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Tips For Grooming Scrotal Area On Men

While manscaping involves a fair amount of awareness and learning, most guys have the same focus. Our lives revolve around our junk, so it’s no surprise that men investigating the art of manscaping have the most questions about shaving the scrotum. The most common fashion choice of the day is to have bare balls and trimmed hedges. If you want to step into that realm, you need to know how to get there safely. As much as we love manscaping, it’s not worth significant damage to the boys. Once you know these tips, that won’t be a concern.

Take Care of Your Skin

When it comes to shaving your sack, there are two elements of skin care. One relates to the technique you use when you actually shave. Doing it right protects the skin and reduces a lot of problems. The other component is in regular skin care. All of those tips you ignore from dermatologists are actually helpful, and they can make a world of difference for your comfort and health between the legs. We’re going to address each item individually, but it should go without saying that they are best when applied together.


Scrotum-shaving techniques range from obvious to obscure. We’ll cover them all. The first and most important step to shaving your nuts is to start with a trim. Most guys can grow a pretty stout bush, and when you attack the untamed wilds with a razor, you’re asking for pain. The Lawn Mower should always precede the Plow. Always.

Once you have properly trimmed, you’re going to want to prep before you grab your razor. The Magic Mat is an overlooked part of this prep. While it won’t protect your boys, it does help you manage the mess. Technically speaking, it should already be on the floor when you trim, but we wanted to emphasize the importance of trimming. Another thing guys overlook is lubricant. Obviously you don’t want to dry shave, but there is great debate among the experts as to which lube is best.

Most shaving gels are fine, but honestly, soap and water gets the job done just fine. This naturally leads a lot of guys to try shaving in the shower. While there is merit to the convenience of doing so, it’ll inevitably clog your drain and cause a bunch of headaches. Besides, if you don’t get the water temperature just right, it’s actually going to contribute to cuts and razor burn. If the water is too hot, the skin expands and wrinkles. If it’s not warm enough, then it contracts and makes the intricate work of shaving even more demanding.

As for the shaving itself, you’ll find most advice is universal. Keep the skin taught (you’ll figure that out very quickly on your own) and use small, controlled strokes. The design of the Plow further entices you to use those small strokes, so it reinforces good technique. The final trick to actual shaving technique is to place your mirror on the ground. This leaves the hands free for more important work, and it helps you see otherwise hidden vantages. You may need to use props to angle the mirror, so just make sure you use something that won’t be defiled by a little hair from down under.

tips for grooming scrotal area


The other half of skin care comes from your daily routine. You should be showering regularly, and when you do, you need to clean yourself thoroughly. The men of the world didn’t build a reputation for uncleanliness by reinventing hygiene every day. Chance are, you’re a gross human being. If you care at all about your junk, you need to overcome that nature.

Daily showers are only the beginning. You need to accentuate your shower with a good soap and proper scrubbing. That means using Crop Cleanser and a washcloth or loofah. While we’re on the topic, a fast and furious, time-saving scrub is not the answer. You want to gently exfoliate your groin with steady scrubbing. There are no shortcuts here.

But, a shower isn’t the whole story either. Skin care requires you to utilize technology that is carefully designed to protect your skin and promote a healthy equilibrium. This is why your showers should be followed by Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. The deodorant and toner, respectively, work together to help your skin maintain a healthy pH level and moisture barrier. These are natural defenses to make sure harmful bacteria aren’t growing where they shouldn’t. They also help you avoid the problems that can come from being too moist or too dry. There’s a happy medium, and these applications will help you maintain it.

When you put it all together, you’ll find that there’s less chafing between the legs. Your skin will be healthier, and the common unpleasantness that can stem from shaving will be eliminated. Well maintained skin is resilient, and that makes manscaping all the more enjoyable.

Keep it Clean

Grooming your scrotum puts you at risk of having nicks or cuts on a part of your body that is typically supremely protected. Half of male instinct is just reacting to potential threats to the balls, and here you are taking a naked blade to the sack. It can be counterintuitive. More importantly, there are some risks that come from the territory. Sense cleanliness is a part of skin care, there will be a little overlap in this section, but the main focus is to learn a few practices that will keep you from having to fight an infection in the balls. No one deserves that.

The very first rule of cleanliness is to specialize your tool. A razor that works below the belt should not be used for other purposes. Your face and your crotch are separate parts of your body for a reason. They have entirely different microbial environments, and things that are harmless to one can be the source of misery for the other. This goes for your trimmer(s) too. If your tools aren’t cross contaminating, you’re already off to a good start.

There’s another simple step that can expand this concept: wash your tools. Our tools are waterproof, so if you want to consolidate them with a shower, it’s easy to do. This will reduce any bacterial buildup that could lead to infected cuts down the road. In addition to cleaning your tools, you can also provide them with a little maintenance. This one is super easy. Replace your blades! The lifespan of any given razor will depend on how hard you work it, but there’s no reason to take a chance with a dull or damaged blade. That’s the source of most cuts anyway.

The last thing we need to cover in cleanliness is a little sad. Do your laundry. You can’t lie to us. We know that every last one of you has sniffed a dirty pair of boxers or shorts, recoiled at the ripe stench, and then worn them anyways. This is especially true of workout clothes. We get it. You don’t want to be washing workout clothes every day. Maybe you’re even being environmentally conscious. The simple solution is to rotate workout clothes and never be shy about changing underwear. You’ll also find that manscaping substantially reduces the residual odor in your shorts. That’s not an excuse to put off the laundry. It needs to be in your routine or you will quickly undo all of this effort.

Stick to the Routine

Speaking of routine, that’s your best resource in keeping up with all of your manscaping. Regular trims and shaves, consistent skin care, and even doing your laundry are all part of the equation that keeps the skin around your balls fresh and healthy. It’s only when you stick to the routine that you’ll truly understand the horrible living conditions you’ve been tolerating up until now. So, here’s the fast recap:

  • Trim. Every manscaping session starts here. With a little practice, it’ll be fast and painless.
  • Shave. Most guys don’t need to shave every day. You will find the time interval that is right for your manhood. Once you do, schedule it.
  • Shower. This is something that should be done daily. It’s best if you can do it right after trimming/shaving to get rid of all the irritating hair clippings.
  • Apply Product. Ball deodorant and Crop Reviver are essential to the process. Use them daily.

That’s all it takes. When it’s routine, it become fast and effortless. Still, there’s more to manscaping than just your scrotum. If you think you’re ready to explore the true depths of this topic, we have everything you need at



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