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May 15, 2017

Update Your Technology 2017

With new and better ways to tech up showing up every year, we wanted to share some cool new technology that we love or are on our wishlist! These cool devices will take your home and entertainment game up to the next level! 

  1. LG OLED TV - If you want a true at home cinematic experience this is a the best TV available on the market! The colors are so true and even the black pixels are truly black! They actually turn off the pixels, so it is a true deep black, creating intense depth! In our opinion, waaay better than a 3D TV! Image result for lg oled tv
  2. Sony Alpha Mirrorless Camera - Want an upgrade from you classic point and shoot? This camera has the photo quality of a professional grade DSLR but the compact size of a point and shoot! You can even buy additional lense attachments if you want to get real fancy! The flip screen view finder will help you get perfect selfie or group shot. The video quality is even excellent and you can send all the images and videos straight to your phone!Image result for sony alpha a6000
  3. Sony Playstation 4 Pro  - If you splurge on one of the best new TV available, you may want to consider upgrading your gaming system to get the most out of your entertainment system! This console is 4K and HDR compatible, excellent with the new age TVs, and has a 1TB hard drive to hold all your game and movie downloads! This console is a definite upgrade from its previous brothers and you should expect more games titles to be released in the upcoming months! Image result for Sony Playstation 4 Pro
  4. The Amazon Echo - Meet Alexa! We can’t live without her in our offices and in our homes! Seriously, we really do have her in our office and not only is she useful for searching the internet for your greatest desires, you command her by just using your voice! She makes a great DJ and can even let you know how the traffic looks for your morning commute! Image result for The Amazon Echo
  5. PicoBrew Pico Personal Craft Beer Brewery - A bit extravagant but for a true beer-lover who wants to brew their own beer but don’t know where to start and don’t want to bother with the mess, this automated system will brew 5 liters of craft beer in 2 hours! Image result for PicoBrew Pico Personal Craft Beer Brewery

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