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Top Athletes Who Manscaped For Performance

Everybody knows that some athletes shave all of their body hair. In fact, this was probably part of how manscaping became mainstream. But, we don’t want to focus on the obvious. You already know that every top swimmer and cyclist in the world manscapes. Instead, we want to draw your attention to world-class athletes who manscape with more dedication than you might suspect.

Darrion “The Wolf” Caldwell

top athletes who manscaped for performance

Some of you out there might not follow MMA, so you might not already be familiar with Caldwell. The rest of you already know. He’s one of the sport’s greatest. He’s the current bantamweight champion of the world. At 30 years old, he’s been in MMA for the better half of a decade and holds one of the most impressive records of any division: 12-1-0. The Wolf has terrorized opponents in the octagon and made his stamp on the sport’s history.

He’s also an avid manscaper. Like everyone else on today’s list, Caldwell explains that his manscaping is for professional performance. Unlike bikers or swimmers, he isn’t doing it for speed. Instead, he follows the same motivation as the rest of the fighters in his league. Body hair gets in the way. This is especially true for Caldwell who excels in grappling. Shaving the chest and belly is essential to minimizing your opponents grip in tussle, and he swears by it. He’s also mentioned that grooming the boys can make some of his workouts more comfortable.

Marcelo Bastos

Marcelo bastos

Changing gears completely, we’re now looking at a professional vert skater. Bastos has medaled in two X Games, and he’s competed in the Olympics. While he heralds from Brazil, he actually represented the USA when he appeared in the first ever Olympic skateboarding event in China. He’s since had a great career and put his stamp on the sport by repeatedly executing improvised tricks in competitions and sticking them. Many claim that his performances in front of home crowds are among the most exhilarating in the sport’s history.

When it comes to manscaping, it’s about mobility. Bastos and other skaters agree that trimming the hedges helps with comfort and freedom when you’re doing crazy aerial stunts. That the benefits of manscaping also extend into the bedroom is a pleasant extra for someone who is so dedicated to his sport.

Julien Davenport

julien davenport

Not too terribly long ago, the idea of trimming your pubes was ridiculed. It was seen as un-masculine or conformist. Julien Davenport has forever annihilated those notions. The 6’7” beast of an offensive tackle for the Houston Texans was the largest player drafted in 2017. His first season was excellent, and he’s considered an explosive force on the Texans’ front line.

Davenport has never been shy about his manscaping. It might seem a little odd for a football player. It’s not helping him with aerodynamics or any other visible advantage. For him, it’s about comfort. Groomed giblets make him more comfortable under the uniform, and that gives him just a little more edge off the snap. And, when competition is as intense as you see in the NFL, you need every small advantage you can find.

Michael Brockers

Michael brockers

Another NFL star, Brockers was paving the way for Davenport’s manscaping comfort a few years in advance. The 27-year-old defensive tackle was drafted by the Rams in 2012. He’s seen nothing but success in his career so far, regularly racking up plenty of tackles and sacks in a season. Last year, he helped the Rams to an 11-5 season and a playoff bid. It’s hard to call that anything less than athletic excellence.

Like Davenport, Brockers sees manscaping as an avenue to comfort and peak mentality. When you feel a little cooler, smoother and aren’t chafing in the sometimes oppressive padding and uniform of a football player, you’re more free to put everything you have into the next play. That’s definitely the philosophy that has made Brockers a force to be reckoned with on the gridiron.

Raising Your Own Game

If some of the best athletes in every sport on the planet can use manscaping to advance their game, there’s no reason for you to do any less. Regardless of how proficient you currently are with your efforts, proper manscaping can help you advance your professional success in any field. It might sound like a magic solution, but there’s real science behind it all, and we’re going to share those not-so-secret tidbits with you right now.

Untrimmed Pubes Hurt

When you let your bush grow free and uninhibited, it tangles and tugs. The average man, working in a slow-paced office, will have to adjust his bush for comfort more than a hundred times a day. Seriously. The truth is that you’ve probably already been there. You’ve sat on your own pubes before. Or caught them in your fly. Simply running a Lawn Mower 2.0 over your pubes twice a month is enough to eliminate this problem. When your life is suddenly devoid of incessant discomfort, your mentality improves. You’ll be more personable and confident at work, and that translates to measurable success. 

It’s easy enough. Just slap a guard on your trimmer and give the nether regions a once over. It takes a few minutes, and if you lay down a Magic Mat, the cleanup is painless. Once you try it, you’ll understand why some of the most competitive men in the world are relying on manscaping to help achieve the pinnacle of their abilities.

Shaving Is Your Friend 

If you think you can handle more than a lazy trim, you can consider shaving. Shaving is a bit more intricate, and the ways it helps you professionally are equally subtle. Trimmed pubes will increase your comfort, but they don’t maximize it. Some parts of your body will be more comfortable shaved than this trims. This comes in two forms: heat and irritation. If you trim some of your body hair short enough, it gets super bristly. This is especially true for the balls and ass. The solution is to either keep a very long trim (which traps more heat) or go ahead and shave.

In either case, a shave is the best for keeping things extra cool. Once again, that matters most for your balls and ass. The trick to safely shaving them is patience. And a good razor. The Plow has the latter covered, the second will be fueled by your fear of cutting yourself. The technical trick that will help you most is this, squat over a mirror. It makes it much easier to see what you’re doing and it leaves a hand free to manage the boys as needed.

Hit the Showers

All too often, we think of showering as a means to rinse off our B.O. We might also use the water as an excuse to wake us up in the morning. When you approach showering with a manscaping mentality, you see it as a way to increase your physical comfort without adding an extra chore. It’s pretty simple: just scrub yourself with Crop Cleanser. You’re already going to shower. Now, you just want to schedule it for right after you trim and shave.

Exfoliating with Crop Cleanser will enhance your life more than you can possibly believe -- until you try it. The hydrating formula and Active pH Control will give you healthier skin and hair that is virtually impervious to irritation. It will also make subsequent grooming sessions easier and more pleasant.

Don’t Forget the Aftershave

Wait. Don’t use generic aftershave on your balls. We shouldn’t have to tell you that, but some of you are overeager maniacs. If you’d seen the things we’ve seen . . . On a more serious note, there is such a thing as aftershave designed for your balls. Ours is a two-piece combo: Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. The first is a ball deodorant. If you want to talk about using comfort to up your game, this is the most important piece of the puzzle. It’ll manage your sweat, keep you cool and actively fight against chafing.

Crop Reviver is mostly about pushing skin health as far as possible. Both of these formulas include key components of the Active pH Control we mentioned earlier. When all three work together, they create a beautiful concert of harmony centered around your balls. 

If you’re convince, curious or even bored, we have so much more to offer your manscaping efforts than this quick tutorial. We’ve built an exhaustive compendium at, and we fully encourage you to explore it thoroughly.



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