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Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men

With Christmas around the corner, everyone needs a little help with gift ideas. If you want some stocking stuffers for dad, a boyfriend, or any other guy in your life, we have some ideas to help you get a little creative. Manly stocking stuffers are not always easy to find, but we scoured the depths of Amazon and handpicked nine different winners. Each is appealing in its own way, so we hope you enjoy the list. Feel free to comment with other ideas that strike you. Gift buying is a team sport, after all.

Weed Whacker™

MANSCAPED Weed Whacker

As a man gets older, certain aspects of his body continue to change. The most annoying of those changes is that nose and ear hair only grows longer and more dense, while the hair on the head thins. The irony isn’t lost on us. So, maintaining that hair can become quite the chore.

An electric ear and nose hair trimmer makes short work of the problem, hence the Weed Whacker™ ear and nose hair trimmer. It’s designed by the same folks who invented The Lawn Mower™ 4.0 trimmer. The Weed Whacker is a cordless trimmer (similar to our cordless pubic hair trimmer) that provides omnidirectional trimming. Trimming sessions barely take a few minutes.

All of this boils down to a simple fact. Any man will be grateful to have this tool, and it is one he will appreciate even more over time, mainly because you got him the best nose hair trimmer of them all.

Hoppy IPA Beer Soap

Pint Of Beer With Bars of Soap

There are plenty of commercials out there trying to dictate how a man should smell, but he might have some different ideas if you asked him directly. What is a guy’s favorite smell? For plenty of fellas, it’s the smell of a good beer.

IPA beer soap has IPA and hops in it. It is intended to provide the better parts of a good IPAs aromatic flavor to a clean shower. The soap smells great, and it is made from natural ingredients. It will get a guy clean without assaulting his nose with some chemically fabricated perfumed scent.

When he opens this stocking stuffer, he’ll be amused by the novelty of it. When he uses the soap, he will instantly come to love it. We rate this as one of the best small gift ideas for men.

Whiskey Club Membership

Woman Carrying Two Glasses Of Whiskey

Beer soaps are good and all, but sometimes, we all just want a good drink. The whiskey renaissance is well underway, and there are more great whiskeys available than ever before. Just trying to keep up with every great drink is difficult, but there’s an easy way to always have new, delicious whiskeys without dedicating your life to alcohol research.

The simple answer is to let someone curate drinks for you. With a whiskey club membership, you get a tasting box regularly (you also get full-sized bottles). Whiskey experts scour the globe to find their favorites. They then package and send those favorites to you for sampling.

A consistent influx of exceptional whiskey is something everyone can enjoy—stocking stuffers for guys that keep giving long after Christmas are always worth considering.



If you know a man who has ever coached a team, worked as a referee, or been in a situation where a whistle proves useful, then you know a man who would enjoy a HyperWhistle.

The concept is simple enough. This whistle is louder than any other, and it can be heard at a very long range. It’s amazing for drawing attention and making emphatic points.

We don’t know how this special whistle works, but we know that men will enjoy it for much more than its practicality. Every guy is still a kid at heart, and you can bet that as soon as he opens this, he will have it unpackaged and be playing with it in an instant. You’ll get tired of hearing it, but he’ll be having a great time. That’s the spirit of Christmas, right?

The simple men’s stocking fillers often end up being the ones they enjoy the most.

Beard Drink Koozie

Beard Drink Koozie

Drink koozies are one of the most underrated gifts in the world. They help keep your drink cold. They keep your hands warm. Best of all, they can be designed after anything. Every guy should have koozies for his favorite sports teams, and he should have enough to share.

The beard koozie is just having fun with the concept. It looks like a beard, so you can dress your beer up for some silly good times. It will be an instant hit at any tailgate or watch party, and surprisingly, it’s a high-quality item.

When searching for stocking stuffers for the boyfriend, this is a great place to start.

Beard koozies are all handmade. They are produced with crafting fur and meticulously crafted to provide consistent quality to every koozie. That quality means he will get to enjoy his silly beard koozie for many years.

Lazy Glasses

Lazy Glasses

The best gifts are the ones that get used. Whether they are practical or fun is less important. True appreciation can be seen when they are in use.

Lazy glasses seem completely silly, but they might be life-changing. These are glasses that use prisms to change your viewing angle. You can lie flat on your back, and the glasses will let you see 90 degrees in front of you.

The obvious use case is watching TV. You can lie down and be comfortable. You don’t have to tilt your head and make your neck sore to see what is playing. You get to bask in ultimate comfort and still see what you want to see.

Again, it all sounds pretty silly until you try it. Your guy will never watch TV the same way again.

Digital Tape Measure

Digital Tap Measure

Speaking of useful gifts, everyone needs a tape measure. There is always something that needs a precise measurement, and the tape is the only way to get a reading. Of course, that moment is exactly when you can’t find your tape measure, so everyone always needs another.

With a digital tape measure, you get the ability to read distances, but you get a lot more. The digital readout allows you to be precise without guessing which line is the right mark. It has memory functions that allow you to store measurements, so you don’t have to measure the same thing five times until you finally remember to write it down.

The digital tape reads metric and imperial, and it also does conversions between the two for you. It also has a button that allows you to read to the end of the tape, so you don’t have to try to bend it when you measure the interior between walls.

In all, this is a useful tool that anyone can appreciate.

Wooden Bow Tie

Wooden Bow Tie

Everything is cooler when made out of wood; this is not an opinion; it is a law of nature. It’s why we still see so much wood-crafting in an age with metal fabrication, plastics, and advanced NASA materials that all outperform wood from a functionality standpoint. None of that matters because wood is cool.

A wooden bowtie is the ultimate proof of this concept. You would think that clothing is where we draw the line. It isn’t. Wooden bow ties look amazing. You can have designs etched or stained into the wood, and they’re easy to wear. They are shockingly comfortable and surprisingly stylish.

If you want your guy to make a fashion statement with an item he likes, a wooden bow tie can get it done.

Steak Brand

Steak Brand

Branding is an interesting concept. Conceptually, it’s kind of like a tattoo; only it is way more hardcore. There’s something primal about wanting to brand things. Sometimes we fulfill that urge by branding woodworking or something else.

Williams Sonoma has a different approach. With the steak brand, you can scratch that itch and brand your steak as you cook it. Your brand is personalized and monogrammed, so while you are playing with it, you can also call dibs on your steak by literally putting your name on it.

As weird as all of this sounds, steak brands are about more than just a silly gimmick. The brand can also be used for on-grill searing. This gives you more options in your cooking, and it allows you to add your signature to the best meats you can make.



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