash them away. You can try to wipe yourself clean with a warm, wet washcloth, but you know that it's close to futile. The best solution is to hop back in the shower and rinse down really quickly. It's wasteful.

Should You Shave Before, After, or During Your Shower?

Considering all of those pros and cons, you're going to make up your own mind and do things your own way. We get that, and we designed our tools to accommodate multiple styles of grooming. But, we went through all of this trouble, so we might as well make an official recommendation.

Should you shave before or after showering? The answer is yes.

The secret of a great shave is to mix and match the techniques. Start with a dry trim before you shower. This gets the significant hair clippings out of the way and preserves your drain. Since you aren't getting down to a shave yet, it won't harm your skin. You can catch the mess with the Magic Mat® shaving mat.

After you trim, jump in the shower to get rid of the irritants and cleanup. After your shower, you can do your shaving. You get the best of every world, and cleanup is a lot easier since you already dealt with most of the mess.

If you shave regularly enough that you don't need a pre-trim, you can shake things up. Use a warm-water washcloth to clean the area before you shave. This gets things soft and clean. Then you can shave and follow up with a shower.

 man standing on magic mat

How to Properly Shave According to MANSCAPED™

It looks like we have the issue settled. There is a superior order to cleaning and grooming when you want your balls to be pristine. With the primary question covered, we can go a little deeper into the process. This is the step-by-step process for shaving your body. We have a separate tutorial that can teach you how to trim groin hair.

1.) Trim Your Pubic Hair

You can use pubic hair scissors, or you can set your guard length on your trimmer and remove excess hair. You can gradually step down to shorter guards if you like. Eventually, you should trim with no guard at all. This step should happen over your sink or over a Magic Mat to control the mess.

2.) Soften Your Pubic Hair

This is the step where you clean yourself, moisturize your skin, and use warm water to soften everything in preparation for shaving.

3.) Check Your Blades

This step is interchangeable with step 3. The point is to make sure you have a sharp, clean blade before you start stroking.

4.) Shave Your Pubic Hair

Make sure you grab the best trimmer for grooming. You want to use short, gentle strokes. Pull your skin taut as needed. If you take your time, you can get a clean, close, safe shave without too much trouble. Remember to go with the grain first. If you really want to go closer, you can go against the grain later, but it may lead to more irritation.

5.) Rinse Your Blades

Be sure to rinse the blade after every stroke. This helps to keep it sharp and in good condition. If your blade goes dull in the middle of a shave, replace it. They're cheap. The process is easy.

6.) Rinse-Off & Moisturize

When you're done shaving, you want to rinse yourself sufficiently to remove any hair clippings. Gently pat dry, and then moisturize the area that you shaved. This will help your skin recover from the ordeal.

7.) Exfoliate

You only need to exfoliate once a week or so, but you only need to groom every couple of weeks. So you can schedule exfoliation for after shaving or trimming. It will massage the skin to make it feel great, and it will clear the pores so your skin can recover rapidly from the shave.

**Want even more!? Check out our Ultimate Guide To Shaving Your Pubic Hair

Common Questions Related To Shaving In Or Out Of The Bathe

Is it better to shave with hot or cold water?

This question is trickier than it seems. The hot water opens the pores and softens the hair. That is good for a close, safe shave, but you can get those benefits from your shower. You don't have to use hot water in your rinse for any of it. There are some benefits to using cold water when you shave; it tightens the skin, which creates a better shaving surface. It also starts closing the pores, which is what you ultimately want after you shave. So, provided you are using hot water to prepare for the shave, it can be better to use cold water for the shave itself.

Can I use my electric razor in the shower?

Using your electric razor in the shower is going to depend on the razor you chose. The Lawn Mower 4.0® trimmer is safe to use in the shower and was designed with that in mind. It's waterproof, and it has an ergonomic grip that is intended to help you control the device even when it's wet.

Regardless of the razor you choose, trimming in the shower does increase the problem of clogging the drain depending on how hairy you are.

Can you shave in the bath?

Women have been shaving in the bath for years. Will it work for men too? Well, mostly no. Some guys have large tubs or are small enough to fit well in their tub. In those cases, tub posture can help you get some of the more awkward parts of your body. The downside is that you will prove a little buoyant while you shave those parts, and that might make it hard to stabilize.

In a lot of cases, tub posture is only going to complicate the process. If you're determined to learn this through experimentation, feel free. But, if you're looking for quick advice, we suggest that the tub is not the best place to shave pubes, as a general rule.

What happens if you shave without lubricant?

This is bad. The lubricant helps your razor maintain consistent contact with the skin. This enables you to get an even shave, but it also helps avoid cuts. Without the lubricant, the blade will bounce against the skin (even if the bounces are tiny). This creates a vibrating effect on the blade. That destroys even strokes and makes it so much easier to apply uneven pressure resulting in your bleeding.

Can you use soap to shave?

Technically yes, but it's better not to do this. It boils down to that your soap is a pretty good lubricant for your skin and shaving. The lather works, and you can get a smooth shave going this route. The problem is that the soap is terrible for the razor blade. You're going to churn through blades a lot faster if soap is your lube. The soap coats and damages the blade, and that isn't good.



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