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January 09, 2017

The 5 Essentials Every Gentleman Needs

 5 essentials every gentleman needs

Certain aspects of being a gentleman are timeless. A man true to the form puts care and effort into the things he does. That same care can speak for the things he owns. To be a proper and modern gentleman, there are essentials that carry weight. These are the five you need the most.

Grooming Kit

A gentleman shows care in his appearance, and that means more than just trimming the beard. A proper kit is essential to proper care, and there are some things a man just needs to do for himself.

Tailored Suit

You don’t need to be James Bond and wear suits for all occasions, but no matter the lifestyle, you will inevitably need a suit at some point. Investing in a properly tailored suit will take care of that need, and it will incentivize you to stay in shape between uses.


Living in the city and the country require different tool sets, but everyone needs the basics: screwdrivers, drill sets and socket sets. If there is any work you can tackle, invest in good tools when you need them. You’ll never be sorry because every job eventually needs to be redone.


A different man calls for his boots for different occasions. For some it’s the workshop. Others prefer hikes. Some might enjoy a good night of dancing. Whatever occasion gets you to wear boots, make sure your pair is made for a specific purpose and of quality that will last.

Signature Dish

A modern gentleman knows his way around a kitchen, but even the most seasoned chefs still have a specialty. Spare no effort to find that one dish that you can always use to impress, and make sure it can be made for a large party or just two. You’re sure to have occasions for both.

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