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May 16, 2018

Top Grooming Trends in 2018

Male grooming has come a long way from the stick and stone days of the caveman. (Imagine using those primitive tools to groom your manhood - ouch!) Male grooming below the belt, or manscaping, as it’s popularly known today, is what all contemporary men who pride themselves on their behavior do to keep their family jewels looking polished (get it?).

Getting groomed is the new black, so if you’re one of the last ones to get on manscaping train, here’s how to get your ticket. First things first, you need the right tools and products for the job. This doesn’t mean raiding your girlfriend’s bathroom cabinet for shaving gel and lady razors. No, sir. This means taking responsibility for your own manscaping, and getting your own proper male grooming kit that gives you everything you need without having to scour the stores for the best clippers, razors, or ball skincare. Brands that focus on male grooming, like Manscaped, make it easy for even the laziest dude to look like he takes hours to coif and primp his man goods. (Note: It will not take you hours to manscape. But the end result will make it look like you’ve been spending hours taking care of your junk. We won’t tell.)

top grooming trends in 2018

When you think of top grooming trends in 2018, you don’t think about the 70s making a comeback. Free and wild isn’t the look you (or your partner or anyone, really) wants these days. The overwhelming consensus among both men and women is that they prefer their partners to be clean and trim down there, with very short (or even shaved) pubic hair. Not only is this currently considered the most attractive look, it’s also considered the male grooming trend that makes your manhood look bigger than it would had you NOT manscaped. You know the saying, when you mow the lawn, the tree stands taller? Well, that’s the case here, too. Trim your pubes and your member suddenly stands tall and proud. Not a bad side effect from putting in a little effort down there, eh?

To be part of the manscaped (or male grooming) movement that’s making its way across the country, and across age groups and economic classes, it’s easy! You pick up a top male grooming kit like the Perfect Package (what a name!) from Manscaped to perfect YOUR package. It contains everything you could ever think of for taking care of your junk. Want to know what? We won’t hold out on you much longer. Here’s what’s in the Perfect Package from Manscaped, the grooming kit that will let you in on the top grooming trends in 2018.

The Lawn Mower - This top-of-the-line trimmer is engineered especially for grooming below the belt. You don’t want to use a facial trimmer around your junk, believe us. Not only is a facial trimmer bulkier, which makes it difficult to maneuver around your precious manhood, but using one trimmer for both areas can transfer nasty bacteria back and forth. No bueno. This ultimate male trimmer is compact enough to make its way around your package easily, trimming your bush in just a few passes. Not only compact, but cordless. Imagine getting cords wrapped up in your balls! We don’t want to. Even though it’s both cordless and compact, The Lawn Mower features a powerful motor, long-lasting battery, and adjustable safety guard so you can choose how long or how short you want to go.

top grooming trends in 2018

The Plow - After taking care of the bulk of the bush, it’s time to refine. For the top grooming trends in 2018 where closeness is key, you need a safety razor to get the ultimate in a neat appearance to your balls. Take a razor to your balls, you ask? Yes! But only specific ones like The Plow from Manscaped. This old-school stainless steel safety razor is small and sharp enough to give your balls the closest shave possible. But with a safety guard, ribbed handled for easy and secure handling, and a double-edged single blade, The Plow helps you easily achieve a neat, trim appearance (one of the top grooming trends in 2018 for a man’s below the belt zone).

top grooming trends in 2018

Crop Cleanser - Once you’ve trimmed and shaved with The Lawn Mower and The Plow, respectively, it’s time to get rid of any hair that’s still hanging out onto your body. Plus, you need to wash your body anyway. This next step in your manscaping session is vital, but also something you do daily (hopefully): showering. Manscaped created Crop Cleanser, an all-in-one utility wash that gets your goods clean. It’s not just your junk that benefits, though -- it’s your hair and your skin. This pH balanced gel cleanser lathers quickly and leaves your hair hair and skin clean (but not over-dry) and hydrated. Balance is key here, and Crop Cleanser is a champion at balance.

Crop Preserver - Most guys haven’t heard of a ball deodorant. They have stinky balls, though. So what gives? Why not try to take care of a pesky, stinky problem? But not so fast, bro. Don’t grab your pit deodorant and rub it all over your nuts. You need something made specifically for your balls. Enter Crop Preserver from Manscaped. This miracle gel talcum does so many things for your balls, things you had no idea you needed. First, it keeps your balls dry. No one wants their ball sack sticking to the legs by noon. At least no one that we know. Second, it keeps your balls smelling amazing. Salt and vinegar is great for chips, but not for balls. And finally, it keeps your ball sack skin moisturized. This is important, because if your skin is too dry, it can get red and inflamed. A red ball sack may be fine if you’re a ginger, but not in any other case.

Crop Reviver - You know that feeling when you take a long, cold shower on a 100 degree day? Yeah, that’s the same feeling you get when you use a ball spritz like Crop Reviver. Because part of the top grooming trend in 2018 isn’t just about how your balls look, but also about how they feel. Crop Reviver is a spray that freshens and cools your balls when they’re, well, hot as balls. And don’t restrict this refreshing wonder to your manscaping sessions, oh no. You can use it whenever you’re feeling hot and bothered - whether after an intense workout, before heading out to after-work drinks, or just before a hot date.

The Shears - You don’t think that grooming is just for your pubic area, do you? We didn’t think so. As important as your package is, your hands are important, too. That’s where the Shears five-piece nail kit comes in. This stainless steel nail set takes care of your nails, cuticles, and even your ears (it comes with an ear pick). Don’t forget that people will see your hands before your junk (we hope, at least), so keep them clean with the Shears. Clean, manicured nails are so in.

Magic Mat - You may have wondered, when we were describing the magic of The Lawn Mower and The Plow in trimming and refining your package, where all that hair is supposed to go. Manscaped thought of all that, which is why they created the Magic Mat, a nifty newspaper-style shaving mat that not only captures any hair, but also gives a much-needed chuckle to busy guys like yourself. Full of funny tidbits, humorous cartoons, and way-out illustrations, the Magic Mat serves more than one purpose. You may even want to give a few copies out to your friends. After all, laughter is key to manscaping.

The Shed - So where are you supposed to keep all of your manscaping tools and formulations? It’s easy - keep it all in the Shed, Manscaped’s answer to the man bag. After all, knowing that cleanliness is one of the top grooming trends in 2018, this cleanliness also applies to your bathroom. Don’t keep everything out on the bathroom sink. With a waterproof lining and sturdy construction, the Shed makes it easy to keep things clean and organized. Use this handy bag by keeping your manscaping goods in it and under the sink, or take it with you when you travel. Because you shouldn’t let your manscaping routine slide when you’re on vacation. Manscaping mavens know that you manscape wherever you are. Hair growth doesn’t go on vacation, after all.

top grooming trends in 2018

Now that you know that the top grooming trends in 2018 when it comes to manscaping include staying clean, neat, and trim (no wild bushes here), you know you need a male grooming kit you can rely on. That’s the Perfect Package from Manscaped. With an electric trimmer, safety razor, and all of the formulations and accessories you need to keep your manhood clean, healthy, and hydrated, you can’t go wrong when you depend on the guys who made manscaping a movement. Head over to to order, and for more tips, tricks, and vital info to take care of your most vital body part.

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