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December 20, 2016

Whiskey, Beer, & Bourbon: How to Man-Up Your Meat in the Kitchen

man-up your meat


This isn't the 1950s, and kitchens these days are packed with manly power producing amazing dishes that make people want to two-fist their forks. What better to way to make the kitchen experience optimal than a little lubrication from some of the finest spirits found on liquor store shelves?

Here are a few man-friendly recipes that bring whiskey, bourbon, and beer into the mix to create dishes you'll want to dine on time and time again:

Beer Can Chicken

Bust out a bird and pop the top on your favorite brew because this chicken's about to get the party started! Grill masters, rejoice! Beer can chicken has all the ingredients for a good time. With a little oil and dry rub on the outside, the meat will absorb an intense flavor while the beer can on which your bird is perched will provide all of the moisture necessary for producing a plate of tender, tasty chicken.

Bourbon Beef

Most manly marinades are rooted in bourbon- and whiskey-inspired ingredients that make mouths water. If you're prepping a few pounds of beef, chill it in this bourbon marinade overnight to infuse amazing flavors that will make your guests ask for second helpings.

Tequila Lime Wings

No mancave is complete without hand-held, gooey syrup dripping past your wrist as your try to defy gravity with every bite. Tequila Lime Wings welcome you to bring it! Armed with a bit of tequila and lime juice, your man-pad is soon to be set to launch flavors brought from south-of-the-border experiences. A little agave syrup and some adobo sauce help to infuse Mexican flavors while the tequila takes a stand at speaking for itself.

Seafood Scampi

This is a great option if you're trying to impress someone with dinner at your place. With the leftover chardonnay or sauvignon blanc, you two can toast to the town while you're chowing down on some impeccably perfect seafood scampi just before you head to the living room for a couch full of cuddles.

Did we forget your favorite alcohol-infused food? Don't leave us hanging! 

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