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May 24, 2017

Where Is Your PH Level and How to Balance It

Take this simple quiz to find out if your skin is PH balanced! Maintaining PH balance is so important for healthy skin and it’s so easy to do, you just need to use PH balancing products. Manscaped formulations are specifically formulated with active PH control!


How does your skin feel after cleansing?

a) Soft and smooth

b) Tight and dry

c) Still slightly oily or not thoroughly clean


    How often do you moisturize your skin?

    a) At least morning and evening

    b) Once a day

    c) Never


    Has your skin become sensitive to products you regularly use?

    a) No, it feels normal, like always.

    b) Once in awhile

    c) It seems like it reacts to everything I put on it lately.


    How often does your skin have dry, flaky, rough patches?

    a) Never

    b) Sometimes

    c) Usually


    Do you notice that your skin looks duller and has more lines in the morning?

    a) No

      b) Yes, usually

      c) It's a very rare occurrence.

      Is your skin excessively oily and prone to breakouts (whereas it wasn't in the past)?

      a) No

        b) Occasionally

        c) Yes


        Does your skin often look red and feel irritated?

        a) No

          b) It stings only after applying products.

          c) Yes


          Does your skin look plump, moist, and glowing?

          a) Almost always

            b) Rarely

            c) It's plump, but more greasy than glowing.


              If you answered mostly b's, your skin's pH is. . .

              Too high. Your chronic dryness and wrinkling means your acid mantle is too alkaline! Your skin is stripped of its protective lipids and this may come from a mixture of your diet, environmental factors, and the chemicals from the products you are using on your skin. You need to be wary of how (and how often) you are cleansing and hydrating your skin.

              If you answered mostly a's, your skin's pH is. . .

              Just right! Your PH is perfect! Of course PH fluctuates but it's pretty close to perfect at the moment. Keep your hygiene care routine going and be sure to use PH balancing products to ensure your PH will always be on the number! This means your skin is healthy and acting as it should.

              If you answered mostly c's, your skin's pH is. . .

              Too low. If your skin tends to be overly oily, sensitive, and is prone to breakouts, you really need to find PH balancing products! These skin and body products will help you regulate your unbalanced skin and keep it happy and healthy. It isn’t difficult to balance 

              your PH, you just need a good consistent routine with the right products!


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