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Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

top 10 instagram accounts

Guys, up your Instagram game by following these 10 accounts. They offer the best in style, fitness, grooming and more.

#1 Jim Chapman-@jimchapman
This English model is known for his men’s fashion advice and pop culture. With over 24,000 Instagram followers, Jim Chapman has become one of the most popular men in fashion.

#2 BJ Gaddour-@bjgaddour
BJ Gaddour, the Fitness Director for Men’s Health Magazine, posts a variety of workout routines and helpful fitness information on his Instagram for anyone looking for motivation to get fit.

#3 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson-@therock
This former WWE wrestler and Hollywood actor’s account is another one worth following if you're looking for motivation to get in shape. He takes fitness very seriously and posts lots of inspirational quotes and tips. Just looking at his massive guns is inspiring enough to get anyone to the gym.

#4 Dylan Werner-@dylanwerneryoga
If you are into yoga, you can train online with this Yogi and world traveler. With jaw-dropping strength, his practice is insane. Maybe if you are lucky, you can take one of his classes in the LA area.

#5 Sergio Ines-@whatmyboyfriendwore
With accolades that include The Fashion Spot's Top 20 Men's Fashion Blogs and GQ’s Best Dressed, Sergio Ines is the man to go to for fashion advice. He started blogging after his girlfriend began documenting his outfits on Instagram.

#6 Elise-@roundtheworldgirl
If you are looking for adventure, you will find it on travel blogger Elise’s Instagram. This gorgeous blonde has adventures all over the world and documents all of her breathtaking journeys on her Instagram.

#7 Collin Harrington-@collinharrington
Another adventure, professional photographer and athlete Collin Harrington has a badass Instagram that shows him jumping out of planes, riding waves and wakeboarding almost every single day.

#8 Kendall Jenner- @kendalljenner
Although she doesn’t post as many sexy selfies as her sisters, the ones that Kendell posts are so hot that it’s pretty hard not to follow her.

#9 Lais De Leon-@laisdeleon
Stroll through this gorgeous Brazilian fitness model’s Instagram and you will probably be overcome with feelings of admiration as she can probably bench more than you. She posts tons of fitness advice and tips to help you get in shape.

#10 The Infatuation-@infatuation
For a healthy dose of food porn, check out the guys behind The Infatuation. The give you “unfiltered” opinions on healthy restaurants in the Los Angeles area.



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