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June 06, 2017

Tips For Wearing A Tie

Hey Gents, knowing how to tie a tie isn't the only thing you need to know to look good! Here are some extra little tips that can really take your look to the next level because looking good is an art!


The tip of your tie should always touch your belt line.


Match your tie fabric with your shirt fabric, wool with wool and cotton with cotton.


You tie’s width should be the same as your lapel.


Your tie pattern should never match your shirt pattern. You need contrast to create movement in your look.


Your tie should be darker than your dress shirt.


You can’t go wrong with cool toned colored ties. These flatter most shirts and looks professional. When you really want to bring attention to yourself, go for a warm colored tie.


When combining checkered or plaid patterns, always wear a small checkered patterned shirt with a larger patterned checked tie.


When wearing tie pin/bar, place it between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt. Make sure it’s not wider than your tie.


Fasten your tie pin/bar to your shirt too! So it doesn’t slide around.


The thin part of your tie should always be shorter than the wide part.


Your ties should never be visible under your collar of your shirt.


Adding a ‘dimple’ to your tie, will add sophistication and an elegant touch to your look.


The most versatile knot is the WIndsor Knot. It works for all neck types, face types, and occasions.


Ties colors will reflect your personality and attitude to other people, so choose wisely.

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