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October 18, 2016

The Undeniable Virtues of a German Car

virtues of a german car

Buying the right car is an undertaking. The research, saving and deal making can all take a toll. While there are innumerable reasons to choose from any of the main manufacturers, German cars have a legacy behind them. They are far from the only appropriate car, but anyone who sits behind the wheel can appreciate the quality and care that go into these vehicles. These virtues are often copied by all of the big players, but the German automotive industry often leads innovation for very simple reasons.

Diesel engines can enthrall car enthusiasts. The raw power is not to be scoffed, but German manufacturing has turned that notion on its head recently. While very powerful, high-end cars are still available, diesel has gone mainstream as the new standard for fuel efficiency. Diesel sedans can easily approach 50 MPG without sacrificing responsiveness or space. They just utilize the extra power for better design, so German cars are now just as virtuous to environmentalists as they are to motor heads.

The Autobahn
It’s easy to overlook, but German cars are designed with the Autobahn in mind. That means cars need to perform well at high speeds and with quick responsiveness for a lifespan of hundreds of thousands of miles. The most advanced highway system on Earth demands certain standards of engineering, and these standards are a boon for drivers anywhere.

The phrase “German engineering” is thrown around a lot. In reality, their reputation is well-deserved, and it isn’t just because German cars have a legacy of lasting long, running well and performing with precision. Ultimately, it stems from a culture that elevates the social status of engineering altogether. German engineers have more power, and that results in more creative freedom and control over design decisions, which is why, on average, German cars are over engineered before they suffer from a lack of quality.

What started with a tradition of luxury excellence has permeated the entire market. Brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW set the benchmarks, but their contributions to design have impacted every range of vehicle. Even if you don’t buy German, these virtues still improve the design of your car.

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