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June 05, 2018

The Best Online Guide To Manscape Kits

We’re proud of you. You’re taking your manscaping seriously. Seriously enough to read this guide. Today, we’re making things simple. We’re providing you with the best online guide to manscape kits. You’re welcome.

What’s in a Kit?

A good grooming kit needs a few things. Obviously, you need the right hair-cutting tools. This usually comes in the form of clippers and razors. You also need some hair and skin products. It’s essential to allowing you to go about your manscaping without incurring negative side-effects. Lastly, a great kit has management tools. These are tools that help you keep things organized, clean and ready to go. The Perfect Package has all of this, and we’ll be happy to show you.

The Lawn Mower

the best online guide to manscape kits

As you might imagine, the clippers are the bread and butter of your manscaping kit. They let you safely groom hair all over your body and eliminate risk of cuts and injury -- when they’re made well. You want some specific things in your clippers. First, strong steel is a must. It’s easy to overlook, but strong steel holds a sharp edge for a long time. Sufficiently designed clippers will take many years to go dull, if ever. Invest in cheap clippers with low-quality steel and you’ll be fighting the struggles of dull clippers in no time.

Arguably just as important as the quality of steel is the oscillation speed. A good motor will be over 2,000 RPMs. This enables cleaner cutting with fewer passes. That helps reduce skin irritation and gives you more control in your trimming. The Lawn Mower packs a 4,000 RPM motor. Let that redefine your bench marks.

Lastly, you want ergonomics from your clippers. We aren’t talking about setting your desk and keyboard right to reduce stress injury. No. The ergonomics of your clippers determine how well you can grip and control them. A waterproof grip that fits well in your hand is a must. You also want to consider going cordless. Most guys never think about it until the problem strikes, but cords can make awkward manscaping moments virtually impossible. Good clippers run for many, many hours on a set of batteries. There’s no need for a cord. There are other things that can make clippers good, but these are the defining characters that delineate the great.

The Plow
The Best Online Guide To Manscape Kits

Unsurprisingly, we’re going to talk about razors next. Obviously, your tender bits don’t need the same design elements as a razor built for your face. That should be your first clue that you don’t want to be using cheap disposables for the delicate process of manscaping. Your second clue will be more blunt. Using the same tools on your face and your junk is gross. Not in some weak-minded prissy way. You’re literally cross-contaminating bacteria that will bring negative health effects. Be smarter than that.

What do you want out of your razor? That’s easy. You want easy shaving and fine control. Unlike with the clippers, strong steel isn’t good enough here. You’ll want to be able to regularly replace your blades. It’s why the experts all prefer safety razors to electric. Shaving requires a sharper edge and undergoes more abuse than trimming. If you can’t readily replace your blades, your shave will suffer.

As for control, this again comes down to ergonomics. Make sure your grip is conducive to your technique. More importantly, consider a double-edge safety razor. Their emphasis on shorter strokes and a cleaner shave will help you get better results.

Crop Cleanser
The Best Online Guide To Manscape Kits

Now, we’re getting into the less obvious. You know you need clippers and a razor. You might not realize you need a good body wash. Traditional soap is fine for helping you clean your nasty bits. Where it fails is in restoring order to your system after you hack at yourself with a razor blade. Even if you are adept and don’t leave a path of destruction in the wake of your blade, the act of shaving is still hard on the skin and hair follicles. It’s a necessary evil that we endure because manscaping has become vital to society. But, there’s no reason you should have to suffer at the hands of that evil.

Remember when we talked about cross-contamination? Dedicating your tools is important, but you’re still probably going to use your Lawn Mower on most of your body. It’s inevitable. There’s a simple solution to that. Even if you throw aside everything else we’ve said today, learn this one trick. Showering after manscaping protects you from the risks of cross-contamination. A good scrub will eliminate bacteria that are in the wrong place and in danger of infecting any nicks your amateur hands mind have induced. This is your final line of defense, so take it seriously.

Crop Cleanser is the first step on the path to healing. Sure, it cleans you and smells great, but a lot of soaps can do that. It’s part of a three-piece formula that will rehydrate your skin and prevent the negative effects of manscaping from turning your balls red and lumpy. Well, they’ll still be balls, but you know what we mean. No razor bumps.

What do you want from your body wash? Science and engineering. More than a few companies have invested research into this field. Take advantage. If your body wash can be a single bottle for all of your showering needs, that’s a bonus, but the vital element is to use something engineered to restore your skin.

Crop Preserver

The Best Online Guide To Manscape Kits

This is easily the most underrated part of manscaping. That is, until you try it. Everyone who has found a good ball deodorant will swear by it for the rest of their lives. Those who haven’t lack even the faintest inkling of what they’re missing. Ball deodorant is your best friend, and it will fast become your favorite part of manscaping.

The first thing you want is talcum. Most deodorants use a powder. It keeps you from sweating excessively, and it reduces friction in the groin. That is a more wonderful thing than you can possibly imagine. But, talcum powders are messy and annoying. Superior deodorants use talcum gel. It goes on easier and absorbs quickly. You get all of the benefits with none of the drawbacks.

The other demand you should make of your deodorant is sensitivity. Go ahead and rub some Old Spice on your balls. We’ll wait. No? You made the right choice. Deodorants designed for your pits are extremely likely to burn the sensitive skin around your privates. Skip that nonsense and get something formulated for meat and veg. Doing so will also prevent your deodorant from causing infertility.

Crop Reviver

The Best Online Guide To Manscape Kits

We mentioned a three-piece formula. Welcome to the third. Crop Cleanser starts the process by cleaning and hydrating your skin after a shave. Crop Preserver continues the mission by restoring pH balance and helping with moisture control. That’s important for bacterial management. Crop Reviver is the final piece of the puzzle. It applies restorative elements that help damaged skin heal. It also has softening elements that help regrowing hair come in painlessly and reduce prickling. Lastly, it’s designed to work in concert with the body wash and deodorant to create a great smell that isn’t overpowering. You can think of this as an aftershave for your balls, but it doesn’t burn.

Magic Mat

The Best Online Guide To Manscape Kits

Now, it’s time to talk about utility. Pretty much no guy thinks about this until their already out of luck. How do you keep your bathroom clean while manscaping? Scrubbing pubic clippings out of nooks and crannies is a chore beyond chores. Magic Mat lets you skip all of that. You simply lay down the disposable mat and stand over it while you do your business. When you’re done, you can simply wad it up and throw it out. Easiest cleanup possible. There are two things that make Magic Mat superior. The first is convenience. The mats are pre-folded and designed to fit in a convenient carrying case. The second is design. Magic Mat is filled to the brim with entertaining jokes and writing. A little amusement really takes the chore out of manscaping and helps you stay on top of it.

The Shed

The Best Online Guide To Manscape KitsThe final piece of the puzzle brings it all together. You want to organize your tools. The Shed makes that easy. It’s a travel case that fits nicely on most counters or in typical bathroom storage. Your tools are conveniently collected together. While you’re standardizing your routine, that will help you remember every step. Even once you’re a pro, the case makes it easy to keep up with manscaping on the go. It’s our final trick to make this as easy as possible.

The Best Online Guide To Manscape Kits

That’s it. That’s what you need to know about manscaping kits. They aren’t that tricky, but if you aren’t intimately familiar with the unique challenges of the business, you might overlook something important. With this guide, you have the most important knowledge. Of course, you’ll eventually want to expand that knowledge. When you’re ready, has the larger library you desire. You can get lost in the volumes of information, and you just might enjoy yourself along the way.

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