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January 13, 2017

The Proper Way to Cut and Clean Your Nails

The Proper Way to Cut and Clean Your Nails

You’re fast learning how to be the most perfectly groomed version of yourself. You can continue the process by learning about nail care. We aren’t sending you off to a salon yet (don’t knock it until you try it), but a few simple tips will improve your attractiveness, hand health and intimate appeal.

Clippers vs Scissors

Clippers have their place, and are suitable for trimming overgrown nails and toenails, but nail scissors are far superior when it comes to precision. You can cut in a more manageable straight line and better follow the natural curve of your nails to prevent ingrown issues. More importantly, scissors typically hold an edge much longer. If you’ve ever had an interest in knives, you know the value of quality steel. Unfortunately, nail clippers typically use softer steels that are less prone to rust and extremely inexpensive. A good set of scissors can utilize better steel for a lasting edge. Clippers make a reliable backup.

Finish With a File

Lesser men who have yet to embrace the power of manscaping would scoff at this notion, but you have risen above pettiness. In other hygienic endeavors, you have found fast and inescapable success, so carry that diligence to your nails. If you file after cutting, you do yourself a few favors. First, you reduce edges and raggedness, making your touch much more enjoyable for sensual partners. Second, you better match the natural shape of the nail and better prevent ingrown nails from plaguing you.

Get to Buffing

Cleaning your nails should be obvious. Soap and water are the old standby, and giving them proper attention in the shower is usually enough. If you have a particular buildup, rubbing your nails along your palms to create a scrubbing action is the best bet. In fact, the general action of washing your hair is perfect for cleaning nails, so mimic that with your palms and you’ll be good. More importantly, while you’re still fresh out of the shower you want to buff your fingertips and cuticles. You may have seen a lady friend do this, and it has great value. While the skin is still damp (not dripping wet), you can soften the natural calluses around the nails. This eliminates most hangnails before they form and makes your delicate touches far more enticing. Avoid calluses on the fingertips that you may put to work in sports, hobbies or other endeavors. They are best managed with a file while dry.

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