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The Benefits of Shaving with a Safety Razor

The art of shaving has been desecrated by today’s cheap plastic razors that hack away at the hair and tear up the skin. We are here to let you know that there is a better way to shave and it's been around for a 100 years! Trust us the benefits of shaving with a classic safety razor will have you wondering why you didn’t start sooner!

  1. You’ll save lots of money - Instead of buying a whole new razor or expensive razor cartridges, you’ll only need to buy the one single razor blade. These come in packs and are usually incredibly affordable!
  2. You’re being eco-friendly - Instead of trashing disposable plastic razors or disposable plastic razor cartridges, you only toss a single razor blade.
  3. You’ll have less irritation (No razor burn or ingrown hairs!)  - Because these razors tend to be heavy, you will use less pressure and only one pass to get a super close shave and reducing irritation.
  4. It’s sanitary - Multiple razor cartridges tend to get clogged with hair and bacteria, which can cause razor burn and make you break out.
  5. You’ll get a super close shave - Again, the weight of the safety razor plays a huge roll in the ease of shaving but also, the quality of most plastic razors are terrible quality.
  6. It will last you forever - Seriously, double-edged safety razors are built like a safe! They are so strong and sturdy, they will last you a lifetime! They are made of high-quality stainless steel, that doesn’t corrode over time.
  7. You’ll feel like a badass - This old school technique for shaving was used by history’s greatest men! When you pull this heavy razor everyday for your shave you’ll feel like a real man.

Ready to take your shaving routine to the next level? Our Double-Edged Safety Razor, also know as The Plow, is created to give you a close, refined shave, our single blade, double-sided razor embodies traditional design lines. Built using high quality, highly durable, tempered stainless steel, our safety razor features a matte satin finish and is corrosive proof.  After using The Lawn Mower, utilize this one-of-kind razor for an extra sense of refinement and smoothness.

Other great features of The Plow

  • High quality, highly durable stainless steel
  • Single blade to reduce razor burn and irritation
  • Double-edged, easy glide design
  • Designed for sensitive skin and maneuverability
  • Replacement blades included
  • Works with all Manscaped Refining Products™




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