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Why Trimming VS Shaving VS Razors Which Is Right For You?

Manscaping has evolved quickly. Just a few years ago, men were arguing about whether or not it was socially acceptable. Now, we’re expected to do it, and we’re all supposed to be experts in male grooming. Today, you’re going to get an advanced tutorial that will help you better understand how to apply trimming and shaving to every part of your body.

Your Face

You’ve been grooming your face longer than any other part of your body (well most of you have), so we’ll start here. The lessons that apply to the face can help paint a portrait of how the rest of your body hair should look.


Before we get into style, your face should have a dedicated trimmer. Cross contaminating trimmers is an easy way to spread bacteria, fungi, and other infections across your body. You don’t want athlete's foot on your face. You definitely don’t want to spread your herpes around (yes, it really does happen).

With that out of the way, the face mostly refers to the beard, and we’re going to include the neck in this. Here are a few rules. First, the beard on your jawline should be longer than anywhere else. That doesn’t mean your entire neck needs to be completely hairless, but there should be a clear distinction between the layers.

Perhaps the trickiest part of grooming your face is the sideburns. They have to blend with your beard, and that’s usually best accomplished by using a comb and trimming at an angle. This video will show you how to do it.


Just like with trimming, your face should have its own, dedicated razor. It’s for the same reasons.

As for style, most guys shave the whole neck once you get more than an inch or so below the jawline. If you want to play it safe, stick to this rule. Regardless, shaving has some uneven rules. Some beards need clean lines, and some don’t. The general idea is that the lines should be as sharp as the beard is short. If you have a nice, long beard, you want fuzzier lines on the beard. If you keep a clean five o’clock shadow, then you can put sharp lines on it.

Also, never forget that a clean face is forever in style. If you don’t want to fight with the infinite ins and outs of styling a beard, it’s fine to shave. Contrary to popular belief, a shaved face is actually easier to maintain.

trimming vs shaving vs razors

Your Chest

The chest is one of the easier parts of your body to groom. You’re really just trying to keep it a little under control, but it’s ok for it to look natural and ungroomed. We’ll explain.


The chest is the start of where you need a body trimmer. The Lawn Mower 2.0 is made for this stuff, so feel free to put it on your chest. The idea of shaving your chest is to reduce the density and length enough that it won’t tuft out of your chest. Here’s another way to think about it. If you had someone cuddling on your chest, they shouldn’t get hair up their nose. The technique is to use one of the longer guards on your trimmer and use fast, distant strokes. You’re trying to thin it out more than shorten it. Here, it makes more sense when you see it done.


There are only three reasons to shave your chest: sports, health and special request. If chest hair is going to hurt your competition, feel free to shave. The Plow can get it done. Similarly, some health conditions might require you to go hairless. Also, if someone willing to do you favors in the bedroom asks you to have a smooth chest, there’s no shame. Enjoy.

The trick to shaving the chest is to get it all down to about where the happy trail begins. Typically, you can leave the trail alone. The tricky part is when it grows back. Chest stubble isn’t fun for anyone, and that’s a compelling reason to consider waxing over shaving if you need a smooth chest.

Lastly, if you trim the chest, then a razor isn’t needed anywhere on this part of your body. You’re looking for a natural aesthetic, not sharp shaving lines.

why trimming vs shaving vs razors

Your Back

It can feel like the rules are all over the place, but the back is pretty much the opposite of the chest. Most women like it smooth, so that’s our typical recommendation.


For the most part, trimming your back should be to make it easier to shave or wax it next. If you’re planning to shave, trim as closely as possible. If you’re planning to wax, leave the hair at least a quarter-inch long. A little longer is a safe bet. If you go shorter, the wax will struggle to pull all of the hair and you’ll be hurting for nothing.


As we just mentioned, waxing is a reasonable choice for the back. If you insist on using a razor, you’re probably going to need help. Very few men have ape arms that can get the job done solo. As for style, you’re looking for a smooth back from shoulders to butt.

The Groin 

This is the focus for most men when they take up manscaping. The groin offers plenty of room for creativity and fun. Today, we’re going to cover the basics. Feel free to move on to more advanced grooming whenever you feel the urge.


Here’s the first rule of trimming your groin: going completely smooth below the shorts makes you look like a weird alien. You want some hair down there. Typically speaking, the hair to leave a little grown is the pubes. Just like with your face, the hair higher on the body should be the longest. That doesn’t mean you should keep an untamed forest down there, but you need to keep the varying lengths in mind when you plan your style. Hitting the pubes with the longest guard on The Lawn Mower 2.0 is a great starting point. 

trimming vs shaving vs razors


While you don’t want to be completely bare, there are a few spots that do well with less hair. A lot of guys like to be smooth on the shaft and balls. All guys should get the hair as short as possible under the ball sack and leading to the chode (more on that in a minute). That’s the grossest part of your body and hair only makes it worse. 

When you do shave below the belt, take your time, use plenty of lubricant/shaving gel and stick to short, controlled strokes. Also, remember that stubble on your nuts is wildly unpleasant, so don’t commit to a shave unless you’re ready to make it routine. If not, a close trim is fine. Just leave the hair long enough to not feel prickly.

Your Ass

Lastly, we come to the ass. If you only manscape one part of your body, this should be it. It’s substantially more important than anywhere else — especially when it comes to your love life.


Like your back, your ass should have as little hair as you can leave on there. A little peach fuzz on the cheeks isn’t so bad, but nobody’s crack should have tufts sticking out. It’s gross and you know it. That said, some guys can’t safely or comfortably shave their ass. If that’s you, a close trim is acceptable. Keep in mind the lesson you learned. If you aren’t going to shave it, to crop it close enough to make it prickly. 


Stylistically, shaving your ass is simple. Make it look like John-Claude Van Damme in every action movie from the 80s. Technically, things aren’t so simple. The easiest way to tackle the hair in your ass and chode is to squat over a mirror. Some guys find it easier to lean against a wall while they do it. Check your balance before you apply the razor and use plenty of lube.

The very most important part of shaving your ass is to clean the razor and your self after you’re done. The last thing you want is to have a little nick become infected.

Post-Grooming Care 

Grooming body hair is only one part of manscaping. The process can be hard on the skin, and what you do after you trim and shave is actually more important to the manscaping process. Every grooming session should be followed with a shower. You want to gently exfoliate the groomed area with Crop Cleanser. This removes hair clippings and ensures that you’re clean and won’t suffer any skin infections for your trouble. 

After you shower, you want to apply Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver, in that order. They have pH formulas that help your skin recover from grooming, and they do wonders for keeping your junk cool and smelling fresh. You can find all of these supplies conveniently stocked in the Perfect Package 2.0.

Now, you’re done. If ever you want to explore more in-depth approaches to manscaping, you can find it all at



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