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November 07, 2017

Top Ball Deodorant for Groin and Balls

You’ve done your workouts, scrutinized your wardrobe, dropped some good money on a great haircut and even moisturized your face. All of this is because the new girl at work is smoking. You had a good breakfast and a fresh shower this morning, but then you got stuck in a bad bit of traffic. After you properly told those morons what they can do to themselves, you roll into work, ready to make your move. That’s when you notice it. Something around doesn’t smell right. You have a nice body spray, but there’s still an odor cutting through. You don’t want to admit it yet, but you know. It’s your crotch. You got just a little agitated, had to sit a little too long, and now you’re rocking a serious case of swamp crotch. We’ve all been there, and there’s no natural defense. Just like your pits will always stink without some antiperspirant, your balls are naturally designed to be the most inconvenient piece of anatomy in the animal kingdom. The only solution is a quality ball deodorant. Thankfully, that’s exactly what the Crop Preserver is.


What Makes a Great Ball Deodorant?


If you want to make an informed choice about what you put on your giblets, you need to know how things work. The first lesson is one you might have seen before: the cause of swamp crotch. There are two halves to the problem. The first, and obvious, is that warm weather, the wrong clothes or just getting some exercise can cause a lot of sweat. This alone wouldn’t be a problem, but natural bacteria that lives on your skin loves that sweat, and the result is the putrid stench that will extend your dry spell to eternity. Battling swamp crotch is a matter of managing both sweat and bacteria, but it’s a little tricky. If you just use antiseptics, you risk messing up the natural balance and making bad bacteria even stronger. Worse, most of them will just plain hurt your junk. Attacking the sweat is equally tricky, but it’s a bit easier.


Wetness Protection


There are two popular substances that help keep the boys dry: talcum and menthol. Menthol is interesting because it induces an evaporative cooling sensation, but it can burn a little. It will also make your balls smell like Bengay. Talcum is the powder used in most dry skin treatments. It reduces sweating, friction and chaffing, but if you get too swampy, the powder can turn to paste. The sweet-spot solution is to use talcum but put it in a gel or liquid form. This is exactly how Crop Preserver works, and the result is a cool, lasting dryness that smells good all day.


Testosterone Protection


There are a few synthetic alternatives to menthol and talcum, but they come with a heavy side-effect. Studies have shown that the majority of these alternatives, especially when applied directly to the testicles, can impact testosterone levels. Before you start thinking you’re man enough to handle it, remember that any artificial change to testosterone levels is permanent. This is why steroid users have to take supplements for the rest of their lives. Smelling nice is good, but protecting the boys always has to be priority number one.


Other Tips to Fight the Stench


A good ball deodorant is the obvious first step to managing your swampy nether regions, but you can do more. A few subtle lifestyle changes can go a long way toward improving your testicular health and happiness.




You’re already groaning, aren’t you? It seems like every time someone has promising advice, they’re really just gearing you up for the bad news that everything you eat is bad. Fortunately, the dietary impacts on sweatiness aren’t so severe. Mostly, there are some foods that contribute to sweatiness, so you can avoid them when it’s extra hot or you have a romantic evening planned. The magic foods to avoid are anything spicy or heavy in salt. I know. I love nachos too, but you don’t have to stop eating them. Diet-induced sweating only lasts for a couple of hours, so you just have to schedule your Mexican dishes around times when you can afford the extra sweat.




Clothing is another obvious target. Underwear and pants that breathe better are going to keep you cooler. While this sounds simple enough, it’s actually a two-edged sword. If you’re going to be sweaty anyways, the breathable clothing lets the stink out. This can put you in a bit of a pickle, but there are some guidelines to follow. For workouts, gym clothes should breathe a little less, but if you’re going to be on your own then enjoy your own funk a little. In moderate weather, let the boys breathe a little. If you’re facing a hot and humid summer, it might be better to steer into the skid. You’re going to be sweating, so just remember your Crop Preserver and keep the problem under control.


Trim the Pubes


Finally, we get to the lifestyle change with lasting benefits. Bushy pubic hair is a haven for smelly bacteria. It also traps sweat and adds insulation, all of which contribute to your swampy, smelly balls. You don’t have to go completely bald down there, but if you give the bush a healthy trim, you’ll mitigate the biggest contribution to swamp crotch. If you’re not sure where to start, the Lawn Mower and Magic Mat can give you a pleasant introduction to the wonderful world of manscaping. Once your boys get a taste of that cool, trimmed feel, you’ll never go back.


As a man, you’re used to taking matters into your own hands. Your swampy crotch should be no exception. The science has been studied, and the tools are available. You need to embrace the multi-tiered approach if you really want to keep smelly balls from striking you out. Pay attention to what you eat. Manage your wardrobe to minimize stench. Keep the main under control. And, most importantly, deodorize your balls. You’ve been managing your less-stinky pits since puberty. The balls need their due.

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