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Why Is Pubic Hair Different From the Hair on Your Head - or Is It…?

When it comes to the hair below your waist, there are questions that plague every man’s mind. Does pubic hair grow back thicker if you shave it? Will trimming it affect your sex life? Was it always this color? When is it time to see a doctor about this?

Among those questions is one that has stumped mankind for its entire existence. Why are pubes so different from scalp hair? Actually, are they really that different, or are we just making assumptions? Come along. We’re going to explore these mysteries and unlock the great secrets governing pubic hair. When we're done, you'll be just expert enough to impress a random person at a party with your arcane knowledge. Can you think of any better use of your time right now? Neither can we!

How Are Pubes Different?

Pubic hair is decisively different from the hair on your head. The differences manifest in a number of ways, and each is important in its own right. Aside from the underlying reasons behind pubic hair, the unique elements of the hair will dictate how you take proper care of it.


There’s really no question about it. Pubic hair is much coarser than the hair on top of your head. Even if you have the wiriest, most stringent scalp hair on the planet, it’s no match for what’s under your shorts. This extreme coarseness is why pubic hair care is a unique challenge. Things that keep it soft and groomed are very different from the stuff that works above your shoulders.

Interestingly enough, the hair on your body that most closely resembles pubic hair is your beard. Is there a reason for that? We’ll explore some theories in a minute. Before we do, learn a quick lesson. Despite those similarities, knowing how to shave your face does not fully teach you how to shave your penis. You’re welcome for that.

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For the vast majority of guys, pubic hair is much curlier than the hair on their heads too. Just as differences in coarseness matter, the additional curl is a big deal when you’re learning how to manage your pubic hair. If you want to soften or moisturize it, you want products that are better for curly hair.

More importantly, when you want to trim the pubes, you need tools that can handle tight curls. They effectively make the hair much denser. Your crotch shaver or razor might have to cut through the same hair more than once as it doubles over. Combined with coarseness, these are important things to consider.


Naturally, we have to discuss how the color changes below the belt. There are guys who have the same color of hair all over their bodies except under the shorts. That question about carpets and drapes is legitimate.

We’ll talk about why in a minute, but before that, does it matter that your pubes are a different color? It really doesn’t. While every other unique aspect of groin hair affects care and maintenance, color is not a big deal — unless you’re dying your pubes to make them less gray, but that’s a whole different can of worms.

So, Why Are Pubes Different?

Let’s get to the question that is really burning deep within you. Why are pubes so weird? What makes them tick? Scientists study a lot of things, but it turns out that this essential question isn’t that high on the list of things doctors study. There is no definitive answer as to why pubes are pubic. That said, there are some experts with some compelling ideas. We curated some of the most likely and some of the most fun theories we could find.


This is equal parts gross and fascinating, and it will no doubt trigger a fetish somewhere that none of us ever want to hear about. There are urologists who theorize that curly pubic hair is better at trapping pheromones. 

Think about it. In a time before clothing, human beings were more primitive and instinctual. Mating probably had a lot more to do with nonverbal communication and things like pheromones. A healthy waft would signal that a person is physiologically ready to mate, and a tight patch of curly pubes could help broadcast the signal.

Now, don’t take this as dating advice. Biological origins have nothing to do with modern society. No one is recommending you build up a solid funk before you hit the clubs. 


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On a completely different note, there are scientists who think that the coarseness of pubic hair serves a biological function. The idea is that coarse hair creates a durable, fluffy layer that helps reduce friction during sex.

Whether or not this has affected you personally, it’s easy to imagine how a little cushion might be nice. Then again, this might be an antiquated idea. Modern technology offers us a lot of alternatives to this particular natural solution. For those who aren’t reading behind the lines, invest in some lube. It’s better for everyone.


This might be the most fun. If we again think of a time before humans wore clothing, pubic hair could have been a form of plumage. A nice bush would signal physical maturity. In men, it can also correlate with high testosterone levels. In times long forgotten, the quality of a bush could have been a way to show what kind of man you are.

Are you visualizing a bunch of cavemen peacocking? Good. There’s no point in doing this if we don’t have fun with it.


Stepping away from the more interesting theories, this suggestion is the most believable. The idea is that pubic hair helped to keep the junk warm. That’s especially important during an ice age or in cool climates.

Additionally, the tough nature of pubic hair makes it a stronger layer of protection against the many things that could threaten to hurt the boys. It all seems plausible, even if it’s the most mundane of our theories.

All of that considered, the fact that no one knows why we have pubic hair is pretty telling. Mostly, it tells us that it isn’t the most important thing on or around our bodies. Ever since clothing was invented, the need for pubic hair became less apparent. That means that you can feel perfectly safe and competent if you choose to remove those pubes to keep things a little tidier downstairs. Male grooming is still on the table.

And with that, we’re done. We’ve explored the mysteries of pubic hair. There aren’t any concrete answers, but hopefully, you had a little fun along the way. If nothing else, this should reinforce the idea that you need to take the time to learn about your body and how to care for it. You’ll always be glad you did.



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