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What stores is MANSCAPED® sold in?

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



What stores is Manscaped™ sold in?

Do you already know that MANSCAPED®  is the best thing to ever happen to below-the-waist grooming? That’s nice. Since we don’t have to talk up the product line to you, we can skip straight to the point. If you want to get your hands on some MANSCAPED® awesomeness, you need to know where to find the toys. MANSCAPED®  is available in several places. We partner with brick and mortar retailers, and there are a few online retailers that can complete a transaction for you.

What we’re most excited about today is the former improvement. For a long time, MANSCAPED® wasn't available in stores. Now, that is all changing. If you want a convenient place to get some supplies, keep reading and see who now carries MANSCAPED®.

You can find MANSCAPED® products in these 9 stores

MANSCAPED® was founded as an online retailer, and you can still get all of our great stuff shipped directly to your home. But, if you want to go pick up some goodies or refills, having a store nearby can go a long way. That’s why we put in the effort and got our stuff on some shelves near your home.

1. Best Buy

The first of the two stores that carry our products is Best Buy. It’s pretty sensible when you think about it. Best Buy is a tech store that tends to cater to a male audience. MANSCAPED® is a high-tech product company that caters to male grooming needs. It’s a natural match, and if you can’t wait for shipping, you can get The Lawn Mower® 4.0 trimmer at your local Best Buy.

2. Target

There is another store that carries our amazing tools, and it’s also found in most places. We’re talking about Target. It’s a department store that carries a little bit of everything, and now that MANSCAPED® is on the menu, they can live up to such a claim. Stop by your local Target if you want to get a look at our latest stuff in person.

3. Walgreens

Head down to your local pharmacy and get some men's grooming products while you're at it. Now available at your local Walgreens, get your hands on MANSCAPED® trimmers and formulations alongside your other hygiene and health needs.

4. Macy's

Getting pampered at your favorite department store just got better now that you can find MANSCAPED® products there too. Head on over to your local Macy's today and make sure you walk away taking care of your grooming needs.

5. Men's Warehouse 

Getting dressed and fitted for the holidays has never been easier with Men's Warehouse to help. MANSCAPED® is now available to help take you the full distance in getting cleaned up and dapper for the holidays. Check out your local Men's Warehouse today for your grooming needs!

6. Jos. A. Bank

While you're getting fit for that new suit, make sure you address your grooming regimen at the same time now that MANSCAPED® products are available at Jos. A. Bank. Complete your new wardrobe with BGE (Big Groomed Energy) at your local Jos. A. Bank today.

7. MCX

Specializing in serving marines and their families, MCX is now also carrying MANSCAPED® grooming products! Stop by your local MCX to get your grooming needs fulfilled.

8. The Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)

Get exclusive military pricing at the AAFES. Dedicated to serving the military community, AAFES can help you get discounted goods for you and your family. Check out your local AAFES for new MANSCAPED® products!


Last but not least, you can find MANSCAPED® products at Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM). Head on down to your local NEXCOM to see what you can find!

Or order from these websites

We think it’s good that MANSCAPED®  is on shelves near you, but we haven’t abandoned our roots. We’re still available online. You can have all of our products shipped directly to your home without any hassle at all. These four websites will take care of your grooming needs.

Buy From Best Buy's Website

The first is Best Buy. Yes, the products are on Best Buy shelves, but you can also order through their online store and get free shipping. If you want Best Buy points, or you’re comfortable with the retailer, you can still order online and get the best of both worlds.

Target also has MANSCAPED® on its website

Considering that we listed Best Buy twice, you can guess what comes next. MANSCAPED®  is available on Target’s online store too. That’s already cool, but Target shows that they get what male grooming is all about. That’s why they worked with MANSCAPED® to put out special kits that can only be found at Target. If you don’t see these kits on the shelves, they’re available online. Look for the Essential Kit and Refined Package.

Find us on Amazon

The next website on the list is also predictable. Can you call yourself an online retailer without an Amazon store? Well, we don’t have to explore that question because MANSCAPED® has an official Amazon store. All of our products are available through Amazon. You can use your Amazon gift cards, Prime bonuses, and other perks when ordering your favorite male grooming gear.

Don't Forget About

Last but not least, you can still get MANSCAPED® products on the original site. is still the ultimate resource for all things related to male grooming. You can order all of the products. You can also access our treasure trove of knowledge that includes grooming tutorials and tons of fun stuff. No matter where you prefer to order your tools, make sure to check in with the original website now and then to see what’s new.

But you won’t find us in these stores (yet)

We’ve covered the stores that house MANSCAPED® products. We’ve gone over the virtual resources that allow you to acquire your goodies however you prefer. There’s a third topic we need to cover, too. These are stores where you won’t find us. Rather than list every mom-and-pop shop in the world that doesn’t have a MANSCAPED® product line, we’re going to cover the major chains where you might normally expect us.

EBAY does not sell MANSCAPED® products

While you may see a listing from time-to-time on Ebay, MANSCAPED® has no formal relationship. While some sellers claim to have unused products, we wouldn't recommend taking the chance on a used pube trimmer. Save youself the hassel and buy from one of our trusted sources.

Ulta does not sell MANSCAPED® products

Another store where you might expect to see us is Ulta. It makes sense. They already carry countless lines of grooming tools. But, MANSCAPED® and Ulta haven’t figured out how to make that work yet, so at least for now, Ulta is for eyelash curlers, and Target and Best Buy are for manly grooming.

QVC does not sell MANSCAPED® products

Last on the list is QVC. QVC is supposed to have everything, but they aren’t quite on that Amazon level. Probably, the only thing holding them back is a conspicuous absence of MANSCAPED® goods in their warehouse.


We’ve covered the essentials. You know where to find MANSCAPED®. You also know where we aren’t, but you should check back in on occasion. We’re constantly expanding what we do, how we do it, and who can carry our products. The next time you need a refill, you might find that even more stores are carrying MANSCAPED®, and you’ll have that many more options available to you.

However you prefer to do your shopping, we want to be available to you. You can invest and turn your male grooming into a delightful — perhaps magical experience. Your balls will thank you. Your romantic partner(s) will thank you. In just about every way, you’ll be better off when you learn to groom, invest in good tools, and put it all to regular practice.



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