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January 06, 2017

What Your Hands Are Really Telling Her

what your hands are really telling her

A man’s hands say a lot about him, especially when a date sizes him up. If you want to know the secrets to sexy hands, regardless of your type, then get ready. The answers are here, and they might surprise you.

Rough vs Smooth

Unfortunately, there is not a clear consensus on when women prefer rough or smooth hands. It’s honestly a crapshoot on this one, but there are still measures you can take. First, if you have a type, you can probably find a bit more consistency in preference. More importantly, you need to learn here and now the difference between rough hands and unkempt hands. If you spent all day working on the car, it’s ok that you’ll have a few nicks and tough spots, but wash your damn hands! Unless you are in the middle of an activity that makes your hands dirty, uncleanliness is a universal turn off.


The next lesson in rough vs smooth comes to nails and cuticles. Again, it’s ok if your fingers aren’t as smooth as a baby’s bottom, but that is no excuse for neglect. Your fingernails should stay trimmed and free of debris or residue, and you should stay on top of hangnails. Excessive roughness in either area can ruin sexy time faster than you can imagine.


Calluses are fine, especially if you have a job or hobby that causes them, but they too can be managed. When they get too big and clunky, they aren’t just destroying your sex appeal (and trust me, they are). They also risk ripping during vigorous activity, and that’s a pain you don’t need. You can actually file your calluses, and they will simultaneously look great while doing a better job at protecting your hands.

In every case, moisturizer can be used strategically. If super smooth is your style, go for it. If you want to retain a feel of ruggedness, you can still manage hangnails, calluses and excessive dryness without going overboard and turning your man hands to mush. Like all aspects of manscaping, it’s a matter of paying attention and finding the right balance for your style. While we're on the topic, knuckle hair is also manageable, so don't forget about it!

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