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December 01, 2016

Why Manscaped?

why manscaped?

Manscaping has been increasing in popularity in recent years. Manscaping, the act of grooming the area around one’s private parts, benefits both men and women in their relationships and marriages by reigniting that new-relationship feeling and sparking increased bedroom activity. Not only that, it increases men’s confidence in all arenas of their lives, from their work lives to their social lives. But there hasn’t been a proper manscaping kit on the market until now. Men have had to deal with drugstore trimmers that didn’t work, or, even worse, their wives’ or girlfriends’ razors!

Enter Manscaped Perfect Package. This stylish, comprehensive men’s grooming kit contains every product and tool that a man needs to groom and perfect his package. Here’s what you get:

  • The Lawn Mower specially-designed trimmer for a man’s sensitive parts
  • The Plow razor for even more refinement
  • Crop Cleanser all-in-one body wash works from head to toe
  • Crop Preserver deodorant moisturizer hydrates and keeps you dry
  • Crop Reviver toner and refresher perks up wilting privates
  • Shears five-piece nail kit keeps nails neat and clean
  • Magic Mat disposable shaving mats catches hair and entertains with newsy tidbits
  • The Shed roomy travel bag
You can tell which men use Manscaped -- they're the ones who walk a little taller, speak more confidently, and live more fully. Intimidated by the process? Don’t be! Manscaped has a quick tips video that gives you the lowdown on how to manscape with Manscaped! Check it here.


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