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The Four Manliest Drinks That Are Good for Every Occasion

four manliest drinks

Men face constant challenges to their masculinity. When enjoying nightlife, the last thing anyone needs is to be judged for their favorite drinks. For anyone who is a little less seasoned in the bar scene, these are hearty drinks that speak to manliness and still go down easy.

Old Fashioned
This is your father’s and grandfather’s drink. It consists of a shot of rye whiskey or bourbon with a splash of water. Traditionally, it’s poured over a sugar cube, but a teaspoon works just as well (who actually stocks sugar cubes these days?). Add a touch of bitters and the drink is done. It reeks of refined masculinity, and it puts a strong drink in your hand that still tastes pretty good.

Classic Manhattan
The drink of choice in the Sinatra era, a Manhattan is always a smart choice. Bourbon, Vermouth and bitters mix together for a powerful drink that will test your limits. For the most suave among men, a stemmed cherry is ok, but for most it’s better to avoid the fruit. This order shows that you know your alcohol and take it seriously.

One of the simpler drinks, it’s just whisky and Amaretto. The mix takes the harshness out of the drink, so even newcomers to manly drinks can down these without too much trouble. Because it’s a mixed drink, it’s best to leave the absolute top shelf whiskies alone. Those are to be consumed straight up.

Jack and Coke
If it seems like all of these choices have whisky, there’s a reason. Whisky is a man’s drink, and no matter what, it’s ok to simplify things and go for a classic. Jack and Coke is that classic, although it’s find to sub the Jack Daniels for any other mixable whiskey, or even rum. This drink shows that you can drink like a man, but you can also let loose and go with the flow.

There are a number of other manly drinks in the world, many of which utilize mixtures to test the strength of your stomach. When in doubt, whisky is a demonstration of masculinity. Of course, it’s always acceptable to order your favorite craft beer as well.



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