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Ultimate Guide to First-Time Manscaping

It’s time. Most men already groom. You’re either a stout holdout or a young teen. If it’s the latter, we get it. If it’s the former, we get that you do things your own way, and we can respect that. The issue is that you’re not truly understanding why most men do it. Either that or you aren’t familiar enough with the process. Whatever your reservations, we want to help you out. It’s just who we are, so we’re going to explain to you why this is important. Then, we’re going to teach you how to do it. If you’re still unsure about male grooming, keep reading. This should be a short experience that kills your reservations and pays the way to you joining the club.

Why Should You Groom?

It’s a fair question. You’re looking at adding extra chores to your life, arguably for the rest of your life. And you’re also looking at spending money on specialized tools and products for said chores. It might make you ponder: Is it worth it?

You might consider us a biased source, but we wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t believe in it. Male grooming is more than just keeping up with style trends (which has value in and of itself). It’s about feeling great. At some point, you’ve probably noticed that your body hair is a pain. It traps smells. It gets itchy. It keeps you damp long after you’re done doing sweaty things. You don’t have to get rid of it, but if you manage it, a thousand tiny irritations that hit you every day suddenly disappear. It’s difficult to articulate how amazing that feels without experiencing it.

Of course, grooming can also help your love life. There are certain expectations of the modern man. You don’t want to be a disappointment, so learning this vital skill is overdue. As the saying goes, when you trim the hedges, the tree stands taller. Also, a groomed body leads to a more pleasant experience for anyone who wants to get intimate with you. You know you feel the same way, so why not follow the golden rule when it comes to body hair.

Ultimate Guide to First-Time Manscaping

The Tools You’ll Need

Grooming for men doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. In reality, you can have a great experience with only three tools, and they’re all consolidated in The Perfect Package 3.0 kit. We’re going to include a pair of extra resources in this list, but you really only need a trimmer, deodorant, and aftershave. No, really. That’s it.

The Trimmer

With The Lawn Mower™ 3.0 trimmer, the grooming portion of grooming and hygiene is made easy. The trimmer is extremely versatile and easy to use. You can trim dry with no worries. You have adjustable cutting guards, so you can get your groin hair as long or short as you want. It’s cordless, waterproof, and ergonomically designed. You’ll find that you have full control, and everything is as simplified as possible.

You get bonus points when you combine your great trimmer with the Magic Mat™ clean-up mat (also included in The Perfect Package). It’s basically a drop cloth in paper form for body hair. You lay it down before you groom, and it catches the mess.

The Deodorant

One of the worst-kept secrets in the world of male grooming is that ball deodorant is an essential tool. Newcomers are often surprised by this, but a good deodorant does a lot of positive things for your skin and hair health, especially after a little male grooming. Crop Preserver™ deodorant is a shining example. It has a formula that soothes your skin and helps you control moisture. If your skin is too dry, grooming will be miserable. If it’s too damp, you’ll be growing things in your shorts that no one should ever smell. Crop Preserver toes that line, and by doing so, it helps your skin recover from grooming much faster.


What might not be completely surprising is that aftershave is important for grooming and hygiene, too. Obviously, you don’t want to throw an intense aftershave on skin anywhere near your privates, but there are alternatives made specifically for this part of your body. That brings us to Crop Reviver™ refresher. It has a formula that keeps your skin healthy. It also has Aloe Vera to soothe any irritation that might occur if you go for a close shave (pubic hair gets bristly when it’s short; you’ve been warned).

Good Body Wash

As long as you use any soap when you shower, you’re on the right track. A better body wash is a great bonus item for your men's grooming kit. We recommend Crop Cleanser™ hair and body wahs. It’s designed specifically to help your body after a full session (we’re not just talking about trimming the boys here). It'll help you stay clean, and as an all-in-one formula, it makes hygiene easier than ever.

You might notice that we haven’t mentioned anything about a razor. If you’re determined to shave parts of your body, that’s your business. As experts in the field, we just want you to know that razors aren’t required anymore. The Lawn Mower can get your hair as short as you need it, without risking direct contact with a razor blade. Also, fully shaved is falling out of fashion. It’s all about clean crops now.

Ultimate Guide to First-Time Manscaping

How to Groom

Men's grooming can be distilled into three easy steps. Here’s the part we need to emphasize. Only the first step involves cutting body hair. Two-thirds of it is about what you do after you groom. We’re going to explain that referencing the tools we just mentioned.

Step 1: Trim Your Hair

This is where we differ from a lot of advice-givers. One of the most common pieces of advice is to take a warm shower before you groom. We disagree. The merits of a warm shower are inarguable. It helps soften and loosen the hair follicles, and that’s great for a close shave. The problem is that after you groom, your body is going to be covered in itchy and irritating hair clippings. You can solve that with a second shower, but that’s harder on your skin than just grooming dry. The easier method is to groom first and shower second.

As for how you should go about grooming, slap on a cutting guard and give the areas that concern you a once-over. If you want to go shorter, feel free to experiment, but a body buzz cut really is enough to get you into the club. You can save advanced styling for when you’re a bit more comfortable.

Step 2: Shower

There’s nothing revolutionary here. Just make sure you regularly exfoliate (usually once a week is fine). If you plan your exfoliating to come right after grooming, it’s a great way to make sure you get all of those little hair clippings. It’s not a bad plan.

And, of course, we recommend washing with Crop Cleanser.

Step 3: Skincare

If you’re familiar with feminine skincare, you might know that most of the work happens after a shower. You can learn a few things from this. When it comes to grooming, the most important part happens right after you shower. You want to apply Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver (in that order and after following the instructions on the bottles). They’ll promote healthy skin and protect you from irritation, dry skin, and other fallout that plagues some guys when they manscape. This is really the most important tip for first-timers because it lets you skip the most unpleasant side-effects. If you don’t itch, get dry, or have razor burn, you’ll find that grooming is a truly important routine.

That’s all it takes. Even if these steps feel involved, you’re looking at a handful of minutes to groom, a normal shower, and about three minutes after the shower. We’ve made this as easy as possible. So, if you’re ready to get your hands on the best tools for the job, or if you want to deepen your knowledge and get past the first-time experience, head over to We have everything you need.


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