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To Shave or Not to Shave Down There

Have you considered shaving your pubic region? If you've landed on this blog, chances are, the thought's at least crossed your mind. Honestly, the thought's probably crossed most men's minds at this point—if not just here in the U.S., likely across much of the globe. Manscaping, by definition, centers around taking care of one's private parts in a way that reduces or removes hair and leaves the lower region feeling fresh and clean.

The debate to shave or not shave has been part of the male grooming discussion for decades, but it's only recently started to gain so much attention that the subject warrants entire blogs and videos. Now that the world has opened its eyes and welcomed the idea that men's private parts deserve just as much attention as their female counterparts' parts, an entire industry has erupted around the erection zone. With this newfound freedom, the best hair removal for men can be found in the form of high-quality trimmers, razors, and products that are meant to keep stench and sweat away from the place balls call home. 

So, if you're considering whether or not to shave down south, we've got some things for you to think about.

to shave or not to shave down there

Why Do Men Shave Their Balls?

Men shave their balls for any number of reasons. For some, it just feels better. For others, there are reasons, such as:

  • Athletics. Men who swim, body build, bike, run, or do any number of physical activities often shave their balls. Why? It keeps the nether regions cooler when there's not a ton of insulation harboring around your nuts. Many sportsmen also find that the reduction of hair helps trim down their time on the track, in the pool, or when they're doing whatever they do to stay physically active.
  • Aesthetics. Is it about keeping yourself happy and confident or pleasing your partner? Why should you have to choose? Some men opt to remove their hair so they can make their trees look bigger; others are focused on giving their partners better access to the goods that lie below the belt. In the end, the aesthetics matter.
  • The Feel. It doesn't take much imagination to picture how nice the soft, smooth feeling of hair-free balls will feel when they're in your hands or someone else's mouth. With the fuzz out of the way, your nerve endings are free to make way for pleasurable experiences of the skin-to-skin kind.
  • Hygiene. Hair has a tendency to harbor sweat and bad bacteria, which can ultimately lead to crotch stench of the worst kind. Of course, that's why Manscaped created Crop Preserver anti-chafing ball deodorant, which was formulated with ingredients to help men battle swamp crotch with an easy-to-apply solution that absorbs right into the skin. While it certainly works with hairy balls, it's much easier for the solution to do its job when it doesn't have to battle a hairy landscape.
  • Sex Appeal. Whether you're looking for a way to look sexier when you're between the sheets—or you're trying to stave off a crabby playground where unwanted pests can feed—a set of shaved balls is the answer for many men.

What to Consider Before You Shave Your Balls

When you start by trimming, you'll have a handle on how much you want to take off (or leave on). The Lawn Mower 2.0 is the perfect tool to begin your manscaping regimen. Because of its ceramic blades and easy SkinSafe™ blade system, you can adjust the height of your hair so you take just a little off the top or get pretty close to your skin without worry of tugging, pulling, or tearing. 

Even if you're going to go with bare balls, you should always begin by trimming because this process eliminates excess hair that could otherwise wind up within the parts of your razor blade, making your manscaping process more painful (and possibly less effective). Once you've trimmed, you'll know if you want to continue skimming down to your skin or if you want to stop and enjoy the new canvas you've created.

To Shave or Not to Shave Down There

If You Decide to Shave Your Balls

The only tool you should consider for a clean-shaved sack is The Plow. This handy-dandy device was built for down-below areas like no other razor. Thanks to its single-blade, double-edged design, you can take a few quick swipes at your shaft and remove hair at skin-level. Nicks and cuts? They don't belong in your groin area, and this tool knows how to navigate your nether regions with gentle—yet productive—efficiency.

If you're not sure if bald balls are for you, try starting with your pelvic region first. Go with the grain (as opposed to against it), so you can see how your skin handles the interaction with the razor blade. If your skin's super sensitive, you might want to stick with this approach. If all goes well, and you're looking for a deeper shave, you can switch to going against the grain when you feel comfortable. 

Remember to always moisturize your private parts after you've shaved them. Cleanliness and hydration are two key components that many companies don't talk about, but they're vital to ensuring your skin doesn't become itchy, inflamed, or even infected after you shave. Let's explore this for a moment.

After You've Decided to Shave Your Balls

It's imperative to step into the shower after you shave your set of boys and lather yourself with a body wash that's meant for this mission. This is where Crop Cleanser comes into play. Its pH-balanced formula helps ensure your skin stays moisturized and hydrated after you've subjected your bare skin to the world (or, at least, your boxer briefs). As an added bonus, this shower essential is an all-over cleanser, meaning you can use it on your hair, armpits, and everything else you scrub in the shower, too.

Your body harbors a lot of bacteria on the balls, which can ultimately cause infections and other bad things to happen. Even if you weren't shaving your sack, we'd hope you shower regularly and cleanse away all the dirt and goo you accumulate throughout the day, but shaving makes this task even more important. Why? Because you're exposing your pores to new landscapes in which they're unprotected. Where once there were follicles, there's a vast landscape of freshly shaven skin. You need to protect this outer layer of your body in the best way you can, and that includes adding the aloe vera and sea salt mixture found in Manscaped's Crop Cleanser.

Don't Forget Your After-Care Solutions

As mentioned above, once you're toweled off and ready to conquer the world, slather on a bit of ball deodorant to keep your boys cool and comfortable as the day wears on. Before you step into your shorts, be sure to spritz on a bit of Crop Reviver. With its aloe-infused ingredients, it'll calm your skin and foster faster healing because it communicates with the skin's natural sebum-producing components.

To Shave or Not to Shave Down There

When You're Out and About

The day isn't done when you let go of your rogue hairs. In fact, the adventures are often just beginning. To make sure you take care of your freshly manicured manly landscape, be sure to stow some Crop Mop wipes in your bag so you can have fresh balls on the go. These little gems are as small as a credit card and come in individually sealed packaging. Each wipe is biodegradable, flushable, and ready to wipe the sweat and grime away from your junk at a moment's notice. You can take these little gems camping, hiking, to the gym, on a ride, or to meetings without anyone knowing that you've got a trick up your sleeve (or down your pants, as the case may be!)

Tuck a few wipes in your back pocket, keep three in your glove box, and leave the rest in your laptop bag. Trust us—you'll thank us when you come out of your next meeting or go into your next date feeling fresh and confident!

Are you excited to experience well-shaved balls that are smooth, refined, and ready to be felt? Manscaped is ready to show you the way with our full line of products that'll get rid of your pubes and protect the sensitive skin that dwells below your waistline. Order The Perfect Package 2.0 today so you can see what the buzz is all about when it comes to well-manicured, manscaped balls.



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