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September 01, 2016

Three Tips to Know When You're Truly Manscaped

how to know if you're really manscaped

You did it! You stripped down, pulled out the razor and finally tamed your body. You are now officially manscaped, or are you? For anyone new to the practice, there are some major do’s and don’ts that you’ll want to learn about right away. These three tips will help you cross from amateur groomer to brilliantly manscaped.

Check Your 5 O’clock Shadow

True manscaping is more than just shaving the body bold. While some areas are best treated with a razor, many others aren’t. For instance, the chest, arms and legs should typically have noticeable hair on them when you’re finished. The goal is less about hair removal and more about a naturally managed approach to body hair. While shaving on the face is normal, stubble on the chest or other intimate regions can be a major turn off. In those regions, a nice trimmer with an adjustable guard will get you to the perfect length.

Have You Achieved Smoothness?

Smoothness is about more than just treating the hair, but that is still a factor. Proper skin care is the starting point, and before you go to down with your trimmer and razor, a clean body will prevent some of the worst symptoms of irritation. While doing any necessary shaving, gels typically outperform creams, and when you’re done with the blades, applying a good moisturizer is vital. On the hair side of things, the goal is typically to have a smooth back and shoulders. If you’re the rare elite gymnast who can handle that on his own, congratulations. For the mortals among us, a professional waxing job or an amazing friend are necessary for a properly groomed back.

How Are Your Hair Lines?

Sorry. This isn’t a veiled bald joke. Mainstream manscaping was preceded by years of escalation in facial grooming, and many a man has learned to perfectly sculpt clean lines while shaving. Those lines are still acceptable, but below the neck, there are new rules to learn. If your goal is a natural look, straight lines will give you away every time. This falls in line with everything discussed so far. Leave the razor behind as much as possible. Immaculate grooming lines on your chest, back or even your junk will usually be more distracting than attractive. It will probably take some practice, but knowing these tips early in developing your routine should save you a lot of trial and error.


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