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The Ultimate Manscaping Tips and Tricks Guide For Men

Manscaping is a special journey for a man, young or gold. What begins as a nervous or even harrowing experience for many (especially for beginners) quickly becomes a regular source of great pleasure over the course of time. On that journey from unease to relief, you’ll need to learn important lessons. Without them, the enjoyment of a good male grooming (or manscaping, as we like to call it) session will be replaced with the horrific pain of razor burn on your balls. Never fear. Like a wizened kung fu sage, we have vast experience that can help you navigate the potential dangerous of manscaping ignorance. We now present to you the ultimate manscaping tips and tricks guide for men.

Specialize Your Manscaping Tools

We aren’t just talking about precision engineering here. Sure, you want something specifically designed for your balls when you tackle that problem, but finding the right tools is easy. They’re already collected for you in the Perfect Package from Manscaped, the male grooming company dedicated to giving you the best tools and formulations for below-the-belt grooming care. What we really mean by this is that body grooming tools, like cooking utensils, can suffer from cross contamination. The Plow safety razor from Manscaped is an excellent razor for refining the balls, but it doesn’t belong everywhere, especially not on your face.

You don’t use the same board to cut raw chicken and fresh broccoli for a reason: mixing bacteria can be dangerous, if not deadly. This principle applies to your body, too, particularly when talking about bacteria in your pubic zone. The bacteria most commonly found around your crotch is inherently different from your face. Cross-contaminating your trimmer and/or razor puts you at risk for infections. This is amplified by the fact that nicks and cuts sometimes happen. Even without an infection, multitasking your tools will quickly lead to increases in irritation and throw your system out of whack. The pH levels of the skin around your cock and balls is different from that of your face, so you need to be particular about using tools for the face only on the face and tools for the nether zone only on the nether zone. 

The Ultimate Manscaping Tips and Tricks Guide For Men

We shouldn’t even need to mention that tools used on your body shouldn’t be anywhere else. The scissors that trim your pubes don’t belong in your office. Likewise, the electric trimmer like The Lawn Mower and The Plow safety razor from Manscaped don’t belong on your face. Don’t be that guy, otherwise you’ll find yourself friendless and possibly jobless. Is it worth it? We don’t think so.

Skin Care

If you’re using the right male grooming tools every time on your package, then the next natural step is to expand your game plan to including taking care of the skin down there. Skin care, not just a powerful trimmer or sharp razor, is part of the heart and soul of excellent manscaping. Proper skin care does a few important things for a man’s pubic area: It keeps skin smooth and healthy, which allows for cleaner and better shaves. It keeps pubic hair soft and pliable, enabling more efficient cutting and reducing nicks and irritation. Getting a nick is where a possible infection can start, and you don’t want that to happen, trust us. It soothes irritation when it happens (which is rare if you use the right tools and products), and it maintains the right pH balance. A lot of men assume the pH discussion is marketing voodoo, but it’s actually very important. The acid layer on your skin is a vital part of natural epidermal toughness, and that toughness is paramount to successfully manscaping without turning your skin into a red, bumpy mess. If your pH is out of whack, this can lead to redness, irritation, bumpiness, and all sorts of unwanted skin conditions. Just follow the directions in this ultimate manscaping tips and tricks guide for men that we’ve provided for you. 

The Ultimate Manscaping Tips and Tricks Guide For Men

Succeeding in this area requires more than a quick hop in the shower. A deep, effective cleansing with Crop Cleanser is a good start, but out of the shower you want a good body toner for your package and an appropriate moisturizing deodorant for your family jewels. Crop Preserver ball deodorant and Crop Reviver allover body toner from the guys at Manscaped get this job done just fine. Once you use them, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about here.

Pre and Post Shave

You’ve been hacking at your face long enough that you’ve learned a few tricks to streamline the process. You understand the importance of sharp blades and you’ve probably experimented with going with or against the grain. Despite that experience, most men completely underestimate the value of a pre shave and post shave for your pubic area. What is this pre and post? It’s a shower. A simple shower, you bumbling Neanderthal.

A warm shower helps with skin elasticity, especially if you use one meant to be part of manscaping session, like the hair and body cleanser Crop from Manscaped. This gentle, yet effective, cleanser primes any part of your body for an effective manscaping session using just-for-men pH balancing formulations like Crop Reviver and Crop Preserver. It also enables you to remove dirt and excess skin that can encumber razors and trimmers. If that weren’t enough, your shave softens hairs, and as you already know, that’s a key component to empowering your tools for cleaner, more efficient cutting. A good manscaping session starts with a trim using a made-for-your-package electric trimmer like The Lawn Mower from Manscaped, a refining shave using a compact safety razor engineered just for your balls like The Plow from Manscaped, then a post shave shower, and in some cases, you can do part of the job in the shower. Just be wary of, hair-clogging bushy hair if you’re a procrastinator. In this ultimate manscaping tips and tricks guide for men, we highly recommend taking your time during a manscaping session, so keep your trimming and shaving for before the shower, then wash away those annoying pubes.

Ingrown Hairs

No matter how careful you are, ingrown hairs can feel like an inevitability. That may have been true in the past, before the advent of manscaping tools and formulations created especially for a man’s nether region like the ones we’re talking about in this ultimate manscaping tips and tricks guide for men, but now you are going to learn the ancient secrets to eliminating this annoying and embarrassing problem forever. Ok. That might be an exaggeration, but these anti-ingrown hair tips really do help. We promise.

The Ultimate Manscaping Tips and Tricks Guide For Men

Step one to avoiding ingrown hairs is to avoid shaving where it isn’t necessary. Most of your body and groin grooming doesn’t need to yield baby-smooth results. A nice trim is sufficient. If you don’t cut hair below the surface of the skin, it can’t become ingrown. Easy peasy.

Still, some shaving is part of the game, especially if you’re a pro athlete (or like to pretend that you’re one). When you are shaving, efficiency is your friend. Each stroke you take is another chance of cutting a hair just wrong and inviting ingrown pain. Some ways to keep your shaving efficient are to be liberal with the moisturizer and replace your blades aggressively. Keeping them until you see rust spots is a big no-no in the world of male grooming. 

The last secret technique is often debated by shaving experts. It involves the grain. The classic instruction is to shave against the grain. Most modern advice, including that from the grooming experts at Manscaped, tells you to go with the grain. The truth (and you know this if you’ve experimented) is that there is a trade-off. Shaving with the grain is less likely to produce ingrown hairs, but it doesn’t always get true smoothness. That takes practice. Going against the grain gets the closest possible shave, but it irritates the skin and skyrockets that risk. Here’s the compromise: first shave with the grain to get things pretty close. Then, where you need to feel like a baby’s bottom, take another pass to the side of the grain. This does go against what we said about using fewer strokes, but ultimate smoothness doesn’t come risk-free.

The Ultimate Manscaping Tips and Tricks Guide For Men

You now know some of the most valuable trade-secrets in the business. This knowledge should be of great benefit, but the full compendium can’t fit in a single post or in what we like to call the ultimate manscaping tips and tricks guide for men. If you want to browse our full stores of secrets, or explore the true range of precision manscaping tools, spend some time at It’s worth it. We’ve put everything you need in one place to make this as easy as possible. Be the better man you daydream about when you’re supposed to be working. It starts with a single stroke of a trimmer. Once you take that first manscaping step, your life (and your balls) will never be the same.



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