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January 11, 2017

Stop Using Your Girlfriend's Razor

stop using your girlfriend's razor

Gather around boys. It’s time for some harsh truth. This is a lesson you shouldn’t need, and yet here we are. Stop using your girlfriend’s razors! What’s that? You have a boyfriend? You still shouldn’t share. It’s much grosser than you think.


Is it really a surprise to learn that men’s and women’s grooming devices are designed differently? Female razors and trimmers prioritize working on legs. They angle and pivot specifically to optimize those moments. While men may give proper care to their legs, it’s a lower priority region, especially when it comes to razors. In general, men’s razors focus on the face and privates. It isn’t just bad to share with your lady; you shouldn’t be using the same tool on your face as you do the rest of your body.


Fungi, bacteria and other potential infections grow all over the body, but they can be surprisingly isolated. When you shave, you essentially stir the pot of those microbes and get them stuck cleanly on the razor. This means sharing a razor makes it easy to spread a regional infection (herpes anyone?) to a new place. Picture running your finger across a dusty surface. Trimmers are no less severe. All of those lovely microbes cling nicely to hair follicles, so once again sharing the tool means sharing the funk. Once again, you should have more than one tool for your own body, much less your partner.


You really shouldn’t need me to tell you this one. Using razors dulls the blades. The same is true for trimmers. If you share, they will dull faster and you will be the one who suffers. This is especially unacceptable if you want to invest in quality instruments that can elevate your grooming game. Just in case you haven’t put it all together yet, consider this: Remember how much more uncomfortable it is to shave with a dull blade? Dull trimmers are far worse, and you’re using them on areas far more sensitive than your face.


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