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March 22, 2017

The Men’s Guide to Texting Women

As much as you’d like your superpower to be mind-reading, unfortunately women would probably end up being impenetrable to this power. Don’t worry we are here to help you understand the complex inner-workings of the female mind. So you just met a cute girl, you have her number, what’s next? Read our 5 simple tips for texting a woman.

  1. Be careful when joking around - Seriously, this is number one for a reason! Your tone, sarcasm, and implications really don’t come through in text message, so don’t text her something that is intended as a joke but can be easily misread and misunderstood. Think about it before you text it, you don’t want to offend her straight out the gate.

  1. No Sexting - Listen, if you aren’t already dating her, she’s not going to find this charming. She’ll think you’re some tinder-creeper! Be a gentleman and hold off on the dirty talking.

  1. Don’t just suddenly stop texting - This doesn’t mean you are stuck texting to her non-stop for the rest of your life, it just means if you are in a conversation make sure you finish it, or at least let her know you have something going on and you’ll talk to her later.

  1. Remember the details - If she let’s you know she has a special event coming up (interview, presentation, etc.) shoot her text that day to say “good luck!” or if she tells you something about herself, bring it up again ( ex. I saw this___ that reminded me of you because you love___.) She’ll really appreciate that you remembered the little details about her.

  1. Text her within 24 hours - Don’t wait the “standard 3 days”.  The truth is if you wait, she’ll assume you're not interested. If you are serious about getting the girl, send her a nice and casual message.

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