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Why A Man’s Undercarriage May Smell

Men are outstanding creatures, built with beautiful bodies any woman (or man) is meant to enjoy. On the top, they have strong arms, great for keeping their partners feeling safe. On the lower level, they have instruments built for pleasure. Unfortunately, that pleasurable spot is often preceded by an unpleasant odor. This is where male-specific odor gets down and dirty, and it's why manscaping balls has become such a normal thing in this world.

A partner can easily be dissuaded from a sexy night of naughty doings when crotch malodor starts making its way through the sheets or smelly underwear. It's not an unusual stench, but it can be combated. The questions are: what is it, how did it get there, and why does it insist on hanging out in one of sexiest places of a man's anatomy?

why a man's undercarriage may smell

What Starts the Smell?

Let's begin with the obvious: below-the-waist areas seldom have the opportunity to come up for air. They're stewing in their own juices, encased by clothing that holds onto pheromones, sweat, and dirt like it's their job. The groin isn't only covered in a single layer of fabric—it's layers-deep, beneath underwear, jeans, seatbelts, and sports gear. 

There are a few things that go into the stink:

  • Moisture. Moisture is a known stench-maker in any facet of life. Think about how old, mildew-y homes automatically greet you with an undeniable funk when you walk in the front door. The same goes for man-smell, without the mold and mildew (although, sometimes, the differences can be hard to distinguish.) Any kind of moisture—when it's encased and unable to breathe—will begin to muster up its own unique odor. In the case of the perimeter around the penis, there's a lot of moisture milling about.
  • Colonized Bacteria. Bacteria is natural all over the body. When it's left to its own devices in a below-the-belt incubator, however, things can turn sour quickly. It's hot and humid under there, easily turning into a pH-unbalanced situation that turns into unwanted odors. The skin's coating creates an oily substance known as the acid mantle, which is secreted by the sebaceous glands. When the mantle mixes with sweat, its normal pH range of 4 to 5.5 gets thrown out of whack. The aforementioned range is slightly acidic, meaning it's meant to fend off excessive amounts of unwanted bacteria (thus, battling ball stench). When the pH balance begins to get thrown off, bacteria outnumbers its acidic counterpart and sets up shop. Thus, a smelly crotch is born.
  • Sweat. The more athletic you are, the more sweat will play into your crotch stench. But, that's not to say you have to be a Heisman Trophy winner to realize the saltiness sweat can bring to your boxer shorts. Everyday activities like walking to the bus stop, increasing your cortisol (stress hormone) before a big meeting, or wrestling around with the kids can cause you to sweat. Not to mention, a normal day at the gym is bound to produce an influx of sweat invasion if you do your workout right! Have you asked yourself, "Can I put deodorant on my balls?", the answer is yes. Just make sure it's actually made for your balls.

why a mans undercarriage may smell

Since sweat is a bodily fluid, it contributes to the moisture noted above. And because carries dirt and grime from your pores, it's leading a pool of stench right to the fabric of your briefs.

  • Apocrine Secretions. The groin is richly supplied with a little-known sweat gland called the apocrine gland. These glands are found in places where you've got a lot of hair (think: armpits and around your twig and berries). When your body temperature rises—or when you're under emotional stress—the apocrine glands secrete a milky substance that follows its way along the hair follicles. The secretion is odorless unless it combines with bacteria, and, of course, there's always bacteria waiting in the crotch!
  • Leftover Urine. Let's not turn a blind eye to the fact that the shimmy-and-shake solution simply can't ward off all traces of urine. Unlike females, who use toilet paper to get rid of the excess wetness, men simply do a little quiver and quake, and tuck their pieces back where they belong. While that action will eliminate the majority of urine after a good pee, there's still plenty of liquid waiting to find its way into a guy's britches. Even a small bit of urine can have a stench, but over a day's time, urine, combined with all of the other stink-inducing ingredients is the icing on the crotch-smell cake.
  • Medical Issues. There are some health conditions above and beyond those explored above, which are far rarer, but could account for smelly situations in certain men. Urinary tract infections, though most common in women, can occur in men, too. STD and STIs can certainly create their own unpleasant odors, as can other health-related issues. If you're experiencing foul odors down under, unrelated to everyday sweating and daily activities, it's best to see your doctor to rule out any potentially larger issues.

Keeping Ball Bacteria (and Other Odor Invaders) at Bay

It's important to use pH-balanced hygiene products on a regular basis to get rid of unwanted bacteria and bring your balls back to a neutral level. Not all soaps and body washes are made for a man's unique body design. MANSCAPED is a company dedicated to making your package as pristine as possible, from clean smells to soft, touchable landscapes. Here's what you can do to get the ball rolling so your balls don't suffer the consequences of unwanted odors:

the lawn mower 3.0.

1. Trim with The Lawn Mower

Using The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer, you can easily tighten up those rogue hairs and get your pelt in order for a round of trimming, which will take away a lot of the hair that's holding onto bacteria and odor-producing elements. The Lawn Mower 3.0 is great below-the-belt, making it your single-most-necessary mancessory.

Be sure to put the Magic Mat down before you go to town, though. This tough little mat is made to pick up all the pieces so you're not chasing rogue curlies around your bathroom for the rest of your life.

2. Shower with pH-Balanced Products

Here's the key: you need to make sure you're as pH balanced before you even step out to start your day. Crop Cleanser is a made-for-man body wash that's got your balls at the top of mind. Soothing sea salt and aloe make it great for any part of the body, but your nether region will particularly appreciate the pH balance formulated directly into each bottle.

3. Preserve Your Precious Parts

Get ready to meet your new best friend. Crop Preserver is a specially formulated, all-in-one deodorant and moisturizer, specifically designed to reduce bacteria and moisture from coming together to make men's crotches smell. The Crop Preserver offers a skin protection barrier and an advanced, quick-absorbing talcum-like formula that gets you through the day without worrying about what's going on down there. Formulated with anti-chafing ingredients, it keeps you dry and balanced all day.

This cult-favorite will keep your undercarriage healthy when you apply it after showering in the morning, and later on in the day, depending on how good your “goods” feel down there.

4. Revive Your Crops

Before you step out, spritz on a little title=" target=" rel=">Crop Reviver™ scrotal tonerCrop Reviver toner and refresher. This antifungal toner keeps sensitive skin happy, reducing inflammation while improving pH levels that could otherwise lead to stinky circumstances. It refreshes and keeps odors and bacteria away, just spray away, twice a day!

MANSCAPED has everything you need to protect you from crotch stink. Thanks to our pH-balanced products, built specifically for men, you'll find yourself with a stink-free scrotum and hairless balls in no time at all. It's all about the ingredients! Purchase your Perfect Package 3.0 today, and get ready to remove the smelly residue your former cleansers left on your body.

No matter which formulation becomes your favorite, they feature the MANSCAPED signature, bestselling scent. The days of malodor “down there” are now long gone with a little help from our ball deodorant and our other great bathroom products. 


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