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February 09, 2017

What Do Women Think About Manscaping?

what do women think of manscaping

There’s no question that men who manscape find they love it. That, of course, doesn’t address the ever-important question: how do women feel about all of this? Thankfully, a number of groups have done some research on the subject, so we don’t have to simply guess. While the results are as varied as any question put to a field of women, the answers had a few trends that can help you plan your manscaping routine accordingly.

Going By the Numbers

The raw data varies depending on who collected it, but in every survey a majority of women prefer at least some level of manscaping. As many as 80 percent claim that hairy balls are a turnoff, and other numbers estimate that somewhere between 60 and 76 percent of women prefer a total body grooming. This shows that some women still prefer the all-natural approach, but they’re in a shrinking minority. Unless you have a partner who has expressed their desire to see you be a mountain man, the statistics suggest a healthy manscaping routine.

Playing the Field

The other important takeaway from those surveys is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to manscaping. All preferences vary, but there are a few details that are consistent. When four out of five women prefer a smooth back, then you should probably make it a priority. It’s also worth noting that the most common complaint about manscaping is prickly hair. There are three ways to avoid this. You can shave or trim so often that you don’t get a five o'clock shadow on parts of your body, or trim the hairs but leave them long enough that they aren’t prickly.

In the end, different approaches work better for different parts of the body. Since backs are hard to manage, waxing might be best there. For your privates, special grooming tools designed for that area work best. Finally, it’s worth noting that less than 20 percent of women like a man to be smooth all over. Manscaping is mostly about trimming, not shaving. The smooth back principle does not typically apply to the arms, legs or private parts.

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