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Why Should Men Care About pH Balance?

When most adults think about chemistry, their minds automatically find a sexual path. After all, sexual chemistry is the reason most of us are here today. Actual chemistry—the stuff scientists use to make our lives better—plays an important role in every human bond. It's science that tells us which pheromones make us want to meet our mates, why we're attracted to certain people, and which shapes are the most conducive to bearing children (albeit, usually a subtle psychological science that nobody notices unless they're studying such a thing!)

When science meets sex, two pertinent letters of the alphabet stand above anything else: pH.

That's a pretty profound statement, right? How could two tiny letters have such an enormous impact on the attraction and repopulation of our entire planet?

Actually, this science makes sense. Here's why:

What is pH, Anyway?

'pH' stands for 'potential hydrogen', which, of course, still means nothing to most of us. 

Let's dig a little deeper, shall we?

When you're talking chemistry (the actual science, not the type that lands you with a partner for a night), there's a scale of 0 to 14—a high number indicates a great level of alkalinity, while a lower number denotes more acidity. Somewhere in the middle—around the magic number 7—a body is pH balanced.

Here's the thing: 7 isn't actually a magic number at all. Sure, it's the middle point of the place where elemental ingredients meet, but for most people, "balance" doesn't actually fall directly in the middle. Like most things in life, there's a scale where pros encounter cons; where sweet mixes with savory; where alkaline and acids come together to create good chemistry. In most situations, one component has more weight than the other, but when they're balanced just right, the scales fall right into place.

Why Should Men Care About pH Balance?

Why is Acid Important for Healthy Skin?

This question alone sounds like an oxymoron, but, in reality, your skin is naturally acidic. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), "skin surface pH is on average between 5.0 and 6.0." The acidity helps your skin keep bacteria and pollutants away, while ensuring the protective outer layer stays moist and healthy. 

Did you catch that?

Your skin contains bacteria.

It's totally natural, but too much of it can really put a damper in your favorite activities, particularly if they involve anything that requires the least amount of clothes possible. Your body has something that's called a skin barrier (or acid mantle, if you really feel like getting technical). Long story short, the outer layer of your landscape is covered by three essential ingredients:

·         Sebum

·         Lactic acid

·         Amino Acids

This trio wards off the gross stuff, while ensuring your skin stays supple and smooth (something you might not care about, but trust us—your partners do!) Without the proper pH balance in place, your skin doesn't have enough weapons in its arsenal to fight off the bacteria. Once bacteria beckons, bad things happen, like stinky crotches and unfortunate reputations. This is when you might want to pause the TV to get some popcorn.

What Happens When Alkali Takes Over?

If your pH is off-balance, especially in your lower region, your body can wreak havoc on your skin. If you don't have enough acid to balance the alkaline, your sensitive parts will be stripped of their protective barriers, leaving your outer layer exposed to chafing, itching, and overall irritation. As a man, keeping your between-the-leg situation is essential for overall comfort. Crop Cleanser hair and body wash from MANSCAPED is specially formulated to keep bacteria from invading your briefs without dehydrating the sensitive barrier that protects everything below the belt.

It's all about balance.

Do you know what dry, irritated balls feel like? (Hint: If you can honestly say 'no' to this question, you're in a privileged class.)

Anytime your nether region has become inflamed or intolerable—sans the implication of an STD—it's probably because your pH is out of whack. When you use products that are specially formulated to keep your skin's acid in check without going overboard, you'll experience greater joy in your pants. Be honest—is that really something you'd ever turn down?


Why pH-Balanced Products Make a Difference

Unless you're putting your manhood up for auction, you're not looking for the best bidder. It's not about location, price, or convenience; it's about making sure your skin makes it through the next day unscathed. Wouldn't it be great if you could provide your private parts with a luxury-grade hotel pillow every time they needed to settle down?

That's what balanced chemistry does for your body!

Products that are specially formulated with men's pH needs at the forefront of the design resist chafing, scoff at scratching, and invite others to feel the landscape they're created.

Not sure what we mean?

We invite you to dip your balls in delight. When you use Crop Preserver ball deodorant, the essential barrier your skin needs to stay hydrated has an army of nutrients next to your nuts. This residue- and oil-free antidote is exactly what you need to balance positive moisture with ingredients that quickly absorb the moisture that could cause malodor. A little talcum-like gel and anti-bacterial freshness can really mean the difference between settling into the sheets with someone fun, or going home alone.

Can Imbalanced pH Levels Really Hurt Anyone?

The short answer: absolutely!

Even if you're not with a partner, the environment you keep below the belt can impact your day-to-day encounters. Sex aside, you want to be comfortable, and free of itchy situations. The more balanced your body, the more able it is to fight off irritants that can lead to embarrassing situations. Are you going to die from weird pH levels? Probably not? Can you miss out on some really fun foreplay because you can't stop itching your crotch? Yes!

The key is finding products that help you maintain your manhood in a proper fashion, taking down bad bacteria while facilitating hydration and everything else sensitive skin needs to be healthy.  

Why pH-Friendly Products Matter

Bathing regularly isn't enough, especially if you're using products that aren't designed to balance your skin's chemistry with everything else you have going on. MANSCAPED's Perfect Package 3.0 remedies that problem. With a full regimen of below-the-belt tools at your fingertips, you can easily battle bad bacteria and make a positive impression on anyone who wants to get to know your parts more personally. Are you going for sex appeal? Trying to present yourself as someone who's strong and confident? Looking for a friendly date or a long-term mate?

It doesn't matter. 

What does matter is that you're comfortable with you. If you're itching, scratching, and maneuvering your manhood, your pH is probably out of whack.

Crossing the Finish Line with pH-Balanced, Ball-Specific Formulas

Before you begin your journey to a better-balanced self, start by throwing down a Magic Mat shaving mat. This is your secret tool to keeping your curly hairs on a short leash.

Don't jump in the shower just yet! Put The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer to work by cutting back hedges and trimming the Christmas tree. 

manscaped formulations

Once you've cleared the way, clean your body with MANSCAPED's pH-balanced cleansers that'll help you stay fresh and clean throughout the day. Wash your body thoroughly with The Crop Cleanser, taking care to get into the folds where gross stuff is known to hide. Deodorize your dick and balls with The Crop Preserver to keep unwanted itching or stench-inducing bacteria from creeping in. Before you grab your boxers, spritz on a splash of Crop Reviver—the icing on your crotch cake, which helps you stay fresher, longer.

Ready to put some balance back into your life, starting with body chemistry's two favorite letters of the alphabet? MANSCAPED has everything you need to clean your body and realign your chemistry, ensuring your potential mates are in tune with everything that makes your skin surface amazing. The only thing you have to lose is an unbalanced situation that wouldn't have worked out in the end, anyway!




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