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Top 10 Men's Style & Fashion Blogs

As anyone who has ever used YouTube to learn how to fix something can attest, the internet is amazing. We’re living in an age where the entire compendium of human knowledge can fit in your pocket. You can learn everything you have ever needed or wanted to know, and it took minutes to find that information (at most).

The problem is that the internet is vast. There’s at least as much bad information as good, and picking through it all to know what you can really trust is difficult. For a lot of guys, a concept like fashion is too foreign or unintuitive to tackle this challenge alone. So, we did the work for you. If you ever have questions about fashion, these are the 10 best blogs to tell you more than you could possibly need to know.


Dappered is one of the best-known and well-respected men’s fashion blogs in existence. This is the blog smaller blogs reference to make sure they aren’t being left behind. It’s a staple in the industry, and if you care at all about men’s fashion, you should bookmark it. You don’t necessarily have to read it like a Bible, but you should check in every now and then.

One of the ways Dappered distinguishes itself is the effort the blog makes to get away from expensive fashion. Sure, they’ll marvel at opulence every now and then, but the focus of the blog is affordability. This is a resource to help you look good without taking out a second mortgage on your grandparent’s house to pay for it. That gives Dappered a universal appeal. Whether you’re a movie star trying to keep up with new, or you’re a blue-collar worker who wants to look good this weekend, Dappered can help you.

Effortless Gent

Effortless Gent may not be the international staple that Dappered is, but it’s still a blog you want to browse. It takes a completely different approach to men’s fashion that is both refreshing and compelling. Instead of lording over you and telling you what is and isn’t in fashion, Effortless Gent aims to help you craft your own unique style, and it does this in an ingenious manner. 

The concept is to break everything in men’s fashion down to basic components. The same way you would teach someone about cars by distilling information into elemental concepts (i.e. you need fuel, air, and spark for an engine to run), Effortless Gent decomposes the concepts of fashion into easily-understood elements.

It then shows you how those elements can be mixed, paired, and played with to create unique styles and interesting fashion choices. This blog doesn’t tell you what to wear. It tells you how to craft an ensemble, and it does so with timeless advice. You’ll be able to make a trendy look out clothes you already own, and your newfound understanding will help you shop efficiently. The Effortless Gent doesn’t have to rush off to buy the latest trend. Instead, he determines his own course.

top 10 men's style and fashion blogs

Articles of Style

Articles of Style (let’s call it Articles for short) is run by Dan Trepanier. If you’re not big in the fashion scene, you might not know that this guy is a big deal. Let’s paint a picture. Imagine a man who won an award for being the best-dressed man on the planet. Now imagine he won multiple versions of that award from prominent fashion publications like Esquire. That’s Dan Trepanier.

As someone who has truly mastered his craft, Trepanier takes a traditional, educational approach to fashion. Like a seasoned educator, he’s trying to give you good advice on multiple fronts. The blog is split into sections that cover the basics of menswear, a style guide, editorials, and profiles. That allows you to see what is hot in fashion, why it’s hot and what other people in the industry think about it.

Articles is curated to be a true encyclopedia of men’s fashion. You can find everything here, and you’ll probably spend some time browsing. It might be a top-down message of fashion, but it’s one of the most reliable resources imaginable.

I Am Alpha M

This fun blog is run by Aaron Marino. If Articles of Style is the expert giving unflinching expert advice, this is the older brother getting down and relatable while helping you find your way through the fashion world.

Marino knows his stuff. Make no mistake about that, but his presentation is friendly and easy to follow. Most of his content is in video format. This is great for getting a strong visual understanding of fashion. It's also super useful for learning about fashion pieces that require some technical skill to wear (for instance, do you really know how to tie a bow tie?). 

Most of all, Morino is honest, earnest and endearing. He’s not wagging his finger at you or looking down at your sense of style. He’s just excited about a thing that he loves, and he appears to genuinely enjoy sharing that love and knowledge with others. It’s kind of like seeing a bro nerd out about something you don’t really follow. You can appreciate the passion, and you might even get swept up in it. Of course, instead of talking about trash-powered cars or Pokemon cards or whatever, Marino is teaching you a valuable life skill.


Of every blog on this list, FashionBeans is probably the largest and best-known. We’re talking about a true monolith in the fashion world. If you ever have a question about menswear and Google it, there’s a good chance you’ll see FashionBeans at the top of your search results. 

They cover everything. No matter what you’re looking into, it’s there. You can find the latest beach trends to start getting ready for summer. You can look at fun retro styles from the last few years. You can even get into classic styles from generations past.

The thing to understand about FashionBeans is that they are trying to appeal to the masses. While they will have niche posts about selective styles, the overall content curation is mass appeal. That means you’ll get more generic advice and styles from FashionBeans. That’s a good and bad thing.

If you’re looking for your own personal brand, this isn’t the resource for you. But, if you want to know what’s popular and happening now, there’s probably no better place to start.

top 10 men's style and fashion blogs

He Spoke Style

He Spoke Style is run by Brian Sacawa. This is another blog that looks past what is trending and gets deeper into the why’s of it all. The blog is filled with incredibly rich and detailed style guides. If you spend enough time on them, you won’t just be copying trendy looks. You’ll have the know-how to be crafting looks of your own, and you could become a real trend-setter.

