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Why Shaving Your Balls Is Better Than Waxing Your Groin

As your manscaping techniques mature and advance, you’re going to explore a lot of options. In the beginning, you were probably at least a little nervous about putting a razor so near to your balls. Now, you’re wondering if waxing is just a better approach. Maybe a hair removal cream or laser treatment is the way to go. We’re going to talk in depth about waxing today. We might cover creams and laser treatments another day, but please please please do some research before you let either of those near your balls. They’re fine for some things, but the boys need special attention. Ok. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about waxing your balls and why shaving is ultimately the superior choice. To put it plainly: shaving your balls is better than waxing your groin. Here's why.

The Real Cost of Hair Removal

We’ll talk about money in a minute. That’s not what this is about. Removing hair has a cost for both your skin and hair health. No matter what hair removal method you use, it has side effects that cause damage. Shaving, for instance, is the process of scraping a sharp stainless steel blade across your flesh. It causes irritation. That's obvious. It removes the acid mantle that protects you from dryness and microbes. It also damages hair follicles in a way that manifests as razor burn/bumps and ingrown hairs. These are the costs of shaving, and if you don’t do anything about them, they accumulate. And, while these are things you might be tough enough to endure on your face and body, when it comes to the groin, there’s no need for torture. Later, you’ll see that the side effects of shaving are easy to manage. Waxing is another story altogether.

It’s important to understand that we aren’t anti-wax. It’s usually the easiest way to take care of your back and butt. When it comes to your balls and the surrounding area, waxing offers a harshness far beyond that of your blade. The pain alone will tell you as much. Instead of cutting hair, you’re ripping it out. The process still damages the acid mantle; it still irritates the skin; and it still leaves harsh after effects. The difference is that waxing runs deeper. In an environment when moisture management and skin texture matter more than on the rest of your body, the results of waxing are more difficult to counter balance. To put it simply, you can’t just splash a little after shave on a waxing job and call yourself good. You’ll be left with damaged skin, and that will likely lead to lasting discomfort and a new funk around your balls.


Why Shaving Your Balls Is Better Than Waxing Your Groin


Still, if the only disadvantage of waxing was in how much it hurt you, it still might be worth considering. It does last longer than shaving, and the hairs often grow back a little softer. But, we’re pro manscapers here. We aren’t satisfied with anything less than the best, and for your crotch, The Plow safety razor from Manscaped beats wax.

We need to be fair. Pro waxers can be amazing at what they do. They’ll get cleaner lines and better results than you can imagine. But, even with their vast experience, a pro waxer can only barely compete with the average amateur shaver. The limit is in the technology. A good razor can outmaneuver the clunky setup of wax application any day. If any part of your manscaping motivation is tied to looking great, a razor is a better option. And, that’s using any razor. The Plow takes precision to a higher level with its ergonomic design and double-edged single blade.

All of this is because you aren’t going for a pure bald look down there. You want striation, layers and lines. It’s similar to how you shave and trim your face. If it looks manicured, the aesthetic improves. Wax just can’t get that done. On parts of your body that you want unquestionably smooth, waxing is great. When you want that high precision, stick to your blades.


We preach the manscaping method for a couple of different reasons. It’s a system. It's a way of life. Shaving your junk can be a routine that mirrors shaving your chin. Waxing cannot. It’s the appointment you make because there are things that you can’t reliably do yourself. Like going to the dentist. It’s unpleasant, and nobody likes it, but you have to get it done, otherwise your teeth will end up looking like corn on the cob, then fall out. A single waxing appointment will cost more than all of your replacement blades for the year, and it will take longer than many shaving sessions. And, that assumes you don’t have to fight traffic each way to make your appointment. Waxing is at times a necessary evil, but when you have a choice, it’s not the easy way.

The Method to the Madness

We’re making some strong claims about shaving over waxing. The ultimate truth is that shaving is only better when you do it right. You have to have the right tools. Even more importantly, you have to follow the process. If you take a broken blade and hack at your skin, then of course it’s worse for you than waxing. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll find that we really do know what we’re talking about and why shaving your balls is better than waxing your groin.

So, step one is to do your trimming and shaving before you shower. We’ll talk about why in a moment. For this step, you can do it all while standing over a Magic Mat, and you won’t have to worry about cleanup. This should be obvious, but trim before you shave. It reduces irritation, strain on the razor and chances for nicks and similar problems.

Once you’re done removing hair, you can take a shower. Keep the water warm but not scalding hot. While in the shower, scrub liberally with Crop Cleanser all-in-one hair and body wash. This is the first component to recovering the damage you just did with your razor, and it’s why you need to shower after you shave. Technically, you could shower twice, but that’s another can of OCD worms. When you scrub (gently!), you exfoliate the skin. This removes dead particles and hair clippings. That alone is great for relieving post-shave irritation. More importantly, you clear obstructions that could reduce the Crop Cleanser's ability to moisturize and revitalize your damaged skin and hair. If you did this before the shave, you would simply scrape it away. Since it’s the later step, it can absorb properly and do its thing.

After your shower (and a quick pat dry), you can apply deodorant. Ball deodorant is the second piece of technology that ensures shaving will be easier on your balls than waxing. Crop Preserver is designed to make you smell great, but it also helps heal damage. It works primarily by restoring the acid mantle and providing moisture control. Traditional antiperspirants could excessively dry your groin skin. Conversely, using nothing will give swamp crotch free rein. The balance between the two is struck beautifully by Crop Preserver. It restores damage, but it also protects you from the kinds of problems that could easily overtake vulnerable skin.

The last step in the process is also the easiest. Spritz a little Crop Reviver before you get dressed. It works in concert with the Cleanser and Preserver. Reviver has the final ingredients to fully ensure proper skin health and wash away the ill effects of your shave. When you follow the whole process, shaving your balls is no harder on you than wearing underwear.


You might wonder if you could use these tools to undo the damage of a waxing session. The answer is: kind of. Skin care after a wax is definitely important, and these products are generally great for groin skin care. But, they are engineered specifically to work with shaving. The detailed nature of how blades and wax damage your skin are different, and because of that, the tools will have a muted impact in response to waxing. They’re certainly better than doing nothing after a wax, but if you want maximum comfort, stick to shaving.

You’ve made good progress today. You learned more about advanced manscaping. You understand how and why to make certain decisions about your methods and routine. It’s a win, but there’s always more. If you want to push every component of your manscaping game, you need the proper resources. You can find the tools for the job and the vast wisdom of professional manscapers at It’s been built from the ground up to supply everything you’ll need to reach manscaping nirvana.



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