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What Is Manscaping? 2019 Up-to-Date and Packed with Info Edition

When the word "manscaping" was first born, it didn't encompass the luxuries we have today. Way back when, it essentially meant men were deodorizing their pits and wiping their balls in times and places that were appropriate. Over time, technology and innovative designs have gifted men with a completely different way to put their best faces, feet, and phalluses forward (assuming, of course, that you only do the latter in situations where it's acceptable). 

We've arrived at a new time. A time when men are not only comfortable with their daily male grooming regimens, but they embrace them. A time when women aren't the only creatures who schedule regular pedicures and put themselves on pedestals after a hard day's work. A time when balls no longer have to take the brunt of the between-the-legs landscape by sitting quietly and idling their time until it's their moment to shine. 

No, gents.

This is 2019. And this is the year you need to learn how to manscape your crop properly. 

You don't have to feel ashamed about the attention you give to your balls. No. You should embrace it. Embrace them. Empower your sensitive skin with all the tools today's trade has to offer. And, don't apologize for it. After you've manscaped your body for the first time, you'll understand what we mean. Get ready to walk into a whole different cloak of confidence. Wear your body proudly. Let your balls be the balls they were always meant to be.

Be you, our friend. This is the year of manscaping, and MANSCAPED is ready to give you everything you need to convey the confidence you carry below the belt.

What is Manscaping?

Let's start with the basics: manscaping simply involves taking care of yourself in a way that exudes confidence and potentially attracts future (or existing) partners. It's not a one-step process, though, fellas. A true manscaping endeavor is a head-to-toe experience that ends with your best self being presented to the world.

Whacking Off Unwanted Hair

Okay, maybe "whacking" and "private parts" don't belong in the same sentence, but hear us out! 

Unless you've already got a manscaping regimen that's well underway, you've likely got some excess growth going on in your lower garden. Besides the fact that keeping your pelvic region trimmed can help ensure great hygiene, good grooming habits also help avoid between-the-sheets scares when your partner heads down there. Let's talk real-deal for a minute: nobody needs you to provide ultra-organic floss when you're in the throes of a hot-and-heavy evening. Leave the minty strings to Oral B and keep your partner's experience as positive as possible by trimming your nether parts regularly.

It's not just about the below-the-belt fur, though. Manscaping also includes removing the winter sweater you've been growing on your back, getting rid of the wooly-mammoth growth on your shoulders, and making sure your chest is primed for selfies (not embarrassing social media memes). 

To take care of this unwanted hair:

Use The Lawn Mower 3.0. Founded on the idea that dudes deserve to have happy skin, too, Manscaped created this all-over body trimmer that's made with SkinSafe™ technology. Translation? It'll trim the hair on your body, no matter where it grows, without pulling, tugging, or ripping it from its roots. It's a safe selection for every inch of your body, from your shoulders to your under-the-shorts spots.

Getting Smooth Down to the Skin

There are a lot of benefits that come with grooming your junk. For starters, it's no longer 1977, so anything that's ultra-hairy has been out for quite some time. Sure, bell bottoms made a reappearance, and Matthew McConaughey's Dazed and Confused 'stache even found some modern-day appearances through the years. Note, however, that no one's ever seen an acceptable '70s tuft in the wild once that trend was gone. 

Once the days of gold chains and Knight Riders were officially in syndication, furry balls were out of business. In today's world, it's all about getting down to the smooth part of the skin—eliminating enough hair to make the sensitive spots around your scrotum dance with delight when someone dares to encroach on your crotch.

Keeping Your Body Clean

Okay, sure, this one should be a given. Trust us, though, it's not. While we'd like to start by encouraging every guy to shower regularly, we'd like to think that part of proper manscaping is pretty intuitive. What you use when you're in the shower, though? That's a different story.

If you're setting for store-brand body wash that's on the clearance shelf of your local grocery store, you're missing out on a lot of awesome things that come from cleansers that are formulated with the right ingredients. (You might also just be spending money for the sake of spending money because a lot of cheap body washes don't do much more than the water you're rinsing them off with.) The right body wash will take care of the bacteria that can make your crotch smell bad, send dirt down the drain, and leave your hair squeaky clean, too.

Crop Cleanser

When you're choosing a body wash for your skin:

Look for body washes that are pH balanced and offer natural ingredients such as aloe and sea salt. These elements are especially important after you shave because they calm sensitive skin that could otherwise become inflamed, helping to keep it calm and free of uncomfortable itchiness. Crop Cleanser was made for all of your parts, including the ones that are most susceptible to the kind of awkward itching that bad body washes can cause.

Deodorizing Your Down Under

Nobody likes a smelly crotch. Nobody. That means your boss who might be sitting next to you in a stuffy conference room after a long day of meetings or the person you're meeting for drinks so you can unwind after a stressful day. Swamp crotch is a naturally occurring phenomenon that happens when the bacteria from your skin builds up and starts raising hell in the place where your nads play.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

There are deodorizers that are specifically made for male anatomy, enabling you to make the most of your day without scaring people away. 

To keep crotch stink at bay:

Opt for a daily dose of Crop Preserver. This talcum-like gel glides onto your gonads easily and quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving behind a layer of protection that keeps the funk out of your drawers.

Keeping Your Nails Kept (and yes, we mean all of them)

When we say you need to keep your nails clean, let's get one thing clear: you have two sets of nails. If you're going to opt to keep one in better condition than the other, let's start with your fingernails because we're willing to bet you'll never meet a lady who gets riled up about some dirty, jagged fingernails proposing a getaway in the broom closet. We're willing to bet most men won't get excited about this idea, either.

For argument's sake, let's just say you should never choose between your two sets of nails. In other words, your feet deserve your attention, too. When it comes to manscaping, it's a head-to-toe endeavor, which means you absolutely need to include your toes in the equation.

To ensure you keep a well-manicured look on all of your nails:

Schedule regular appointments with your favorite nail salon to ensure you offer a primo mani/pedi combo to anyone you come in contact with. Trust us—you won't be the only guy to have ever stepped foot in a nail salon. In between your salon sessions, be sure to keep your cuticles healthy and your nails in tip-top shape with The Shears.

what is manscaping

Don't let your far-south follicles trick you into thinking you have to sport a bush to feel burly. No! Order your Perfect Package 3.0 today, and get ready to see (and feel) what the world is like when you're a little less hairy in the regions that matter. 



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