One of the great strengths of He Spoke Style is the visual presentation. We’re talking about award-winning photography work that expands every blog entry on the site. You’ll get a strong visual understanding of everything you learn, and that only helps to reinforce why certain things should or shouldn’t go together. Considering that style is a visual art, you’ll wonder why every other blog doesn’t have pictures this good.

There’s an answer to that question. They try. You’ll find good pictures on every fashion blog. The simple truth is that He Spoke Style is the best. There’s no more to it than that. This might not be your favorite fashion blog (although it’s certainly good enough to justify being your favorite), but it should be your go-to for pictures of styles that you want to see.

George Hahn

George Hahn is a little less universal than most of these blogs. It’s not completely niched advice, but it won’t give you the exact same tips and suggestions that you see everywhere else. Like Dappered, George Hahn keeps a steady eye on price tags and tries to help you avoid overspending on clothes.

There’s more to it than that. It’s hard to put George Hahn into concise words. Picture someone who rides a bicycle to work but doesn’t look like a total doofus in the process. It’s an interesting combination of practical, low-investment style and classic, old-fashioned style.

If you can imagine a way to wear a suit while riding a bicycle with a wicker basket on it, then you might have an idea of what you get from George Han. If you can’t imagine that, then you definitely need to check out this blog. It’s nowhere near as weird as it sounds on paper.

Instead, Hahn is focusing on keeping strong elements of practicality and conscientiousness in your style choices. You’ll enjoy it more than you might think. 

Whiskey Grade

We’ve been holding out, but this is the blog for men’s men. If you enjoy the corn chip smell of a locker room, think that shoes are for pansies, would never confuse a bicycle with a bike or sometimes wonder if you’d be happier living off the land, this blog is for you. It’s all about ruggedness.

This is a blog where you’ll find motorcycles, leather, denim, jackets, and beards. You get the general idea. It completely ignores the two-thirds of men’s fashion that cater to softer looks. It steers hard into the old-school ideas of being tough and overtly masculine.

This shouldn’t be your only fashion blog. It misses a lot of things that you might enjoy. But, when you want to get back to those primal feelings and express your inner tough guy or stoic, you’ll find aesthetics here that appeal to your goals.

With all of that said, you still won’t find anything about shorts in the snow. Yeah, we’re all wagging our fingers at those of you who insist on that one. No matter how it makes you feel, it’s a bad look.

While we’re being judgmental, the men at Whiskey Grade also shower and do laundry. This blog isn’t an excuse to be nasty. It’s about refined ruggedness that maintains traditional ideas on masculinity while still fitting into society.

top 10 men's style and fashion blogs

Style Girlfriend

So far, every blog on the list has one thing in common: they’re all written by men. On the one hand, that seems reasonable. Shouldn’t guys be dictating men’s fashion? Isn’t that natural? On the other hand, when given the chance, who do you actually ask to help you shop for or pick out clothes? That’s right. You want a woman’s opinion, and you know it.

Style Girlfriend is designed from that perspective. It’s the thoughts, opinions and ideas of women who have been on those shopping trips. They were already helping their guy friends (or boyfriends or brothers) with fashion. They decided to make a blog to give that same aid to the guys who might not have a trusty female fashion sidekick.

The best thing about Style Girlfriend is the type of ladies doing the writing. They aren’t typical snobby fashionistas. They’re the down-to-earth people you would hand pick to help you with your wardrobe if you had the chance. At the risk of sounding ultra-modern, in a world full of men’s advice on fashion, it’s to your benefit to see what women think about everything. It could mean the difference between a great date and a lonely, sad night.

Art of Manliness

Art of Manliness is not the highest-rated blog on the list, but it still feels like we saved the best for last. This is a blog that covers way more than basic fashion and lifestyle stuff. Sure, it goes over how to pick a suit and tie a tie. It also gives advice on how to be the life of a work party or how to take the spotlight off of yourself for your own good. It covers working out, good books to read, and what should be in your liquor cabinet . . . Nothing is really off-limits for Art of Manliness.

More importantly, the content is only part of the appeal. There’s a good chance you’ll know plenty of the topics covered. What’s great about this blog is the presentation. They manage to perfectly walk the fine line between blunt honesty and delightful sarcasm. Sometimes, you won’t be sure when they’re teasing you, and it makes for a fun experience. Did they seriously include a diagram of pedals in a car? Yes, they did.

Considering the range of topics, it’s a virtual guarantee that you can learn something useful from Art of Manliness. Do you really know how to box a bear? It’s past time you learned. The fact that you can expand your horizons while having some fun makes Art of Manliness one of the most valuable blogs on the list.

That will do it. There are other cool fashion blogs on the internet, but time is limited. These are the best of the best, and each serves an important role. If you want a quick list of what’s in, you can find it in those blogs. If you want to take a deep dive and truly understand how fashion works, you’re covered. If you want advice on how to grill a hot dog (seriously Art of Manliness is awesome), you can get that too. 


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