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May 01, 2016

What Women Are Saying About Manscaped

what women are saying about manscaped

Most men will confess they manscape for reasons other than just for themselves -- they manscape for their significant others. They know the ladies love a well-groomed man, and Manscaped’s Perfect Package makes it easy to keep a man’s nether regions trimmed, dry, and fresh. Not to mention, but a trimmed package is a more attractive, larger-looking one.

Here’s what some ladies have said about their Manscaped men:

“Manscaped is the best thing that ever happened to my relationship! My boyfriend is so confident now, and our sex life is absolutely incredible! We’ve both had to call in sick a couple of times because we couldn’t get out of bed!” - Michelle T.

“My marriage of seven years was growing stale, and we were more like friends than lovers. I was desperate to rekindle the spark that we had at the beginning of our relationship! I saw an ad for Manscaped Perfect Package, and thought I should get it for my husband. I did, and he loves it! He pays attention to his grooming, which means he pays more attention to me, which means we’re like newlyweds again!” - Amy G.

“My guy friends have been raving about Manscaped, and about how their dates love how their, ehem, package looks and smells! TMI, if you ask me, but they’re getting laid left and right because Manscaped provides everything they need in one kit - cleanser, trimmer, spritz, even ball deodorant!” - Ashlyn V.

“Women, rejoice! That’s all I have to say. My boyfriend HATED trimming around his package, because he said it was uncomfortable. Never mind trying to get him to go to a waxing place. After he got Manscaped Perfect Package, he’s been raving about how easy it trim and take care of his family jewels (don’t blame him: he’s an only child). Now everything looks (and smells) amazing! Thanks, Manscaped. - Patricia S.

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