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August 31, 2018

Top Male YouTube Influencers Who Featured Manscaped

We try to tackle manscaping from every angle. We’ve provide plenty of resources and treatises to help overcome recalcitrant minds. We’ve introduced our readers to famous athletes who manscape. We’ve covered high fashion and modern trends. We’ve even given you the means to improve your basic knowledge with a quintessential reading list. Today we’re going further down that road, and we’re going to introduce you to the top manscaping YouTubers.

YouTube Champions

Since 2005, YouTube has been one of mankind’s greatest resources for killing time, finding niche tutorials and learning all manner of things -- whether you need to know them or not. YouTube personalities have taken over, and many of them eclipse movie stars in fame and influence. It’s crazy to think that just 10 years ago “YouTube” personality was not considered a viable career. Now, we all secretly dream of being our own kind of YouTube star. These four channels are great examples of how doing what you love can make a big difference. What might set them apart is that they are some of the biggest names on the site for manscaping advice.


This YouTube channel started way back in 2012. The Zuniga brothers made a few social media accounts in the hopes of helping fellow guys get ahead in basic fashion. That evolved into an entire lifestyle advice conglomerate that has been helping tons of guys with self-improvement in every facet. The face of the company belongs to Jose Zuniga, and if you want a taste of his advice, you can see a great video below.


How to Beast

David de las Morenas runs a very different type of channel with How to Beast. He’s a professional strength coach in Austin, and his platforms are built around helping guys be their best. While strength training is his forte, he tackles plenty of other topics and always brings them back to being strong and confident. A good example of his work is this video that can help guys improve their love lives.

 Dre Drexler

If there is a persona on YouTube that personifies men’s fashion, it’s Dre Drexler. He’s been at it since 2011, and he currently enjoys millions of views and a half-million subscribers. His hair, clothing and general fashion tips have turned many sloppy boys into irresistible men. If you want to see just how impactful his stuff is, you can check out this great guide to starting your day better.

Based Zeus

This is a more recent channel. It was founded in 2016 and is mostly all about dating advice. The channel doesn’t credit a single creator and instead fully commits to the social media persona of Based Zeus. It’s delightfully sarcastic and surprisingly insightful. You can see what we mean in this step-by-step tutorial design to help any guy get laid on a first date.


Our Own Dose of Advice

We love each of the channels we just introduced to you. They do great stuff. That does not stop us from believing that we are the ultimate experts on manscaping. While Morenas is probably a better resource for help on having chiseled abs, he turns to us when he wants to level up his manscaping routine. We’ve spent so many hours perfecting our tools and methods that we can’t help but want to share our knowledge with men everywhere. With that in mind, we’re going to take you through the ultimate manscaping routine template. You’ll notice the word “template.” We understand that not everyone can commit to exactly the same routine. Instead, the purpose is for you to have an adaptable outline that can conform to your lifestyle and help you manscape to your utmost.


Everyone knows that trimming body hair is the bread and butter of manscaping. Some guys might mistakenly overvalue shaving, but trimming is always the first step. With a Lawn Mower 2.0 and Magic Mat, it’s an easy, painless process. Trimming alone is enough to transform your body. When you take a measured approach, it can change your whole outlook.

We talked about routine, so here’s the basics of trimming. You want to do it before you shower. Some of you will ignore us and do it in the shower anyway, but you’re going to fight with excessively hydrated skin and a clogged drain. Also, most guys trim too short on average. You want to start a little longer and work your way down. While we’re giving general advice, make sure you don’t trim your whole body with one device. Cross-contamination is a real thing and it can cause serious blowback. If possible, have a separate trimmer for work above and below the waste. If not, you can easily have separate blades for each job with the Lawn Mower 2.0.

Top Male YouTube Influencers Who Featured Manscaped


Shaving is probably the most controversial part of manscaping. The Teachingmensfashion video we linked has some excellent advice. That said, many experts are still going to disagree on exactly which parts are best shaved or left trimmed. That’s because each body is unique and subject to its own rules. The one agreement you’ll find among experts, though, is that you should be using the Plow. It’s the world’s most advanced razor that is specifically designed for manscaping.

In the name of routine, shaving is best tone directly after a trim. If you’ve ever grown a beard, you understand why. Also, if you know the basics of managing your beard, you can apply those principles to shaving below the belt. Your beard looks best with different layered lengths (longer on the cheeks and very short on the neck) and clean lines. The same can be said of your junk. You don’t want the upper pubes to be completely bare (usually), and you want the shrubs right under the trunk to be extra short. Where you ultimately deign to apply the touch of a razor is up to you.


Where we get the most disagreement form other manscapers is in the timing of a shower. We completely understand. Doing things in the shower is more convenient. There’s no question, and if you need that convenience to get through your routine, go for it. But, if you want the best results, you should shower after you groom. This does tons of important things for you skin and hair health, but we’ll try to be brief. Mostly, Crop Cleanser applies an Active pH Control formula that restores the protective barrier around your skin that is inevitably damaged by cutting blades.

If you get nothing else from this, let it be that showering after you groom is better for your skin and for your drain. While the latter is obvious, the former is mostly due to the fact that excessive exposure to moisture can cause a number of mild skin problems. More than anything else, it actually leads to dryness and the myriad of problems that come with it. It sounds counterintuitive, but it boils down to the simple fact that tap water is a terrible moisturizer. Shortening your showers is good for you.

Top Male YouTube Influencers Who Featured Manscaped

Going the Extra Mile

Trimming might be the bread and butter of manscaping, but the daily maintenance routine is definitely more important. Most guys don’t need to worry about hair removal on a daily basis (at least below the belt). Whether or not you groom, you should be applying Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver after every shower.

Crop Preserver is our special ball deodorant. If all it did was keep your nuts from smelling like -- well -- nuts, that would be enough. But, it does much more. It helps promote healthy skin; it keeps your junk from getting excessively hot; and it even reduces chafe-inducing friction. Just rub some in after your shower.

Crop Reviver is equally important for crotch health. It’s the easiest thing in the world to use, and daily use is sure to prevent the itchiness and irritation that can otherwise plague you after a shave. You just spray a little down your shorts as needed, and you’ll be good to go at all times.

As much as we’re in love with discussing manscaping, we can only fit so much into a single post. Rather than overwhelm you with a dissertation on manscaping techniques, we try to keep things in digestible chunks. If you want to see the treasure trove of information that we have made freely available, you can find it all at

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