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June 11, 2018

Sweating Balls Need This Product {Stop Sweat To Smell Great}

If you have balls, they sweat. We wouldn’t exactly say the two go together like peanut butter and jelly, but they do seem inseparable. And, for the majority of human history, that was probably true. Now, at long last, there is a solution to the insufferable problem of your sweaty balls. Ball deodorant. It sounds kind of obvious when you think about it, but a good ball deodorant is more important and a more powerful weapon in your arsenal than you might think.

Why You Need to Smell Great

 You think you get it. Smelling good is obvious. Nobody wants to be the smelly kid. Well, we’re here to correct that notion. You don’t get it at all. Sure, social aspects of body odor are no fun, but that’s actually the least of your worries. When you let your crotch reek day in and out, you create a dangerous situation.

Let’s start with the easy concepts. Body odor comes from bacteria. When conditions are right, the bacteria on your skin get a feast. Their natural cycles produce waste that we can identify by the unpleasant smell. In normal conditions, you might grow accustomed to your typical aroma and not notice when you stink. When things get really bad, even you wince at the end of a deep breath. This has been a gag in comedy for centuries, but there’s something important happening.

 Sweating Balls Need This Product {Stop Sweat To Smell Great}

When you notice your own stench, it’s because the microbiota processes on your skin are changing. The equilibrium is upset, and that can mean bad things. The least consequential outcome would be jock itch or similar problems. These are typically mild infections that are easily enough treated. But, things can get much worse. You probably don’t know this, but cuts around the groin and genitals are actually the most likely to become infected. Skin infections are bad enough, but getting them on your junk is worse. All of this is because your groin region is designed for maximum physical protection. That protection comes at the cost of generating heat, trapping moisture and otherwise promoting unchecked microbial growth.

Bringing this back to odors, if you smell bad, your nose is identifying a potentially dangerous situation in or around your body. There’s a reason you don’t like those smells, and you need to do something about it.

Taking Appropriate Action

There’s a clear lesson to learn here. The smell itself isn’t the problem. It’s the underlying causes that we need to take seriously. So, don’t deal with this by dumping a bottle of cologne down your drawers. You might think it’s strong enough to kill the little bugs, but this is a bad plan on multiple levels. Instead, your best defense is to manage moisture. When you drain the swamp of your crotch, you make it harder for different organisms to survive. This naturally reduces B.O. and keeps the microbiota in check. You’ve probably heard that there is such a thing as good bacteria. That’s true, and you promote healthy bacterial levels by keeping your sweat under control.

But, it’s summer! We know. Left alone, your balls are going to sweat like ice on a stove top. That is where deodorant comes in. You’ve used it on your pits enough by now to know that it really does make a difference (we hope). Ball deodorant can similarly solve problems where it counts the most. But, you don’t want a traditional aluminum agent (common for pit deodorant). You need something that considers the sensitivity and delicate nature of your precious jewels. You want Crop Preserver.

Sweating Balls Need This Product {Stop Sweat To Smell Great}

Using Crop Preserver is easy. After a shower, simply rub some into the skin around your groin area. It utilizes a fast-drying formula, so it takes very little time or effort. The contents of this lovely deodorant will change the game in your shorts for the rest of your life.

We keep using the term “moisture control.” There’s a reason for that. You want to keep the crotch from being swampy, but if you go too dry, you trade one set of problems for another. The beauty of Crop Preserver is that it was designed with this balance in mind. It utilizes a talcum gel that reduces sweating without inducing dry skin. The overall formula is hydrating, but it reduces friction and has cooling elements that make you less likely to sweat, even when it’s hot.

When all is said and done, you’re left with balls that are naturally less smelly and more comfortable throughout the day. That said, you’re still going to sweat a little. Just like your underarm deodorant won’t always stop the sweat (it can be dangerous sometimes), Crop Preserver will only mitigate sweating. That’s why it’s also scented. When conditions get extreme and your balls manage to sweat anyways, the deodorant will keep you fresh in the noses of those around you. 

Living Well

Now that you have the means to control your ball sweat, consider the possibilities. We harped on health earlier. This time we’re talking about how much better your day is when you aren’t constantly unsticking your sack from your legs. Really, stop and think about it. How many times a summer do you have to take a janky step to try and jiggle something loose? How often have you done the subtle sniff test only to notice that your balls are out-of-control rank? Have you ever found your junk excessively itchy out of nowhere? When you’re in public, you have to choose between being comfortable and being judged.

Those days are behind you. Crop Preserver reduces friction. That’s not a small thing. Chafing and sticky balls won’t plague you unless you’re into some really hard-core stuff. When your daily life is suddenly free of constant reminders that balls were designed by a sadist, life gets good. You feel great, have more energy and catch yourself smiling more. It’s a wonderful existence. We like to talk about this a lot. Manscaping is really a trade off of pros and cons. The pros obviously outweigh the cons, but there’s serious effort involved in maintaining a nice lawn throughout the year. We love Crop Preserver because it’s never a chore -- only a joy. It seriously takes most guys one time using it to get hooked.

Sweating Balls Need This Product {Stop Sweat To Smell Great}

The Total Package

Of course, everything works better when you fully commit. In the case of Crop Preserver, it is best supported by a full complement of manscaping tools. Let’s break them down.

If you want your crotch to sweat less, you can always start by trimming the pubes. The Lawn Mower makes it easy and safe. When things start to get a little long, start your days with a nice trim. It’ll keep you feeling fresh throughout the week, and it takes some of the workload away from your deodorant. If you really want to go with the path of least resistance, do your trimming while you stand over a Magic Mat. It’ll catch the clippings so cleanup is as easy as throwing away a newspaper.

As a man, you already know that a good trim should be followed by a precise shave. With The Plow in hand, you can get a pubic shave that is unparalleled in smoothness. Like trimming, shaving reduces the amount of sweat that gets trapped around your junk. It’s less significant for the sweat aspect, but it’s the key to a good aesthetic. Keep things smooth where they should be and those lines crispy. You’re already manscaping. You might as well look good as a result.

Once your hairy burden is lighter, you can step in the shower. This is an obvious part of a routine that intends to manage microbial growth. With a healthy application of Crop Cleanser, you can make sure you’re bacteria free. You can also induce healthy hydration to the skin and work restoring normal wear and tear that happens down there. Most importantly, Crop Cleanser has pH balancing that helps boost your skin’s natural ability to resist bacterial growth.

After the shower it’s time for Crop Preserver. We’ve covered this pretty well by now, so we’ll just add a little tip. If you pat dry thoroughly, the deodorant will absorb a little faster.

After deodorant comes the final piece of the puzzle. Crop Reviver is a simple spritz. Like the other tools in your kit, it works to boost natural health and resistance to bad bacteria. It adds to the bundle by softening hair follicles to reduce irritation after a trim and shave. When it combines with the deodorant and body wash, you get a trifecta of protection. And, you’ll smell amazing.

That concludes our discussion of ball deodorant. You can beat the sweat when you manscape properly. It’ll leave you healthier and free of being the smelly kid. If you want even more resources and solutions, you can find them all at

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