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October 01, 2018

Technology Behind The Lawn Mower 2.0 Shock Resistant Polycarbonate Construction

It feels like we’ve been bragging about The Lawn Mower 2.0 for a while now. We’re not sorry. It’s a marvelous trimmer precisely because we reimagined the body trimmer from every possible angle. A new motor, blade, battery and countless other upgrades have transformed this into something that resembles the original Lawn Mower in name more than function. One of the features we haven’t emphasized yet is the new shell. That’s going to change right now. Here's the 411 on the technology behind The Lawn Mower 2.0 shock resistant polycarbonate construction.

The Power of Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate sounds like a big, fancy word, and, indeed, it is. Polycarbonates include a wide range of materials. They have been used to reinforce bulletproof glass, build parts for space shuttles and other spacecraft and even flame-proofing military equipment. Are you impressed yet? You should be. This is why we chose this material as the base for molding our newest and best body-hair trimmer.

In all honesty, we didn’t make The Lawn Mower 2.0 bulletproof. But, with only a few more layers of the same material, we could have (ok, maybe a lot more layers). That should help you understand just how tough this shell is. When we say it “resists shocks,” what we’re really telling you is that this is a device that is made to go the distance. It will keep up with you through the years, and the many other features we included ensure that it is up for a rugged lifestyle.

The thing is, our polycarbonate shell isn’t just resistant to physical beatings. It’s also perfectly waterproof. Those of you who trim in the shower understand why that matters. More importantly, it’s also resistant to electric shock. It is the combination of these protective attributes that makes polycarbonate such a superior choice. It’s also these attributes that enabled us to pack the 2.0 with so many new features it has taken an entire blog series to try and cover them all.

 Technology Behind The Lawn Mower 2.0 Shock Resistant Polycarbonate Construction

QuietStroke™ Technology

We’ve gone into greater depth for QuietStroke™ technology elsewhere, but it’s important to understand that the polycarbonate shell is part of this upgrade. We packed a lot of different kinds of dampeners into the 2.0 to help handle vibrations and noise, but the backbone of it all is the impact absorption of the polycarbonate shell. If this material can absorb explosive impacts, it can certainly diminish the shaking of the admittedly powerful new motor. The addition of QuietStroke™ technology means you can have the fastest, easiest shave of your life without turning your hand numb under the impressive force of the new trimmer.

A tingling hand might sound fun to some of you, but that’s for a different activity involving your nuts and bolt. When it comes to handling one of the strongest electric trimmers on the market, you probably want full motor control.

SkinSafe™ Technology

Another new addition to the 2.0 is our SkinSafe™ tech. The basic idea is that we wanted to idiot-proof the trimmer. We don’t know if we’ve fully accomplished that, but it is genuinely difficult to cut yourself with the new blade. Despite that, we also made the entire thing even more antimicrobial. That means that the clumsiest among you will still be better protected when you find some ingenious way to hurt yourself.

How did we defend against microbes? You can probably surmise the recurring theme here. The polycarbonate shell is about as non-porous as a material can be. That does two things. First, it prevents the trimmer from ever holding water. No water means no microbes. Secondly, it also eliminates microscopic points where inert viruses and spores could potentially linger. Even stainless steel is porous and exposed compared to polycarbonate. We literally couldn’t have used a better material for this purpose.

Ceramic Blades

Technology Behind The Lawn Mower 2.0 Shock Resistant Polycarbonate Construction

Ceramic blades are superior to steel in all but one aspect. The can be sharpened further, they hold an edge longer, and they can be shaped more freely. The price of those bonuses is that ceramics are prone to chipping. We considered all of this when we designed the original Lawn Mower, but we noted that the trimmer didn’t protect the blades enough to justify switching away from steel blades. 

Once again, the polycarbonate shell has come to the rescue. With the increased shock protection, the risk of chipping your superior, ceramic blades is virtually nil. Even so, we’ve made the new blade head interchangeable. If you do find a way past all of these measures, you can just swap the blade without needing a new trimmer.

A Smarter Device

Shock absorption really opened an entire world of new possibilities, and we’ve taken advantage of that to pack the 2.0 with as many features as would fit. Thanks to the rugged durability, we were able to switch to a cordless, lithium battery design. It’s more convenient than ever, and it can still provide enough energy for the amped-up motor. There are countless other design improvements, and when you try your 2.0, you’ll be enjoying delight after delight for months to come.

At this point, it’s only fair to give you a disclaimer. If you pick up a Lawn Mower 2.0, you are going to completely ruin yourself for other trimmers. We’re ok with it, but we felt you should know the truth from the start.

Better Manscaping 

We’re giving you the opportunity to put the best body trimmer in human history in the palm of your hand. You might think that’s enough, but we don’t. We want your skills at manscaping to be sufficient to match your new trimmer. That means we need to share some more trade secrets.

Trim in the Shower

If you follow the blog, you might be surprised by this advice. It’s a trap. We always advocating trimming before you shower over a Magic Mat. We aren’t actually changing that advice. Instead, we’re going to encourage you to try the other way to understand why. The new Lawn Mower is perfectly safe in the shower. It’s completely waterproof and the grip is impressive, so you should be fine.

But, while you’re doing it, we’re going to challenge you to pay attention to a few things. The first is that running water actually makes it more difficult to get a clean trim. Some of you might have massive, luxury showers, but most of us don’t. You can’t really get in a position without running water while you trim below the belt, and if you compare that process to doing it before a shower, you’ll see that the force of the water often pushes and pulls the hair in ways that don’t conform to your trimming choices. It’s manageable, but it’s a small frustration you don’t need.

There are tons of other reasons to trim before you shower, but we’ll leave those for another day.


Shave While You’re There

Again, we want you to compare which is easier. Shaving in the shower is actually easier than trimming (provided you trimmed first), but there are still disadvantages. With working The Plow, the water can make it harder to see your lines with clarity (especially if you wear contacts or glasses). It’s also a deceptive lubricant. You’ll feel like being wet is good enough to get a clean shave, but that’s a newbie mistake. Think about your face. Does it feel better to shave with just water or a proper gel? The same will be true for your junk.

Avoid Pain

The biggest reason we advocate grooming before showering is so you can treat the agitated skin immediately. Your comparative routine is going to leave you in the shower for a while, so don’t be tempted to skip your exfoliation. After you’re done, make sure you scrub with Crop Cleanser. You want that Active pH Control right away. Otherwise you’re going to feel the burn.

The last part of your routine won’t change. You still need to be dry before applying Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. Just make sure you don’t gloss over them. They’ll keep doing what they do, so even though you’re breaking from the optimal routine, it won’t leave you chafed, red, and ruined. 

That’s all we have for you today. The fast recap is that polycarbonate is an amazing material, and it allowed us to make a ton of additional improvements to the Lawn Mower 2.0. We encourage you to try other manscaping techniques, if for no other reason to say we told you so in the end. So, until next time, stay fresh and keep checking for vital updates.

Technology Behind The Lawn Mower 2.0 Shock Resistant Polycarbonate Construction

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