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Top Intimate Shaver and Best Private Area Trimmer for Men

It’s fair to say that society has reached a point that fully accepts manscaping. In fact, most people openly embrace it. When you get past the fear of putting blades near your delicate parts and the awkwardness of ignoring good advice and trimming yourself in weird ways, most guys find that manscaping is an enjoyable experience. It adds a little spring to the step and makes us feel like better versions of ourselves. 

The problem is that guys are stubborn. The same stereotypical attitudes that made men notorious for ignoring directions in the car have led too many men to abuse themselves in the process of learning to manscape. There are countless horror stories of how men have cut themselves, turned their ball sacks into reddish lumps of irritated flesh and otherwise botched what should be pleasant alone time. It’s time to end this assault on our genitals. Today, we’re going to learn to be nice to our junk and make manscaping feel good.

Being Gentle on the Boys

What is happening in this world that grown men need to be reminded to go easy on their own balls? We get it. It’s easy to fall into rough and tumble patterns. Feeling rugged is important sometimes. Still, there are compelling reasons to be nice to your balls, and we’re going to talk seriously about that for a minute.

top male trimmer for private area

Here’s the thing. Male infertility is on the rise, and not by a little bit. Sure, a lot of you reading this don’t want kids right now. You’ll even joke that infertility would be welcome, but when it comes down to it, everyone would prefer to have a choice in these matters. Also, this is more serious than you think. From 1973 to 2011, male fertility rates fell by 52 percent in the U.S. That’s huge. What’s worse is that researchers really have no idea why it happened.

We’re not here to scare you. We’re definitely not going to make outrageous claims about how manscaping does or doesn’t impact fertility. Instead, we’re going to encourage you to be as nice to your balls as possible. More than that, we’re going to give you the tools and knowledge to succeed.

A Gentle Tool

Since this is ultimately about manscaping, we’re going to show you how to keep your junk clean without putting it through the grinder. As is often the case, the secret to success resides in using the best technology. For an intimate shave or trim, that best technology is The Lawn Mower 2.0. It has so many features designed to protect your stuff that it’s hard to summarize. 

It starts with a high RPM motor and a sharp blade. A lot of guys don’t realize that adding cutting power to a trimmer makes it safer. When the haircuts more easily, you get less tugging and irritation to the skin. The 2.0 doesn’t skimp on either. The 6,000 RPM motor is downright monstrous, and the ceramic blade holds an edge like you wouldn’t believe.

Of course, cutting power could be a good thing if it wasn’t properly tamed. The husky motor is managed by a harmonic dampening system that gives you easy trimming without a tingling or numb hand. That’s good for control. As for the blade, its flexible design makes it one of the safest trimming blades in the world. You seriously have to try to nick yourself with this thing.

In addition to safe and powerful cutting, the 2.0 improves on manscaping with its ergonomic cordless design and shock resistant shell. You can grip and control the trimmer more easily. You can use it in wet environments safely, and you never have to worry about a cord choking your chicken. Nobody needs that.

top intimate shaver and best private area trimmer for men

A Complementary Package

The Lawn Mower 2.0 adds a lot to manscaping, but it’s not enough. You need a total solution. What if, for instance, you want a nice shave? Trimmers are good, but even the 2.0 won’t get you baby smooth. You’ll find that everything you need for excellent, gentle manscaping is in the Perfect Package 2.0. It includes the Lawn Mower 2.0, a razor, ball deodorant, and aftershave. 

Let’s start with The Plow. It’s a razor specifically designed to groom your junk. It adds safety and control to the process. It’s still a razor, so you have to use some caution and skill, but it’s worlds better than trying to use a face razor on your balls. Just trust us that that’s a bad idea.

The next item in the package is Crop Preserver. This is a deodorant designed specifically for your groin area. For starters, it’s gentler than pit deodorant, and that’s important. It will keep you smelling fresh throughout the day, and the talcum-like base is perfect for keeping you feeling cool and smooth. Most importantly, it utilizes a special formula that is designed to make your skin healthier. We can’t promise that this is the secret to solving male infertility, but it certainly won’t hurt. 

The final item in the package is Crop Reviver. You can think of this as aftershave for your balls but with none of the harshness. A more accurate term is refreshing spray. It goes on after the deodorant, and it adds to the skin-helping formula. The purpose of Crop Reviver is to give you a little more control over the moisture and pH levels in your crotch. It’s great for managing bacteria and feeling clean.

In all, the contents of the Perfect Package 2.0 contain everything you need for a perfect manscaping session.

top intimate shaver and private area trimmer for men

Better Methods

Then again, there’s a difference between having the right tools and knowing how to use them. Since we’re trying to help you protect the jewels today, would should take a moment to impart some of our vast knowledge on manscaping technique. It starts with doing things in the right order. You should trim, shave, shower, and then treat. With a few tips for each part of the session, you can turn manscaping into a spa treatment for your boys.

You want to start with trimming for a simple reason. The Lawn Mower 2.0 can gently handle the densest bushes around. Getting things down to size will significantly decrease irritation during shaving. The key to a good trim is to use the guides that come with the 2.0. Start with a longer setting and see how you like it. Work your way down the lengths until you're satisfied. For any area you plan to shave, trim the hair as low as you reasonably can first.

When you shave, you want to do three things. Lubricate the area. Take your time. Go with the grain. You might tough it out on your face and go against the grain for an extra close shave, but you don’t want the razor burn that comes with that on your balls. Remember, we’re being nice to them.

Showering comes after grooming for a simple reason. It cleans areas that might otherwise be at risk of infection. Even if you don’t cut yourself, shaving does diminish the protective layer of your skin. A proper shower fixes that. The keys are to take a warm shower that isn’t too hot, gently exfoliate, and take advantage of the Active pH Control in Crop Cleanser.

The last step is treatment. That’s when you apply your Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. You should fully pat dry before grabbing the deodorant. Then, you just rub it into the crotch area. It’s completely intuitive. Once it’s dry, a couple spritzes of Crop Reviver is sufficient. If you need a little refresher throughout the day, another spritz or two will never hurt.

That’s it. That’s the whole secret to manscaping gently. When you stick to the basics, you’ll develop a habit that genuinely promotes a healthier manhood. Again, we can’t make claims on fertility, but we can promise that you’ll feel cleaner, fresher and better in general. That’s the whole point to manscaping. If you happen to be sexier in the process, that’s even better.

If you feel like you’re ready to get past the basics, then we have plenty more to teach. You’ll find all of our best advice and lessons at Browse our vaults and unlock the many secrets to better style, advanced grooming techniques and general improvements to every aspect of your manliness.



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