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Top 5 Dating No-No's

dating no-no's

First impressions may mean a lot, but they aren't everything. Most ladies will overlook minor transgressions if the rest of the date goes well. Keep that in mind when dating someone new. It's not the right time to push the boundaries unless it's an intentional cop-out. Here are a few things that almost always guarantee there won't be a next time.

1. Showing up late is rude. Now, a few minutes is not usually a deal breaker, but have enough decency to text or call her with an apology. Women want to feel important, and this is a sure fire way to ensure the exact opposite.

2. Interacting more with the phone than with your date across the table. Remember how the ladies like to feel important? Yeah, not gonna' happen if the phone is getting more face time than them. If the date is that horrible, quit wasting everyone's time and bow out politely.

3. Complaining about everything says quite a bit about a dude's true demeanor. Being rude to the wait staff is a pretty good indicator of how you act when things don't go your way. Not cool! It's almost as rude as not tipping. Don't be so disillusioned to think it creates a sense of power, unless it's the power to withstand the slamming of the door.

4. Drinking more than two or three drinks can be a red flag. Everyone has been nervous on a date, but if getting smashed is required to make it through, go home already. A few drinks help loosen things up. Too many can cause diarrhea of the mouth. Drink wisely to keep things from going down a path of no return.

5. Sharing too much too soon is rarely good. Okay, there is a fine line that's not to be crossed here. Women are much more forgiving of the past once they know someone as an individual. Don't let that crazy ex scare away a new prospect without even meeting them.

Dating is that period of time in a relationship where everything is up in the air. If there is a possibility this woman could be the one, or at least a contender, it's always wise to avoid repelling them right away.



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