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The return of The Lawn Mower® 4.0 TCS 2023 Edition.

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The return of The Lawn Mower® 4.0 TCS 2023 Edition.

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. We talk a lot about balls here, and that seems like a good excuse to jump on the bandwagon and promote awareness of a cause that can genuinely help people and save lives. 

So today, we’re going to talk about testicular cancer, the TCS, our special edition Lawn Mower®, and how you can protect yourself from testicular cancer. 

What is TCS? 

Let’s dive into this by talking a bit about TCS. This is the Testicular Cancer Society and it’s a pretty cool organization. It’s a non-profit that's devoted to a single cause: reducing how much men suffer from testicular cancer. 

They put out some scary stats. Apparently, testicular cancer is the leading form of cancer for men under the age of 35. That’s not exactly a fun thing to learn. 

But they also provide good news. It turns out that if you identify testicular cancer early, the survival rate is 99%. That’s quite encouraging, and it’s the point of everything we’re talking about today. You can check yourself for signs of testicular cancer (we’ll explain how in the last section) and you should do it once a month. Keep up with that and your risks drop precipitously.  

So let’s talk about how MANSCAPED® is working with TCS to help save guys and their balls. 

Get The Lawn Mower® 4.0 TCS 2023 Edition. 

The Lawn Mower 4.0 TCS edition

Last April, we launched The Lawn Mower® 4.0 TCS Edition. It was a success, so we’re doing it again this year. This is a special edition of the trimmer. It still functions the same way. It’s great at trimming the boys. It’s still waterproof, quiet, safe, comfortable, cordless, convenient, and all of that. 

But there are two things about this version of The Lawn Mower® that are different. 

First, it’s purple. 

How does that make a difference, you might ask. 

Well, we colored it purple because that’s the TCS thing. They use purple as a signifying color to make people think about testicular cancer and how it’s beatable. 

If this sounds familiar, it’s because we’re 100% copying the breast cancer awareness campaign. Every October, everyone sees all of the pink and it really does work as a reminder to check for signs of cancer. It's saved a ton of lives. We and TCS see how successful that has been, so we’re copying a working formula. 

The idea is that every time you see the purple on your trimmer, it will remind you about your monthly ball checks. If that can help a few guys get ahead of testicular cancer, then it’s a big win. 

The other change to this trimmer isn’t really a change at all. We donate a chunk of change to TCS every April, and the special edition sales help us fund those donations. So if you want to participate and you happen to need a good trimmer, consider the special edition. 

It’s a beautiful partnership. 

Our partnership with TCS goes beyond a purple trimmer that you can buy one month out of the year. That’s really just a promotion to help turn eyes toward TCS. 

The bulk of the partnership comes from the fact that we have a lot of outreach and we want to use it to help people. We might not be able to solve all of the world’s problems by helping guys groom their bodies (although the jury’s still out on that), but we can definitely help an awareness program that genuinely saves lives. 

As we said, we donate to TCS every year to help with awareness, research, and support for men struggling with testicular cancer. 

We also make it easy for you to donate or get involved however you like. If you purchase any of our products, you’ll see an option to donate directly to TCS. All money donated through that link will go straight to TCS. 

But you don’t have to buy something to contribute. You can go straight to TCS and donate directly. You can also read about some of the programs there. It’s not all about money. Devoting a little time to helping with some of their programs is just as valuable. 

On top of all of that, we work right alongside TCS to help guys learn about testicular health checks, which brings us to the most important part of this post. 

Go ahead and give yourself a check. 

The Lawn Mower 4.0 TCS edition 2023.

You can check your own balls for signs of cancer, and you can do it right now. We’ll walk you through it. 

Before we get to the steps though, we want to talk you down from a few scary things. The gist of checking your balls is looking for lumps, bumps, pain, and abnormalities. That last one is tricky if you’ve never checked your balls before. You don’t have a baseline for comparison, but that’s okay. The first check is really to establish the baseline. From there, you’re checking to see if things have changed. 

Also, there are some lumps on your testicles already and they’re not cancer. We promise. Every testicle has something called the epididymis. This is the tube that transports your man juice from the testicle to the fun parts, if you catch our drift. It’s located at the back of each testicle and it feels kind of ropey. It is a tube after all, but when you’re doing the check, it will feel like a lump. It’s supposed to be there. 

Another thing to note is that one of your balls is bigger than the other. That’s normal. It’s not cancer.  

Lastly, if anything in your self-check makes you nervous or triggers alarm bells in your head, call your doctor. That’s the point of this whole thing. We want you to see a doctor if you’re worried about your balls. 

Okay, with all of that said, here’s how you check your balls. It’s easier in the shower after you soap up and get everything clean, but you can drop trou right now for your first check. 

You’re going to gently fondle your balls, rotating them and feeling around the entire surface. Again, you’re looking for lumps or bumps that aren’t the epididymis. Most importantly, if you have unexplained pain in the balls, that’s a signal to call your doctor right away. 

That’s it. That’s the whole check. Do it once a month, and if you ever notice something new, go ahead and schedule a checkup with your doc.  



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