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The Four Best Beer Cities in America

four best beer cities

America is enjoying a craft beer renaissance. While the U.S. was long criticized for tasteless, uncreative beers, the last decade has completely reformed that image. Anyone looking to make the most of this beer revival should consider these four cities. They are the best places for an abundance of craft beer selections.

One of the older beer havens in the U.S., Cleveland lost a lot of street cred when craft brews exploded. They’ve regained a lot of that credit, and they now lead the Midwest with innovative breweries. As the beer options expand, the city’s sports resurgence only makes things better. Who doesn’t want to have access to great beer while celebrating in true debaucherous fashion?

Like Cleveland, Denver got an unfair bad rap for being a part of the older beer regimes. While Coors has long been home there, it was originally a craft company. In recent years, Denver’s brewing restrictions, or lack thereof, have created a virtual breeding ground for delicious beer. To cap it off, they host the Great American Beer Festival every year. There is no better place to sample the best beers from all over America.

San Diego
It was inevitable that California would make the list; they have more breweries than any other two states. While competition is fierce, San Diego is the leader of California breweries, as they host the largest brewer’s guild in the world. They have more than a hundred unique craft beer brands, and at least another 60 are on the way just next year.

All hail the king. Portland isn’t just the best beer city in the U.S.; it’s the best beer city on the planet. Portland hosts more breweries than any other location on Earth, and their brewery per capita is also off the charts. It was in Portland that the American beer renaissance really took root, and Portland has been the flag bearer for delicious brews since.

While these cities make the top four, great breweries are popping up everywhere. When amazing beer cities like Seattle, Grand Rapids and Milwaukee don’t make the list, you know it’s a good time to be a beer drinker in America.



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