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January 12, 2017

Three Ways to Make You Look and Feel Bigger

three ways to make you look and feel bigger

Let’s be real for a minute. The median penis size in the world is just over six inches, meaning that half of all men in the world are smaller than that. We won’t ask for a show of hands, but it turns out to be pretty natural for a man to feel a little self-conscious about what he’s packing. Don’t worry; we won’t tell anyone, but here are three simple tips to help you look a little bigger and feel a little better.

Get in Shape

Let’s be honest. The rat race causes everyone to fall out of prime condition every now and then. Unfortunately, those lapses come with all kinds of extra problems, and one of them is fat deposits. For most guys, the key problem area is the lower abdomen. Even when fit, most guys still have a little cushion there, and it causes the male member to look much smaller than it actually is. That little fat pouch actually extends your lower tummy past the base of the penis. Getting your bottom abs in peak shape is the most often overlooked way to make your jewels look bigger.

Boost Testosterone

There’s another key benefit to good exercise: a healthy testosterone boost. In fact, upping your levels can do more than make you look bigger; it can lead to legitimate increases in size. More importantly, it’s scientifically linked to improving male orgasms. Now, before you rush off to the health store for some supplements, there are a few easy tricks to boost testosterone. We already covered exercise, but getting into a proper sleep schedule can also have a big impact. Reducing stress levels is another good trick. If none of that satisfies you, feel free to talk to a doctor about other ways to get those numbers up.

Trim the Hedges

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard this trick plenty of times. Taming the bush takes away visual competition, and a nicely groomed pubic region will really emphasize the star of the show. It does way more than just giving you a larger appearance, though. Reducing pubic hair will decrease agitation, and if you properly moisturize while you’re down there, you’ll find that you’ve never felt better. As it turns out, the psychological benefits of manscaping can circle back and help you reduce stress and boost testosterone, enabling all three of these tips to work best when applied together.


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