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Why Do Men Shave Their Leg Hair?

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Why Do Men Shave Their Leg Hair?

Have you been trying to figure out how to shave your legs for guys? Yes, it's true. Men do wax their legs. Manscaping has come a long way in the last few years, but there are still some stigmas and uncertainties that remain. At the top of that list is the issue of grooming your legs. Even guys who have manscaped forever are often hesitant in their approach to the bottom-most part of their bodies. We’re here today to help clarify a number of misconceptions and help you feel more confident in your treatment of your legs. Let's answer the question: Why do men shave their leg hair?



Yes, you already knew this. Yes, we’re starting with the easy stuff. Still, we can’t call this a real list of reasons without including the traditional top of said list. The top three sports that tend to include leg shaving are swimming, bicycling, and bodybuilding. Plenty of other sports might include some athletes who shave, and some niche sports that are less well-known have their own trends. The truth is that shaving has been tied to sports since they became top-dollar professions. If cutting the hair from your legs gives you any kind of psychological or competitive edge, then, by all means, get to it.

The other side of this coin is often overlooked, though. A lot of guys who shave to stay in top form get used to it. It’s not uncommon for males to keep their legs neat and smooth long after they get out of the competitive scene. So, even though people have mixed opinions on shaved legs, if it makes you more comfortable, then do you. That’s especially true if you stay in shape and keep your legs sculpted.


The other top reason to shave legs is for health benefits. This isn’t an attempt to say that smooth legs are universally healthier than their hairy alternatives. Rather, there are a lot of specific medical situations that can lead to shaving. Surgery is the most common, and a whole host of skin conditions are easier to treat when you’re less bushy. Once again, the experience of being smooth can have unpredictable results. More than one legscaper in the world got started because of a medical treatment.

A slight tangent to this idea can be found in tattoos. If you want quality art on your skin, you need to provide a clean canvas, and if that canvas is on your leg, that means shaving the stems. Even after the tattoo heals, plenty of people keep the area smooth to better display their art. So, if you’re one of the many, many millions of people considering or sporting a leg tattoo, you might be joining the ranks of the leg-shaved.

man getting tattoo


Leg grooming definitely falls under the umbrella of manscaping. And, as we all know, one of the primary motivations for manscaping is sex. If a little hair care improves your results in the bedroom, why wouldn’t you do it? That said, the traditional notion is still that men should leave their legs alone. In fact, we’d wager that at least half of you reading this are operating under that assumption. Here’s where we’re going to turn your world upside down.

Women’s Health did a survey to see how the ladies feel about hairy legs. In their poll, they found that 22 percent of women like smooth legs on their men. That’s way above what most people would guess. Furthermore, 30 percent of those polled said that they prefer trimmed legs on their guys. When you add it up, it shows that 52 percent of women like some level of manscaping on the legs. That means that odds are in your favor (albeit only slightly) if you keep your leg hair managed.

Now, we believe in the brotherhood amongst those who manscape, so we’re going to give you some very important advice. The fact that a majority of women prefer some level of manscaping should not fully determine how you handle your legs. The more complicated truth is that the ideal legs will vary from guy to guy. If you’re exceptionally bushy, you should consider a stronger trimming/shaving effort. Conversely, if you have sparse, light leg hair, you might not need to worry at all. But, this is the most important part. If you’re going to shave your legs, they have to be sculpted. You can’t shave first and get in shape later. It has to be the other way around. You’re welcome.

It Feels Good

That heading might seem strange after an entire section talking about sex. Not to worry, this is not the suggestion that shaved legs improve the sensations of sex. At least, that’s not the case that we know of. There might be some kinks out there where it does matter. That’s on you. 

What we’re really talking about here is the sensation of cleanliness and freshness that comes from all manscaping. After you put effort into grooming your leg hair, there’s a tangible difference in your legs. It might not actually be a superior feeling, but you will associate it with being clean, and that gets in your head -- in a good way. We talk about the mental edge that comes from manscaping, and it can certainly apply to grooming your legs. So, if you meet the criteria (shapely legs and enough hair it’s worth considering a trim), pull out your trimmer and see how you like it.

the lawn mower 3.0 vs The Lawn Mower 2.0 - What’s the Difference?

Beyond the Legs

All of this manscaping talk gets us excited. We love this stuff! So, while you’re thinking about what to do with your legs, we’re going to remind you of how to take care of the rest of your body. Manscaping is best accomplished when reduced to an easily followed schedule or routine. We have just the thing for you.

Trim Liberally

There’s a big distinction between shaving and trimming. Namely, the latter grows back a lot faster. If you ever want to experiment or test an idea, start with a trim. The Lawn Mower 3.0 makes it easy. You can adjust to whatever length you want (we always recommend starting longer first and working your way down), and see how you like your simple trim. If you manage your manscaping efforts over a Magic Mat, then you only make things that much easier. If, however, a trim won’t leave you satisfied, it’s always the first step before a shave. It will reduce irritation, help avoid the annoyance of ingrown hairs, and speed up the entire process.

Shower Regularly

We wish this section wasn’t necessary. The first part of the word “manscaping” suggests that you’re an adult. You shouldn’t need to be told to shower. And yet, we come across this all the time. You need to do more than get wet every couple of days. You need to get properly clean. That’s best done with an application of Crop Cleanser. It’s carefully designed to work on every bit of your body. More importantly, it contains Active pH Control that is perfectly engineered to restore any pH problems that might otherwise stem from your aggressive manscaping routine. Use it regularly and you’ll feel great and stay healthy.

Apply a Finishing Touch

The last step in any proper manscaping routine is to apply the finishers. We call them Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. The first is a ball deodorant. You already know that you need this. There have been plenty of times in your life that your pit deodorant failed you, but not because of your underarms. Swamp crotch stinks, and it can easily sleep through the double-layered protection you keep around your junk. Crop Preserver solves all of that, and it does it in the form of a deodorant that feels amazing.

As for Crop Reviver, it’s the crux of this whole thing. A daily spritz will promote optimal skin and hair health. Between those daily applications, you can use it as a refresher whenever you need it. If a particularly hot or trying day takes the edge off of your manscaping efforts, you can easily restore it with a spritz or two of this stuff.

That’s all it takes to be a pro. Whether you’re concerned with your legs or any other part of your body, we’re always here to help you make informed decisions and remain at your best. We have packed with every scrap of information we could find. Feel free to take advantage. When it comes to manscaping legs, we've got you covered.



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