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December 15, 2016

Travel: Top Cities for Single Guys

 top cities for single guys

Singledom is all about having fun, but sometimes, you need a companion to add an extra layer of excitement to your entertaining evenings. Whether you’re looking for a few fun hookups or a partner who could potentially be part of your life till death do you part, there are a few cities in the United States that are known for supporting Single Guy status.

London, England

Somewhere between the Changing of the Guards and chaos inspired by raging club parties, London's figured out a way to cater to the masses. This means single men everywhere converge on this historical city to make a few memories of their own.

There's no shortage of nightclubs if you're feeling a little rowdy, and when you've had enough of the party scene, you can settle into a quiet pub along the Thames River and shoot the breeze with some of the locals.

Ibiza, Spain

True to its Spanish style, Ibiza is the kind of place that's all play and no work (unless, of course, you call sipping a cold cerveza next to some of the most beautiful people in the world a difficult job.)

Ibiza is a single guy's paradise. Thanks to its free-love culture and endless party mentality, gay men and straight men alike are likely to find plenty of fun if they're looking to spend beach time with someone.

Dublin, Ireland

If the purpose of your getaway is to hit the greens, you’ve got to head to Dublin. This Irish oasis is home to some of the most infamous and exclusive golf courses across the globe, which makes this city the perfect place to practice your golf swing on some pretty pricey fairways.

Hood River, Oregon

Looking for a few days away where you can stretch your manly strength and show the Earth what you’re made of? The wilderness of Oregon awaits you in Hood River with some of the most extreme experiences you could imagine, no matter what the season. Surrounded by a healthy dose of mountains and water, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to test your own limits.

Globe-trotting is a bit of an artful for single men who want to get their fill of adventure and fun in. If you’ve already starting ticking off boxes on the list of places that make you lust for more man-cations, tell us which spots scored highest with you!

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