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December 29, 2016

Sideswiped: Coming Back from a Bad Experience on a Dating App

Sideswiped: Coming Back from a Bad Experience on a Dating App

In this everything-at-your-fingertips age of swiping and sexting, dating in the digital era has become quite an interesting study in human behavior. For some match-seekers, a single night of scintillating pleasures is the only thing on the agenda. For others, babies and retirement plans are harboring on the other side of every swipe-right.

Naturally, it's a big world out there, and there are plenty of weirdos and wonderful people just waiting for your app to match you up. But, what happens when OkCupid's arrow misses and hits a flaming pile of poo instead of pulling at your heartstrings?

Here are some ways to quickly recover from that should-have-swiped-left experience:

Try a Different App

There are plenty of fish in the sea (or on any of the many dating apps out there.) To get the last bad taste out of your mouth, switch services for a week or two, and see who else might tickle your fancy.

Don't Trash Your Last Date

Actually, there is a fine line in here that can make some fun-poking okay. If you're meshing really well with your next paired-up dating partner, re-hashing (not trashing) a few bad experiences can do wonders for the bonding process. Bear in mind that the person sitting across from you may wonder just want you're going to say about them when dinner's done, so keep your super salty comments to yourself unless you're trying to become your date's next tragic matchup memoir.

Stay Sober

Speaking of steering clear of trash-talking, you don't really want to over-imbibe in adult beverages that will get you wasted, either. While we're on this subject -- what exactly caused your atrocious date to go awry anyway? If alcohol had anything to do with it, you might want to choose a different date spot this time. Opt for a java joint if you're not sure what inhibition elixirs will bring to the table.

We know you've got some terrible dating stories of epic proportions. Lay your tales of woe on us, and tell us how it all ended. We're willing to bet at least one of you ended up down the aisle!

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