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What to pack on your summer vacation

Ready to hit the beaches and the bars? Don't forget these summer vacation essentials, so you can enjoy your vacation in style! 


Sunscreen - This is the most important thing when it comes to packing for a vacation. Not only is sunscreen more expensive when you’re at a tourist destination but it’s so important for protection your skin. Grab a couple bottles if you expect to be out in the sun most of your vacation. We recommend SPF 40 or above and don’t forget to reapply regularly!


Sunglasses - This isn’t just to make you look cool, it’s very important for protecting your eyes against UV rays. The UV rays age your eyes and in long term, can cause cataracts. Also, the skin around your eyes is more delicate and thinner than the rest of your face, so you’ll want extra protection in this area. (Have you read our "How To Choose Sunglasses" blog?) 


Versatile Swim Trunks - Pick swim trunks that can go from the beach to the bar without having to change. Who wants to waste their time changing their clothes, when they could be kicking back. Also, that means there’s less to pack!


Nice Polo or Shirt - We know you’re on vacation and that means just bumming it in any old t-shirt but trust us, being the best dressed guy at the bar will definitely have it’s advantages. You won’t regret bringing a nice shirt with you on your vacation! (Check out our "5 Summer Style Trends" Blog for inspiration) 


Slip-On Shoes - Nothing is more frustrating than getting through TSA with complicated lace-up shoes! Bring some casual slip-on shoes for your trip and for cruising around on your vacay. They’re easy to style and you can wear them all trip long! (


Hat - Again, not only is this a great style choice but to protect our head and face from the sun! We bet you didn’t know your scalp could burn. It’s true and it can be painful, so bring a hat and chill on the beach in style.


Grooming Kit - Seriously? You think you can go on summer vacation with out a little manscaping? Come on, have some class and do a little trimming! Not only will you look good strutting on the beach but it you won’t feel as hot with layers of hair all over. Besides, if you happen to meet a nice girl at the bar, do you really want to bring her back to see your untamed jungle? We didn’t think so.



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