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The Proper Way to Manscape

proper way to moonscape

What is manscaping? And why is it so popular among men of all aging? Manscaping is the art of keeping one’s private region clean, trimmed, and fresh -- literally, landscaping the man.

And here’s where Manscaped comes into play. The Manscaped Perfect Package contained everything a modern man needs to maintain a neat, attractive package -- making his package perfect!

So how do you manscape? Manscaped has taken the guesswork out of the process, and advises its customers to groom in the following fail-safe way:

  1. Time to trim! The Lawn Mower trimmer has a built-in, adjustable safeguard that fits perfectly in your hand for maneuverability around tight spaces. Just trim as much or as little as your heart desires. The Plow razer lets you refine as necessary.
  2. Place the Magic Mat, a disposable paper hair catcher, on the floor and position your feet on opposite sides of the paper. Not only does the Magic Mat makes for great reading, but it helps keep your bathroom clean. Soften your knees and take a deep breath.
  3. Then, use Manscaped Crop Cleanser, an all-in-one body wash, to get ready for day or night. This refreshing gel goes on smooth and leaves you clean everywhere, so don’t hesitate to use as a shampoo, body wash, or privates wash.
  4. After cleansing and trimming, it’s time to keep your jewels dry! Enter Manscaped’s Crop Preserver. This liquid deodorant powder lightly moisturizes to give you a velvety smooth finish while absorbing perspiration. Just apply to your goods and feel the smoothness!
  5. As a final step, give your goods a spritz or two of the Crop Reviver refreshing spray. Apply as needed throughout the day to give your manhood a boost.


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