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The Best Men’s Hygiene Kit - Why We Designed the Crop Care Kit

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



The Best Men’s Hygiene Kit - Why We Designed the Crop Care Kit

Every single man has been caught smelling terrible in a situation where they were supposed to be presentable. You don’t have to hide it here. We’ve all been there. It’s inevitable. 

Well, it was inevitable. With the Crop Care Kit, that’s a problem of the past. 

What’s in the Kit

The Crop Care Kit is one of our newest editions to the MANSCAPED™ lineup. It has five items, and each will help you with a general social presentation. If you want to look and smell your best, you want Crop Cleanser™ body wash, Crop Preserver™ ball deodorant, Foot Duster™ foot deodorant, Crop Reviver™ ball toner, and Crop Mop™ ball wipes in your corner. Together, they’re practically a superhero lineup of ways to smell less like a man and more like a Greek God.

Our Motivations

The Crop Care Kit isn’t some thoughtless, last-minute Christmas basket; this is a carefully planned toolkit that can help you solve specific problems. We’re in this for the sake of mankind, and we selected each item in the kit for a reason.

Standardizing Male Hygiene

Sure, every guy knows to take a shower once in a while, but it’s long past time we raised the standards on the entire concept of male hygiene. We’re not allowed to go home to the cave, kick off our shoes and wallow in that corn chip smell that we all kind of like anymore. Society has evolved, and so must we.

The Crop Care Kit brings men into the current century with hygiene that isn’t annoying. Crop Cleanser is the only product you need in the shower. It can wash every inch of your body, hair included. It will hydrate you, refresh you, clean you and leave you smelling amazing. How often should you use the Crop Cleanser body wash? Every time you shower.

Crop Preserver ball deodorant is similarly simple and effective. The ball deodorant goes on at the start of the day (like any other deodorant). It will keep you cool and refreshed downstairs all day. It reduces friction. It’s designed to make you enjoy the benefits of upgrading your hygiene routine.

Foot Duster foot deodorant is the third product in this category. Let’s be real. Foot deodorant probably should have been invented a long time ago. Regardless, it’s here now. If you plan to use your feet, you should probably apply some Food Duster foot deodorant at the start of your day. Using these three things will improve your hygiene game, and they’ll keep you feeling your best no matter what.

crop care kit

Recovering From Grooming

MANSCAPED is all about male grooming. It’s what motivated us to start the company in the first place. We know as well as anyone that controlling groin hair can come at a steep price. There are plenty of ways it can turn completely uncomfortable and even miserable. One of our primary goals is to minimize those downsides as much as possible. The Crop Care Kit keeps that in mind.

At the heart of the kit is Crop Reviver ball toner. It’s a soothing, restorative formula that helps your manly parts recover from an intense haircut. The hydrating formula helps undo the worst parts of using a razor blade. The Aloe vera soothes any irritation that comes from grooming. And, this formula works in concert with your hygiene tools. The three together keep your skin and hair strong and healthy and resilient against the ravages of grooming sessions gone wrong. This is why we created the Crop Reviver ball toner and all of our other tools.

Filling in the Gaps

The last part of the Crop Care Kit ensures that you can plug any holes in your hygiene routine. Sometimes, even when we’re really on top of it all, we have to do something vigorous, sweaty, or otherwise smelly in the middle of the day. We don’t always have time to take a proper shower, change clothes or otherwise resolve the situation.

That’s the motivation behind the Crop Mop ball wipes. It’s basically a wet wipe for men. No matter how grungy you get, you can clean things up with one of these. They’re especially useful under the short. You know how raunchy things can get down there. With a Crop Mop at your disposal, you can defeat swamp ass and still be allowed to participate in society.

It’s simple. Make use of the Crop Care Kit, and you’ll never have to worry about how you smell again.



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