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What Your Neck Accessory Says About You

what your neck accessory says about you

When it comes to men's fashion, there is one underestimated body part that, perhaps, makes more of a fashion statement than any other region of the human body.

But, before you get your mind too far in the gutter, take it back to the top because it's the part of your body that holds up your handsome face that's tasked with keeping your fashion senses out of disgrace.

Never before has the neck made such an impact on the catwalk, but if you're up for a little aesthetic adventure, take a look at our quick guide so you can learn a little more about what your neck adornment says about you:

Bow Tie

Bear in mind that not everyone can wear a bow tie, but those who can withstand the social pressures definitely turn heads. Sure, it helps that Cam Newton happens to be a Super Bowl-contending quarterback, but it's possible that, even without a Heisman in his back pocket, those bow ties would be runway-ready accessories for that famous face.

The key is confidence. Bow ties take are myth-busting nerd lovers, so sexy faces get ready -- when a bow tie frames your face, suitors are soon to flock.

Skinny Tie

A hipster vibe is all the rage, but only if your body type and exterior outfit suit the cause. Skinny ties work well on slender and tall men. If you've been working on bulking up your upper body, or if you've got a bit of bulk to start with, a skinny tie will do unfavorable things to the way others perceive your fashion forwardness.

Traditional Tie

Classical ties are shrouded in tradition, power, and put-togethered-ness. If you're ever in doubt, this should be your go-to neck garb. From presentations to meetings of the parents, traditional ties are the no-fail approach if you're trying to make a positive impression.

No Tie at All

If you're over the age of 25, and you're questioning if you can get away without wearing a tie, the answer is NO. There are perfectly obvious occasions in which no tie is necessary, but if you're a grown man in a situation that even has you contemplating if you should wear a tie, you already know the answer.

Bow tie, skinny tie, traditional one, or none? Share your #mantie preferences on Twitter



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